The Same Alogorithm Formula That Was Used to Steal the 2020 Election From Trump, Was Used to Steal the 2022 Governor's Election From Kari Lake

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The Real Governor of Arizona

Donald Trump was cheated in 2020.

Kari Lake was cheated in 2022. 

The American people will forever be cheated of free and fair elections!


I have the dubious distinction of being at the center of two Maricopa County/State of Arizona election fraud events. These doctored election formulas, listed below, are consistent and work from election to election where a change in votes is needed by the establishment Republicans and the Democrats. These numbers worked in 2020 and they appear again and work in 2022 in the Arizona midterms.

For obvious reasons, known to people like Katherine Albrecht, I will never reveal my source(s) for the elections.  However, if one doubts the authenticity of what is presented here, apply the formula to the Maricopa County 2020 Presidential Election results to the formula used to steal the Governor's position from Kari Lake in 2022, and the formula works for these two elections as well as several more elections!

2022 Arizona Election

AZ Secretary of State website posted the following:

4,143,929 Registered Voters.  

2,547,658 Ballots Cast.

61.48% Turnout. 

98% Reporting.  




HOBBS 1,267,241

LAKE     1,247,859

Fake Total  2,515,100

Hobbs FAKE Margin 19,382




This Election Alogoritm was tabulated by the 

-118(.85)/+115(1.15) Algorithm.  

Kari Lake's vote count is tabulated on the 

negative side of the Algorithm. -118(.85)


Katie Hobbs vote count is tabulated on the 

positive side of the Algorithm. +115(1.15)

These alogorithms are preset values that do not vary


100,000 Lake votes = 85,000.

100,000 Hobbs votes = 115,000. 


Algorithm Equations..

LAKE, 1,468,070 tabulated at -118(.85)=

1,247,859. A Reduction of 220,211 votes. 


HOBBS, 1,101,949 tabulated at +115(1.15)=

1,267,241. A Increase of 165,292 votes. 


Real Total = 2,570,019. 

Real Total  - Fake Total. 

(RT) 2,570,019 - (FT) 2,515,100=54,919, 


The Algorithm Imbalance (AI) 


LAKE (-118 Reduction) - HOBBS (+115 Increase) 

(L) 220,211 - (H) 165,292=54,919 (AI)


LAKE (-118 Reduction) + HOBBS (+115 Increase)

(L) 220,211 + (H) 165,292 = 385,503, This is the Total Vote Swing created by the Algorithm 




(L) 366,121 + (H) 19,382=385,503 (TVS)


After Audit..

Actual 1-1 True Vote Count 


LAKE 1,468,070 (57.1%)

HOBBS 1,101,949 (42.9%)

Real Total  2,570,019

LAKE MARGIN 366,121. 


2022 ARIZONA STATE TREASURER ELECTION (The Secondary Check Against Fraud Involving the Lake-Hobbs Fake Election  

98% Reporting.  

(R) YEE 1,366,196 (55.7%)

(D) QUEZADA 1,088,708 (44.3%)

Fake Total 2,454,904.

YEE MARGIN  277,488.


The combined total between Yee/Quezada

of 2,454,904 is 92,754 LESS than the 

2,547,658 ballots cast at 98% Reporting on The AZ Secretary of State website.  


It is obvious The State Treasurer Election 

was tabulated with a straight 1-1 True Vote Count.  If it was tabulated by the  -118/+115

Algorithm the Republican, Kimberly Yee 

would have LOST. 


The 92,754 votes were removed from the Yee

vote count to keep her winning percentage margin low. 

Adding those votes back to the her vote 

count exposes the Algorithm Manipulation. 


Actual Vote Count 


(R) YEE 1,458,950 (57.2%)

(D) QUEZADA 1,088,708 (42.8%)

Real Total = 2,547,658

YEE MARGIN  370,242


Notice the consistencies between the Governor Election and the State Treasurer Election. 


LAKE Vote Count 1,468,070

YEE Vote Count   1,458,950


LAKE Margin 366,121 

YEE Margin    370,242


LAKE (57.1%)

YEE  (57.2%)


HOBBS Vote Count 1,101,949

QUEZADA Vote Count  1,088,708



The low voter turnout of 61% is a clear indication of capped, controlled, engineered vote countson the Republican side. Over 30% of the vote tabulators went down, in Republican neighborhoods when the election began! Votes were subsequently dropped into open boxes (lol). People went to other election sites to try and vote but the purposely created long lines led people, in Republican neighborhoods to give up and not vote. Some voting centers illegally closed early, ostensibly due to the long lines! Therefore, a highly contested and volatile election for the office of the Governor, had low voter turnout? Now you know just a few of the reasons about how this happened! Voter repression was used to water down the GOP vote!


I estimated Kari Lake would receive 64% of 

the vote. Her percentage was pegged to 57% 

& the Negative Side of the Algorithm Reduced it to 49%. 


The next update will expose the capped 

engineered Republican Vote Counts & 

the number of Disenfranchised Voters. 


This is the first time I have seen this Algorithm, it took all night to find it. 


I know of 5 more Algorithms that have been used in different elections, in different years,

in different states as far back as 2004.

The 2016 & 2020 Presidential Election Algorithms were Nationwide.  


This is the tip of the iceberg as far as voter and election fraud goes. It is a good thing that I am in seclusion. For my work in 2020, I reeived tremendous harassment. Also in 2020, election fraud researcher, Liz Harris, received multiple death threats.Before I published this, I made certain that I was in isolation and am very secluded.

The Democrats have perfected the art of the steal! There will never be another free and fair election until hand counts are exclusively, used, voters show ID, early balloting is eliminated, ballot drop boxes are eliminated and the voting day is not observed. Same day votes only, with the rare exceptions of military and absent voters, who can demonstrate and document the need for an early ballot.