Red Alert! The Killing of the Constitution Has Left YOU Defenseless-You Are Next!!!


Have you come to the realization that you have no rights? Your government has been overthrown and the Republican chicken bleepers in Congress have let it happen because so many are on the take in one form or another. Oh, you don't think so? Do you have free health care for life for you and your dependents? They do. Insider trading is allowed for Congress, you will go to jail. I could go on, but you get the idea. 

The Bill Of Rights Is Dead On Arrival​​​​​​

Two weeks ago, Federal District Court Judge Dever said there is no pandemic exception to the Constitution. However, it has not worked out that way.

One surface examination of the Bill of Rights will tell America just how far we, as a people have fallen.

  1. 1st Amendment- Any time an American expresses their opinion related to the repeated violation of Constitution by the globalists who have seized control of our government, that person is labeled as a conspiracy theorist, a promoter of fake news, a Russian subversive, a racist, and disloyal to the country. Everyday, people are losing their jobs for expressing their views. The Sacramento Kings broadcaster lost his job for saying "All lives matter". I was demontized by Youtube and still have never been given a reason. The First Amendment is headed towards extinction and Google is leading the charge towards a genocidal existence as facilitated by the Democratic Party. The CDC admits that facemasks do not work against the community spread of Covid. Please realize that body language communicates 93% of messages and verbal content only accounts for 7%. In effect, the government is cutting off communication and enforcing isolation in and among human beings. This is the intent. They do not want people congregating and complaining. No wonder suicide rates are up! No wonder domestic violence is up! This is called the breakdown of culture and this is the intent. 
  2. There is a continual assault on the Second Amendment. California passed a bill that outlawed gun magazines that hold 10 bullets or more. The appeals court struck down the unconstitutional law, but California is working on a new and different version of the ban. Now, California is conducting background checks on the sale of bullets. Why does the government so desperately want to remove the right to own guns? The answer is simple, when it comes time for the Deep State to separate the desirables from the undesirables, it would be time to defend oneself. However, the government wants to take that away. Remember, the University of Hawaii conducted a Democide study (ie death by government) and in the 20th century, far more people were murdered by their government than died in wars. That makes your government your number one enemy. THE DEATH OF THE CONSTITUTION MEANS THE DEATH OF YOU!!!
  3. The Third Amendment has to do with the Quartering Act in which Americans were forced to share their homes and food with British soldiers. There doesn't seem to be a threat to this Constitutional prohibition. However, in times of declared national emergency, FEMA can commandeer any resource they want including your home. Please be aware, when the socialists takeover in 2020, you will own nothing, including the home you now live in. Today the radica;s lfetist subversive groups are demanding that "white people turn over their homes after they pay reparations". Welcome to modern-day South Africa!!!
  4. The Fourth Amendment has to do with prohibiting improper, warrantless searches and seizures of our persons and our property. Every time you fly, and the TSA puts their grubby hands on our bodies without and probable cause and commits second degree sexual assault, we have had a our rights violated. Two-year-olds are thrown off of Jet Blue, with impunity, for not wearing a diaper over their face. No knock raids upon our domiciles are also unconstitutional as are drunk driving checkpoints because the presume guilt without probable cause. Case in point, Breanna Taylor was murdered by a swat teamthat went to the wrong house. The mere fact that the government, usually in the form of the NSA can listen to every phone call and read every email, speaks to our his right was obliterated beginning with President Bush and the Patriot Acts. In a rising number of communities, contact tracers can enter your home with, or without your permission.
  5. The Fifth Amendment has to do with the government following due process. The amendment states that a citizen cannot be deprived of life, property or liberty with the government following due process of law. The Fifth Amendment is gone. The NDAA permits the government, based on the say-so of the President to snatched off of the street and held indefinitely without legal counsel or anyone knowing where that citizen is. It is my belief that Millie Weaver was taken under the NDAA and held in tortureous conditions which violated the Geneva Convention. Legislation is going into effect in Washington and other states which allows the government to detain and "isolate" Covid positive people, or people who "may" have been exposed to covid. This is codified in my home state of Arizona. The United Nations, UNESCO, perverted, peodophile orientated sex ed, introduced into school curriculum, in 29 states makes it clear that the state is preparing to turn your children into live bait for pedophile desires.  
  6. Amendments 6, 7, and 8 These amendments have to do with a speedy trial, avoiding cruel and unusual punishment and the right to a speedy trial as well as being granted a jury trial. Again, the NDAA takes care of these rights as well. The Covid exceptions to the Constitutions makes it clear that you have no rights. 
  7. The 10th amendment is dead on arrival. Bill Gates' lackey and employee, Mr Conflict of Interest, Anthony Fauci, runs America. And he overrides every governmental process in the country. His goal is to lock America down, wreck the economy so the globalists can usher in the Fedcoin, keep the country locked down until people submit to taking whatever vaccine Bill Gates' minnions come up with. 

