Roger Stone Has Become a Symbol of a Hopelessly Divided Nation

roger stone

I was able to track the path that Roger Stone endured as he awaited the decision. Would his sentence be commuted or would he go to prison. In the early morning hours, Stone told me that his sentence was potentially a death sentence. I documented my time with Roger Stone in a series of short videos followed by our 45 minute interview. 

I am certain that many of you will conclude that this case is more about the division of a nation, rather than criminal case. 

The Left's Attempt to Legally Assassinate Roger Stone

At a time when Democratic Party mayors and governors letting inmates out of prison, supposedly because of the coronavirus, that was almost not the case for Roger Stone. Recently in California, Gov. Newsom announced plans to reduce nearly 8,000 inmantes from California's prisons of because of the fear that they would contract CV-19. 


We all are aware that the COVID-19 threat has been greatly exaggerated, except for those with underlying conditions. Roger Stone has one of those underlying conditions. There is no doubt that Roger Stone feared going to prison, but most people did not understand his primary fear. Roger Stone has two of the preconditions that are associated with COVID-19 morbidity. Stone is over 65 and he has a serious case of asthma. Stone identified a littany of Federally convicted prisoners that had been allowed to serve their sentenes at home because of the fear of the coronavirus. The Deep State members of the DOJ had no trouble sentencing Stone to a potential death sentence. I am certain that 

Stone cited the fact that at the time that he was sentenced, his assigned prison had no confirmed CV-19 cases. However, as of the day of our discussion followed by an interview, the prison had 20 confirmed cases. Yet, this was never going to be a consideration for the Deep State Democrats that were in control of his destiny.  



Why Stone Was Convicted

In the interview I did with Roger Stone, I asked him why he was convicted. Of course, he revealed the details about the corrupt Democratic Party Judge appointed by Obama, in which the jury selection was criminal and the outward bias of the judge was in full display. The judge refused to let in to the testimony exculpatory evidence that would have demonstrated Roger Stone's innocence. However, the damning blow came from Bannon, former Trump Guardian of the Gate who told Congress that Roger Stone never discussed Wikileaks and the Russian-collusion-delusion with him. However, in the trial, according to Stone, Bannon changed his story and said that Stone was deeply involved in the Wikileaks issues. And this is despite the fact that the Mueller report never found any credible evidence to this point. After hearing Stone's version, it is clear that Bannon should be investigated on why he changed his story when he became a witness against Roger Stone. 


My Interview with Roger Stone

In the following interview, Roger Stone takes us through the morning of the arrest right up until about 6 hours before President Trump granted Stone clemency.

My takeaway from my conversations with Roger Stone is very instructive. Roger Stone's story is much more about a nation in crisis than it is a man trying to stay out prison. The corruption is so rampant in our society it even seems that one corrupt federal judge is beyond the reach of the President. Roger Stone has become one of the symbols of a nation that is hopelessly divided. America should be bracing for impact, because short of divine intervention, there is no way back from this divide.