The Pyramid of Subjugation

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I spent the bulk of my professional teaching career, ranging from high school to community college to a University to Post-Graduate studies, teaching Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics. However, my undergraduate degrees were in sociology and history and the latter two have served me well in analyzing how change happens in a society, for better or for worse.

Both sociological principles (eg group think, cognitive dissonance) and historical precedent tell Americans clearly what is coming! 

I always felt fortunate to be an American with a well-defined Constitution. With some exception, this document has served us well. For the majority of my life, I have never awakened and wondered what forces were coming for me. It was with great interest that I studied societies that succumbed to what would become a genocidal takeover. In my senior year as an undergraduate student, I was forced to compare the genocides that had taken place in recent history. In every case, the arrival to a genocidal state was gradual. Targeted populations were gradually minimized over time and progressively stripped of their rights. The path to genocide is generally analogous to the proverbial frog in the boiling pot where the temperature is slowly turned up until the frog, not recognizing the threat to its life, succumbs to the ever-increasing temperature.

In this article, I am coining a phrase, Progressive Subjugation. I have chosen the term because is it precisely what is happening in the United States as well as the rest of the G-20 nations.  As was pointed out in yesterday’s article on the ever-increasing level of tyranny in New Zealand, the Prime Minister is following the progressive them of turning up the heat with her people.

History is replete with examples of encroaching tyranny. Please consider Martin Niemoller’s poem about the increasing level of tyranny in Nazi Germany.


First They Came

First,  they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me.

Martin Niemöller

Niemoller captured the progressive nature of tyranny. He also captured the fact that societies that succumb to genocide had many chances to turn back but the people chose not to take a stand and this is precisely what is happening in America.

The Average American Is Clueless to the Ultimate Threat That Is Coming Our Way

In America, we are not grasping the true threat to our longevity. What is happening in American, right now, is much more about eventual population reduction than systemic control of people. Systemic control is simply a mechanism to obtain the final goal. Walk with me through the progressive tyranny that has been unleashed on our country. As I have previously pointed out, what’s coming next for America is being rehearsed in other western democracies (ie G-20 nations such as New Zealand, Australia).

Please allow me to be crystal clear. The Coronavirus is deadly, but overwhelmingly only to people with health issues that are already killing them. I doubt whether Coronavirus could honestly be listed as a single cause of death without other life-threatening factors (eg several asthma, diabetes, chemotherapy, etc). However, the deadly outcome of CV-19 is being generalized to the public as everyone is at risk. The threat is measured in terms of unvalidated tests designed to produce overwhelming false positives. People dying from motorcycle accidents and gun shot wounds, are officially dying from CV-19. CV-19 is the default cause of death largely because fraud has been incentivized as the federal government pays money to local officials for each diagnosis and death attributed to CV-19. This is a springboard to tyranny. To what end, you may ask. The answer to that question is the underlying goal of this article.

Here are the stages of Progressive Subjugation as it has manifested in America:

