The Rule of Law Is Dead In America and Trump's Political Fate Depends On His Handling of the Roger Stone Conviction

roger stone

In a case of "Rules for Thee, but Not for Me, Roger Stone is going to prison, perhaps for the rest of his life. He is guilty of a thought crime, nothing more! Make no mistake about it "Amerika" the conviction of Roger Stone and the continued incarcerartion of Julian Assange represents the true nature of the Bolshevik Revolution that is engulfing both our culture and government. Who will be the next Roger Stone? Will it be you?

I am among those that believes that the President, in order to keep his continued Presidential aspirations alive, must pardon, without precondition, both Roger Stone and Julian Assange. The Demoncrats have proven that the rule of law is dead in America. The President can put a dent on this assault on the Constitution and our civil liberties. If Trump does anything less in the case of these two men, he will lose my support. Timing is everything in politics and I am willing to be patient, to a degree. However, if Trump does not pardon these two defenders of liberty, the patriot community will turn their collective backs on the President. On the other hand, if the President does indeed do what's right and pardon these men, he will be retiring in 2024 as a two-term President and the Deep State will have stage 4 cancer and Trump will stand along side of George Washington as the most popular President In American history. 

In the following broadcast, I review these issues and describe how the rule of law is dead and how this loss of justice applies to you. and yes, America, this is a game-changer for every single American.

There is also a homework assignment for all loyal Americans which is contained in this broadcast as this is a call to action. Please share this broadcast far and wide as there are some innocent people who are still unaware of the dangers that lurk for all of us courtesy of the satanically inspired Democratic Party leadership.