Red Dawn Invasion Plans Being Made NOW, Along with FEMA Camp Preparations!The CSS-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges


The Common Sense Show has spent the better part of an entire 24 news cycle investigating the following story which has many moving parts. The investigation, up to this point in time, culminated in a late-night-interview, with Paul Martin of Revolution 

The story began early in the morning when Paul Martin contacted me with a stunning claim that leaders and representatives of leaders from Central and South America were meeting in Chicago in order to plan a "Red Dawn"style invasion of the United States. If it strikes one as odd that such a meeting would be held in Chicago, consider the fact that Attorney General Barr named Obama as a person of interest in the Steele Dossier controversy. The walls are closing in on the Deep State. And the meeting is/was held in Chicago because there is help being rendered (ie treason) from the inside and some of the leadership of the Democratic Party and their Deep State partners are implicated. 

This story is bolstered by the fact that this meeting is being held in Chicago. As I covered, with the help of a DEA informant in 2015, the Sanchez Paredes used to hold meetings in Chicago without traveling with a passport. The Sanchez Paredes drug cartel is responsible for marrying Middle East terror groups and the drug cartels and MS-13 of Central America. This hybrid group trains in El Salvador with the goal of being prepared to be a Red Dawn invasion force. A witness to this has appeared on my show to discuss what she has seen and I am talking about the many interviews I have done with Kathy Rubio. Now these forces are nearing readiness. And what would you say if you learned that the Chinese have a big hand in this and we are finding the ame hierarchy of power in places like Humboldt County, CA! More on this connection in Part 2. 

In a related story, President Trump appears poised to put illegal aliens into so-called sanctuary cities. When the liberal courts rule this unconstitutional, I have it on good authority that the bulk will be put in FEMA camps. When this, too, is declared unconstitutional by the same judges, the camps will still be erected, awaiting new "guests" and if there is a regime change, guess who will be new be the new guests? I took this premise of coming FEMA camp incarcerations to two confidants who have served as anonymous sources in the past. One source, a DHS agent, revealed that hastily prepared FEMA camps are being prepared and/or planned for outside of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. 

In the next article, I will be covering the FEMA camp aspect of this invasion in planning. However, for now, I have enough information from my sources to confirm the strong likelihood that Paul Martin/s source, revealing a covert meeting to plan a Red Dawn invasion is indeed in play and this is on top of the government's revelation that are an estimated 20,000 terrorists living inside the United States. Did you know that these FEMA camps can be constructed in less than 72 hours? This, too, will be documented in Part 2 along with the mainstream media revelation that the UN is disbanding the Mexican Federales and replacing it with the National Guard under the auspices and training of the United Nations. This is also confirmed by a DHS agent.

There is an abundance of confirming evidence that I will document in Part 2. For now, here is the interview I conducted with Paul Martin late last night as we presented the original story and then proceeded to connect many of the dots. This two part series will reveal how the Oroville Dam, Red Dawn, CALEXIT and criminally corrupt leadership of the Democratic Party are all interconnected with these events.