  1. Induce fear and pretend that the goal of the establishment is public safety. Trade liberty for security is always the first step! The government convinces us this is for the greater good or for our safety. These catch-all phrases are sure signs of tyranny. The original strategy includes the exaggeration of the COVID numbers, exaggerate who is impacted. Base the operation plan for dealing with the virus on eradication, which has never been accomplished for a virus, based on developing herd immunity. I have done extensive research on herd immunity vs. eradication and the medical textbooks are clear, the goal is herd immunity. The reason that eradication remains the primary goal, is because eradication can never be achieved and this strategy will stay in place until “the vaccine”, which is skipping animal trials, is ready.
  2. Use the greater good argument to enforce unconstitutional and illegal mandates of over citizen lives. Walmart and the rest of the box stores are essential, but these small business competitors are not. This is a direct attack on the middle and upper-middle class. If there is resistance to a tyrannical takeover, the bulk of the resistance would come from the upper-middle class, just as it was in our American Revolution. This is why small business is a target. This is clear violation of the 14th Amendment for equal protection. It is illegal for a Governor to let a Casino stay open but a gym or a church is not allowed to remain open. Religious prohibitions violate the 1st Amendment. The 4th Amendment and the 5th Amendment are about to be obliterated with contract tracers having access to your home without a warrant.  Soon, people will understand how correct Celeste Solum and I have been for the past 6 years about the intent to imprison, enemies of the state, based upon contact exposure through the apps on your phone. These Satanists are afraid of Jesus and this is why the churches are being persecuted.
  3. Shelter-in-place, maintain social distancing, do not participate in weddings and funerals. We are forsaking our social and emotional needs. Suicides are up as is domestic violence, drug abuse and extreme depression. There is no science behind the 6 feet of social distance. These mandates are doing irreversible harm to our bodies, our minds and our spirit. This is the breakup of the family unit. 
  4. Facemasks! If facemasks were so effective, then why can’t all businesses open if people were a mask? This is not about COVID-19, this is about tyrannical control and the destruction of the United States. The mask issue is key because it universally symbolizes the enslavement of America. The mask is your ball and chain.
  5. After the people acquiesced control over the face mask mandates, the economy and granted local and state officials the “right” to destroy livelihoods, and the ability to care for one’s family, Americans, again, gave into the mask mandates despite the fact that the CDC and mask manufacturers say that N-95 masks do not prevent the spread of a virus. However, we wear our new symbols of subjugation. Group think has taken over society and the people are drinking the globalist kool-aid.
  6. America has been hit with the proverbial one-two punch. As our economy and civil liberties lie in ruins, American cities are hit with 5th column subversives. They are Maxists and their tyranny, directed largely at the white middle and upper-middle classes are designed to intimidate. The goal of the lawless behavior being perpetrated on the streets of America, without consequences, has the same goal as the “essential business concept”, which is to destroy those most likely to rebel against the coup.
  7. Using illegal alien voting, ballot harvesting and mail-in voting, the revolutionaries will defeat Trump, take control over government as they eliminate private wealth and property ownership. This is a full-blown Bolshevik Revolution. This is the progressive stage that America is entering into right now.
  8. There is always a papers please situation. We are already seeing communist checkpoints in New York City. There is widespread talk of an immunity certificate which can only be obtained by taking the compulsory vaccination.
  9. History shows that no revolution of this type has ever occurred without a purge which killed millions of perceived dissidents. Suspicion of disloyalty to the new regime equals death. Many will be taken to camps under the guise of isolation for the virus, just as has been announced in New Zealand. It is coming here. However, health is not the concern or goal, genocide of dissidents will be in 2021.
  10. Food shoratages are next as they will be used to control the people. 
  11. Assassinations and massive false flag attacks are also on the menu of subjugation.
  12. After millions are purged, and the population is reduced by 90%, as so many globalists have stated, the transhumanism era can begin.

It is always the same! Pretend to protect the people and increasingly take away more and more rights. 

After all of this occurs, someone in hiding will write these words which describes how the ultimate tyranny and genocide occurred in the modern world:

 First, they came for small business owners under the  exaggerated coronavirus hoax and I said nothing because I did not own a small business.

The they shut down “non-essential services and I said nothing because I still had a roof over my head and some food on the table.

Then they came for the right to worship Jesus and I said nothing because I did not go to church.

Then they came for my freedom and forced me to wear a mask and I was to intimidated by those who gave in to not go along.

Then they came for those writing on the internet about the progressive subjugation of America and I did not say anything because I was not taken away, yet.

Then the contact tracers came for me and there was nobody left to speak!

America had the chance to stand up to this tyranny early on. When the FDA Commissioner, on April 18th announced that the tests were not being validated, and these illegitimate CV-19 numbers were being used to enslave us, we should have collective disobeyed all mandates. When the fraud was exposed with regard to false reporting and scientific deception, we should have all stood up. In short, America we missed our opportunity to save our country and I see no signs of life in America. Perhaps the generational use of fluoride has made us docile and we will willingly walk directly into the showers of the FEMA Medical Martial Camps!