The Reasons Why You Do Not Speak to Biden's Vaccine Gestapo When They Come to Your Door


Severe tyranny has come to America. Soon, the new version of the American Gestapo will coming to your door and they have disguised and very bad intentions. Twelve years ago, I got a glimpse of what was coming by an illegal home raid in Nashville,TN.

Several years ago, one of my former college basketball players from Nashville, called me in a panic and asked me “Coach, what is FEMA?” This 6’7’ 260 lbs man, now a parent, was in a literal state of panic.  He had the day off work and was watching his infant son, when two black SUV’s pulled up and parked, not on his driveway, but on his lawn. He ran out of the house to confront them, two of the well-dressed agents drew their weapons and ordered him put his arms up in the air.  He was told that they were there to search his home. He asked for the warrant and these Gestapo-style goons said they did not need a warrant and if he did not comply. bad things happen to resisters, and that they would also call Child Protective Services and they would take his child.

He asked to see identification, and they said “We don’t have to show you anything and that they were from FEMA and DHS.” He told them that he did not have any drugs in the house. They said that they weren’t there to look for drugs, they wanted to count how much food he had, but when they entered the house, they did not go to the kitchen, they instead went into the pantry. These unidentified agents emptied every single piece of food on the floor, counted the food and took pictures. In total, they were in the house for about 30 minutes. The sole mission of these four agents was to forcibly gain entry to the home and to catalogue and count the food and yes, they did ask him if he had any guns in the house. Further, when he threatened to call a lawyer, they did not advise him he had the right to do so, they told him, in a threatening tone, that calling an attorney would be a very bad idea and that action would be construed as interference with their lawful activities.

When they left, he called one of his high school friends who was now a Deputy. He was told, that they had several calls describing incidents like this over the past couple of weeks. He said his Sheriff was really “pissed off” because there was no warning that these activities were going to be taking place and the feds normally advise local law enforcement about what is coming.

When he called me, he said “What is FEMA? I know you have a radio show and talk about things like this.” This was during the Obama years and I told him I did not know exactly why these agents did what they did. I told him to file a complaint with both FEMA and DHS. He never heard back from either agency. His wife, learning of the incident, was so freaked out, that she begged him not to accept my invitation to NOT appear on my radio show.

When I told this story on my radio show, I heard from 4 other geographic locations where people reported similar incidents. The year was 2009.

What I concluded from this incident, and other reported incidents like this, was this was likely a Continuity of Government (COG) drill carried out in a random fashion that was designed to catalogue citizen preparedness and cooperation.

Twelve years later, it would seem that this action by Federal agents has a purpose in today’s world. Very soon, and by order of the President, these federal goons will soon be at your door demanding that you get vaccinated. My strong advice is not to answer the door. What we do not know, America, is these have a mandate to arrest whomever they want for failure to comply. Then the house is subject to search. Subject to search for what? Guns is what I believe that they would be most interested in.

One thing that we cannot count on is that these FEMA goons and their military accomplices will seem more like Jehovah Witnesses coming to your door and they pose no real danger. These goons do pose a danger and they are a real threat to your freedom and your safety. When the Feds come to your door, there is an immediate threat and you must begin filming. I would recommend live streaming to video service like Bitchute so there is an immediate record that cannot be covered up. Have someone in your home calls friends and family and have them come to your home as witnesses. The moment you say “hello”, you are risking incarceration because they can lie about what it is you said. This is precisely what sent Martha Stewart to prison in a case of her word versus the criminal FBI’s word.

You must remember, that we are no longer under Constitutional law. We are now living in a police state, where red flag gun laws are legal. SWAT teams go to the wrong house, murder an individual and avoid punishment for their bad acts. You now live in a nation that is doing its best to strip away any citizen protection as they allow criminal thugs to threaten the safety and welfare of innocent Americans. They are the federal government's answer to the intimidation of the drug cartels.Only these thugs are the Bolshevik cartel and they are designed to instill fear while Biden stands by and encourages this activity. They want your guns. Federal goons will use entrapment interrogation techniques to get you to self-incriminate. The moment you open your mouth to a federal agent, you are signing your arrest warrant at best, at worst, you are signing your death warrant. At the end of the day, it is your word versus their word. Who will the liberal courts believe? What will the liberal media report? Again, do not answer your door. If they catch you off guard, do not let them in. If you open your door, and the Federal agent sticks his-her foot in the door and you attempt to close the door, you will be gang tackled, a knee put on your throat and you will be arrested for assault upon a federal agent.

Biden’s plan of sending feds to your door is not a “pretty please” take your vaccine activity. This is the literal foot in the door syndrome. This is the first step that this administration is taking in order to gain entry into your home in order to seize your guns and to incarcerate your if you are a resister in any form. The Biden administration is obsessed with seizing your guns. Additionally, Biden’s handlers understand that this is a conditioning process in which most of the public is being prepared for what is really behind these home visits. Make no mistake about it, this is the beginning of the American Gestapo coming to your home in order to enforce the edicts of the newly formed police state!

This concludes Part One of this series. In Part Two, the reader will learn that there is a real purpose behind Biden door-to-door vaccine home sales approach. The Canadians are doing this. New Zealand is doing this. The UK is in the process as is Australia. I have previously written about medical martial as the entry point to concentration camps for resisters and vaccine resisters will be the first target. I feel compelled to review this information in Part Two in a modern context.