Russian Plans Reveal the Intention to Invade Alaska and Encircle the CHICOMS

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Americans have a right to know why they are going to die.  Our country is is on a collision course with Russia because Biden is determined to fulfill his singular mission of starting a war with Russia.

In past articles, I have covered how the Russians are moving into Ukraine as son as the fields dry and we have discussed why. Russia has been using its natural gas to negate NATO’s combined power being used to intimidate Russia.

Also, as indicated in past articles, the Bidens’, on behalf of Ukraine were handsomely paid by Burisma to disrupt Russian natural gas shipments as a pass-through the Ukraine. The globalists have known the sure-fire way to start war with Russia would before America to interfere in Russian natural gas shipments.

Many are still wondering why the globalists want to start a war with Russia over Ukraine. The answer is simple. China has been selected as the world policeman, however, they cannot project military power on a global scale. However, if Russia and America lie in ruins, the point is moot and the globalists can organize around Chinese military might in order to implement the New World Order.

I fully expect the conflict in Ukraine to go nuclear. Biden has been sending a plethora of C-147 flights into Ukraine with the strong belief that these planes are carrying tactical nukes.

In an earlier article, I detailed how the Russians have pre-positioned nuclear submarines off of our East Coast. Any interference in their soon-to-be Ukrainian invasion will be met with nuclear annihilation of the East Coast.

The CSS has also uncovered new information with regard to further plans of Russia to invade America. As we already know, the CHICOMS have a large military presence off of the Canadian border as well our the southern border. The Russians fear a Chinese attack. They have no intention of allowing the Chinese to occupy America.

The Russians are engaged in a plot to encircle the Chinese in British Colombia. I first obtained these Russian plans for invasion back in 2013-2014. All the links have been scrubbed, however, I maintained the hard copies. The Russian plot to negate the Chinese consists of a northern invasion from the North Pole which will cut off the Chinese advance into the interior of the Midwest. Secondly, the Russians plan to occupy Alaska and catch the Chinese troops in a pincer movement. Here is what this looks like:


Back in 2014, I uncovered a leaked Russian document which showed the intention of Russia to invade Alaska. The links are largely dead, the but the account was verified. If Russia were to go to war with the US over Ukraine, Alaska would be invaded. I wrote about this in 2014 and said this was a danger point. People laughed. I doubt the Pentagon is laughing this morning. Here is the account as I published it 7 years ago.

There is a Russian media account of a Russian Foreign Ministry official, Roman Kokorev,who claims Russia wil invade Alaska when the war in Ukraine breaks out. In fact the publication even published Kokorev's Facebook page photo, despite his account disappearing. The publication and title, in Russian is Дипломат, заявивший о желании России вернуть Аляску, "засветил" свои данные во французской соцсети  

Kokorev's Facebook photo as published in Russian publication

Kokorev's Facebook photo as published in a Russian publication[/caption] I took most of the text of the Russian media article and had it translated from Russian to English. The idiomatic phrases are resistant to exact translation, but the meaning is quite clear. The Russian disinformation agents are attempting to erase Kokorev's ill-timed revelation of Russian intentions for Alaska as it appeared in 2014.  

Roman Kokorev , introduced himself to the Facebook as representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe , said that the return of the Russian territory of Moldova, Ukraine, other former Soviet republics , as well as Alaska , the Baltic States , Finland and Poland . About this he wrote on Facebook during correspondence with Russian official, Pauline Godorog, in which they made their dialogue and screenshots posted on his page. "Dear Ukrainians and Russians sober ! Today had the privilege to talk with a representative of Russia in the European Parliament . Conversation was about the situation in Crimea. Could not that you do not share . Please pass on to everyone saw . Attention , indecent expressions " - "pillow talk" Godorog wrote . "The representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe : Russia will regain Alaska , the Baltic States , Finland and Poland . " We received information about Roman Kokoreva and he was indeed a high level Russian official. This leaked Russian document spilled the beans as to Russia’s ultimate intentions toward to Alaska. To cover the leak, the Russians said the Kokoreva was product of a “mentally ill man.”   I was later told that Kokereva was careless because of pillow talk and the one who spilled the beans was someone trying to start a war over Ukraine.

The following map accompanied this communication:

A Russian map produced by Markov which clearly shows Russia's intention to take over Alaska.

Putin and Alaska

There is relevant history with regard to Russian designs on Alaska. There was an agreement made over a 150 years ago between Russia and the United States that would have allowed for the United States to transfer a few Islands from American (i.e. Alaskan) hands to Russian possession. However, this agreement was ignored for all this time until the Obama administration became a reality. In other words, the Russians and Obama were already working in 2010 to betray American interests. This Communist bred and communist aided President immediately transferred the ownership of seven strategically located oil-laden Islands to Putin. I reported on this and was laughed at. Also, the Voice of Russia could not get me on their radio show quickly enough to discredit my story. Here is a map of the Island transfer which was displayed throughout Alaska at the time of the transfer.

russian islands

The world has been engaged in a controversy over territorial claims concerning the newly discovered massive mineral deposits near the North Pole. The Russians have invested heavily in Arctic fighting equipment. Please note from the map that five of the Islands position Russia to attack and seize the North Pole. Then please note that two of the Islands are ideally suited for the Russian military to launch a two-pronged attack upon Alaska, from both the northern and southern end of the state. If Putin does attack Alaska, after America attacks Syria, it will be done with the complicity of the Obama administration in which "weakness is feigned" by our present and treasonous administration. Please refer to this article (link scrubbed by the Russians) and subsequent documentation for the details. This previously written article also details how and why Stalin planned to invade Alaska in the 1950's. The plan was abandoned upon Stalin's death. The same article details how Obama has compromised Alaskan military defenses and is the fulfillment of a Russian inspired military plan of conquest.

Finally, at the end of the day, Russia plans to kill 2 birds with one stone. The Russians want the Chinese threat in North America to be eradicated. Secondly, they plan to move to occupy the Western United States. Remember, and presumably, the eastern half of the United States will already be lying in ruins over Ukraine. 

If Russia escapes unharmed, they will defeat China. However, if the United States and Russia destroy each other, then they will definitely be both dominated by China and there is the goal of the Biden people. Are you surprised that Obama and Biden were part of the treasonous betrayal?