The Reconciliation Bill Literally Completes the Transformation of America Into the 4th Reich

burning flag

It is literally and figuratively the end of America if the Reconciliation Bill passes. They say the bill will cost America $3.5 trillion. However, others, who have added up the line items, say it is closer to $5 trillion.

From a “destroy the economy point of view”, it does not matter what is in the bill because the sheer eight of this much debt will finish on the primary missions of the Biden administration, the destruction of the American economy and the resulting collapse of the dollar. We used to have a measure of backing for our money through the petrodollar. However, most of the world is running from petrodollar, ignoring the requirement to first purchase dollars before buying oil. This has rendered our dollar into the category of a fiat dollar. This fact, plus the crushing debt, will change your life and standard of living forever.

Whenever anyone brings up these kinds of facts, the American people are told by the Biden administration to “lower your expectations.” This sentiment was recently echoed in the Washington Post. The establishment’s newspaper, along with the New York Times, is effectively telling America, this is the new reality and you now live in a country of a severely declining standard of living and one needs to stop whining and live with it. As the despotic World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab told the world…”You will own nothing and you will be happy!”   Schwab was not kidding! However, as low as our future standard of living expectations should be, this does not stop the American people from funding get rich schemes for left on their way to their final demise.

Right now on Capitol Hill, the Republic prostitutes are preparing to betray their collective base by signing this monstrosity of a bill into law. They are pretending to be lowering the amount of the bill and this will somehow fix the problems. As much as the sheer volume and weigh to the bill is an insurmountable financial burden for the American people, it is also a case of what is in the bill that should concern all Americans. Even if the bill amount was reduced by $1 trillion, the underlying of pork, payoffs to Democratic donors, and self-enrichment by the Democrats are still in play and these items will fundamentally transform America into a full-fledged Marxist-Communist nation which will be totally devoid of the rule of law opportunities for our people. Our country has been conquered by election fraud and is now occupied by every perverse, anti-family, anti-Christian group. They are turning our society upside down through a satanic cultural revolution that would make Mao envious. The high tech martial provisions would be the envy of the Third Reich. In fact, many feel we are witnessing the establishment of the Fourth Reich. I would agree except there are elements of Stalinist Russia with regard to the totally suppression of dissent and protest. Today, you risk going to prison for protesting, tomorrow it will likely cost you your life.

I took a small cross-sectional sample of what is in this bill. The effects need very little elaboration. Each item I am going to list should be viewed as one more nail in America’s coffin.

There are $2 Trillion in new taxes. America will have the highest tax rate in the world including Communist China. Biden lies and says if one makes below $400,000, they will see no tax increase. That is a bold-faced lie. There are over $85 billion in new taxes for people making less than $40,000 per year.

The number of IRS agents will be doubled so the government can separate you from as much of your money as possible. They can violate the 4th Amendment and surveil your bank account without a warrant. Originally, the amount of the eligible accounts to be surveilled was $600. Now, because of the public backlash, the amount was raised to $10,000. Same effect! IF one is buying a car, a boat, etc., they will be spending in excess of this amount. This was merely a cosmetic concession in order to give the government the “right” to commit tyranny against your finances. The price tag for this enforcement is $85 billion!

The Democrats are spending $100 billion to assist illegals in obtaining amnesty and gain full and immediate citizenship rights. The tens of millions of eventual immigrants that will eventually settle here will clearly vote democratic and meanwhile, you get the privilege of paying for their healthcare, free college, free medical, free welfare. And you, a law-abiding citizen, get nothing! In the meantime, you are being told to lower your expectations for your life!

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns clearly showed that the power establishment of this nation was waging war against the middle class. Box stores enjoyed record profits while 56% of small business went out of business because they were not essential. As if this was not bad enough, the new bill will impose $80 billion in new and back-breaking taxes  on small businesses that did not previously exist.

Under the guise and fiction of scientifically debunked climate change, imposed as fact in the same manner as the vax group that does not recognize natural immunity, Americans will soon be disciplined by the newly forming Climate Police that is commanding a whopping $7 billion while these same communists are seeking to defund the police. Limit your energy use, but remove police protection from your lives. This is, in part, what America’s apathy has brought to every American family.

Not only does this bill support Critical Race Theory (CRT), it also pays $10 billion to enforce CRT as state-sponsored propaganda in nation’s university system.  Divide and conquer the American people along racial lines is in the process of being memorialized on a permanent basis. What’s next, the Apartheid practice of banning interracial marriages? Separate but equity-filled schools? Or, just a permanent place at the end of the line for all White people?

Two Billion dollars will go to new green jobs training. What green jobs? When Obama was asked what green jobs he produced in 8 years, he could not name one. Somebody is getting greased.

There will be $27 billion given to develop a green bank, that will allow the rich to buy their way out of Climate Change restrictions.

Coal production will be ended as will oil production. Expect rolling-blackouts just like in California.

No money for personal energy by there is a total of $50 million to study Desert Fish (?) and butterflies. There will also be construction jobs created. Four Billion dollars will go to tear down the statues of racist historical figures.

NEA, government schools will gain an additional $500 million to feed students “culturally appropriate” food at school!

The richest set of universities just got wealthier as $7 billion will be simply given to Ivy League universities.

CRT training is mandated for all healthcare workers.

As if the health insurance companies were not making enough money, $250 million will go to likes of United Health Care as a bailout for covid-induced debt.

This idea must have come from a San Francisco area member of Congress. Free, tax-supported housing will be provided for convicted felons. Meanwhile, the marriage penalty tax will increase.

Take heart, if you are lonely, there are grants to provide you with free mental health care.  The worship package set of utensils will be included.

Tax credit relief will be set up so that wealth Democrats can donate tax-credit donations to their favorite university to promote CRT!

Short Conclusion: The Republic is done if this passes. Unfortunately, we live in an era where the Republicans are street-walkers and drink from the same troth and sleep in the same whore house bed as the Democrats. We are on our own America! Are you going to just roll over take your beating?