The last two Amendments have to do with the preservation of local political power. These Amendments are gone as well. IF these amendments were still in place, we would not have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the EPA, the FDA and the Department of Education.  

Although the 14th Amendment is not part of the bill of rights, it is important to note that it comes into play with COVID. Under the 14th Amendment, it is incumbent upon the government to treat all entities equal and to provide equal protection under the law. When mafia, CHICOM, cartel-run casinos can stay open as being "essential" and gyms, churches and small businesses cannot, that violates the 14th Amendment. But who is keeping track the Constiution is dead on arrival. 


This article will not be popular among some of the patriots who still believe in the pie-in-the-sky. Some need to worship super leader who will swoop in and save the day. The Trump experiment, that I admit I fully supported, is over. It is not Trump's fault. The Emergency Powers Act took away much of his Presidential power at the beginning of the subjugation of the Covid hoaz.  If Trump was still truly in control, we would have one million soldiers on our southern border and Pelosi, Feinstein and Clinton would be in prison. Trudeau would be ordered by Trump to expel CHICOM troops from Canada, what are gathering on Indian Reservations ready to attack. 

Name one thing that Trump is presently doing to save this country? Don't tell me "it is all in his plan"... The 2020 campaign has kicked off. Trump is out of time. Weren't you supposed to stop believing in Santa by the age of 8? Our borders are collapsing by design and under the supervision of the Democratic Party. We are being invaded by millions who know nothing of our Constitution, culture, and way of life. Our economy is in a state of near collapse. We have domestic terror groups like Antifa, that carry out their evil with absolute impunity. Ike and JFK would have sent in the troops to Portland and arrested the communist, criminal mayor along with the Antifa thugs. We see the Democrats calling for the imprisonment of anyone who speaks out against Congress. Tens of thousands of troops are being amassed on our southern border awaiting orders. Those would be the troops facing NORTH. Where is the President? America, we are on our own. Perhaps you should read the Book of Revelations. 

To those who are awake, keep fighting the fight America, but realize you have been relegated to being a guerilla fighter. You are represented by nobody and nobody in power truly supports your silly notions of liberty. The globalists are laughing at you! When you seriously reflect on this comment, will it cause you to fight with more resolve, or will you be sending your future political donations to the Democratic Party? Thomas Paine would have called many of you liberty imposters, "sunshine patriots".

Those of us that choose to cross the line drawn at places like the Alamo, you should realize that most guerilla forces perish. The Vietnamese people lost 4 million people, but they refused to quit. Will we, who are quickly being relegated to a guerilla force, have the same resolve? Help is on the way, can you persevere?

What am I going to do? I am going to fight like hell. My life may end like Jim Bowie, bedridden, fighting Mexican soldiers at the Alamo or its equivalent. But at least Bowie and myself will have died like men, not like the collaborators in Congress and the entertainment industry whose lives will end like the Brown Shirts of Nazi German. The only way that this country is saved is that you will have fight for it. You are going to die anyway. All firewalls that used to protect you are gone! There is a two step approach that could save the country, possibly. 

1. Unelect most Democrats. Re-elect Trump. If Trump could gain numerical superiority in Congress and appoint 2 more Supreme Court Justices and if he would arrest Obama-appointed judges under the Insurrection Act, Trump could gain back control of the government.

2. The Left will never give up and we will be living in 1992 Bosnia. A Civil War will commence and America will have to reclaim the country the old-fashioned way, we will have to fight like its 1776. I am not advocating for civil war, the Left will not give us a choice.   Are there any men with backbones left in the country? No more face masks, no more acquiescence to illegitimate authority. Open all businesses, regardless of what your mayor or governor say. Bodies are not dropping in the street. What does it say when you have to take a test to determine if you had the virus.

With all of your rights, not to mention your soon-to-be confiscated guns gone, who will protect from this Leftist takeover? Please remember that history shows that following every communist overthrow of a government, a purge follows. First the Constitutiona goes extinct, then Christians and conservatives are next. 

Where has all the testerone gone?