Satan's Organizational Structure for What Humanity Is Facing Including The Intentions of 250,000 UN Troops Based In Cuba (Paul Martin Interview):

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 This article has several moving parts. First, in support of our investigation on the intentions of the Deep State in Virginia, I interviewed Paul Martin with regard to intel he possess about UN troops in Cuba and their potential involvement in Virginia. Secondly, this article is going to take a look beyond the organization structure of the Deep State that is managing most the artificial crises being visited upon America. If you have wondered how deep the threat runs against Americans, and for that matter, all of humanity, this article will introduce you to these concepts. 

As an introduction to the serious nature of the threat we face from the UN and places like Virginia, we start light with an interview with Paul Martin as he reveals confidential information he has received from military personnel regarding a 250,000 United Nations force which has just relocated to Cuba. One of Martin's sources has revealed that the Florida government is aware and has increased surcveillance of the shorelines. Martin's other source has been dispatched to Cuba, not GITMO, as a reconaissance intelligence gathering team to assess mission status and objectives of the UN force. I have suggested that I have preliminary information which suggests that the final destination may be Virginia. Here is the interview, which will be followed by confirmation the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Bloomberg, is lending financial and operation support to Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam. 

Here is the interview. Following this interview, new and related information has filtered in and will be presented following this interview... It is shocking beyond belief.


Breitbart is reporting that with Bloomberg's help and billboards are announcing the unconstitutional intentions. Virginia gun confiscation roadblocks will commence in two weeks. 

From the existing evidence, I am suggesting that the Virginia event is indeed a beta test to see how the people and local law enforcement will respond. However, there is another element that is beginning to appear on the horizon and that is the distinct possibility that a deadly false flag incident is being created as part of this beta test in order to isolate the variable for study in order to determin the effect that it would have on the public's perception of gun confiscation efforts by public entities such as by the Virginia Governor as well as guage the strength of the strength of the resolve by National Guard and local law enforcement to oppose said actions. The Las Vegas Massacre crosses my mind often as I see many of the same elements in play. Remember, Virginia's flirtation with gun confiscation is a beta test that they hope will mushroom into an all-out shooting civil war. 

As omninous as this all sounds, there is a still strong likelihood that this is still a beta test. I have listed nohting in the following tip that I have not already received other news tips from independent sources such as the following listed here:

Dave, more Intel for you--this is not known by many...  

Many know that all major mass media (and the News Cartel) was hijacked by the CIA under operation Mockingbird... What they don't know is that how it was done? It was done by secretly hiring the major talking heads (some seeing it as patriotic service, some threatened with the standard "silver or lead" deal), and also "managing the top Editors" who are appointed to follow CIA directives through a management sector of Vanguard investments in Switzerland...Vanguard is alleged to have separate parts: the good part that invests pension funds and is staffed by honest folks; and the Black sections that handle terrorist funding and give directives and "talking points" to the editors of the major mass media everyday by scrambled communications...

...control system, which some top insiders claim us run by fallen angels who answer directly to satan and which form a top world control hierarchy that is staffed and "fed" by super-elite "bloodline" family members who are deeply human compromised and participate in blood sacrifices of humans to Moloch (aka Baal, Satan)...These massive blood sacrifices feed energy to them and keep humans divided and conquered so they can not rise up and believe in God Almighty and His only begotten son Jesus Christ, which would bring an immediate stop to this evil hijacking and occupation of planet earth and humans, which satan is obsessed with destroying and replacing with his own created spawn (transhumans merging human and animal genes with computers--noted in the Bible as the missing of clay and iron which will never work--this is what the X-men movies are all about, but it will ultimately fail--besides the Secret Shadow Govt has been working with alien et groups in the Dulce DUMB to develop the synthetic human soul and continues to fail because only God Almighty can do this. Note that these select reps from the bloodline families who sell out to satan to gain darkside power truly believe that satan/lucifer is God, they are that deceived and have all lost their souls (soul snatching is the major business of satan and his minions).


All wars, terror and major political incidents are now run and developed by ____ through ____ using Alien ET A.I. quantum, computers... This sounds outrageous, but such matters are way far gone, beyond anything most even in the highest Intel circles know. Everything is compartmented and typically one must be initiated into high levels of human compromise by committing evil ritual occult acts before they are allowed to know these truths of how things are really run and by whom. Note that the world's largest quantum computer Vesuvius at Bluffdale takes so much water to cool it that it has lowered the water table in that area. Vesuvius is alien et (EDITOR'S NOTE: IT IS THE POSITION OF THE CSS THAT THESE ENTITIES ARE BIBILICAL FALLEN ANGELS. THE OTHER INFORMATION CONTAINED HERE IS CONFIRMED BY OTHER SOURCES) technology and likely run by them and now taps and control all cell phone communications in the USA at least. Despite the incredible power that satan has on earth now, he is limited by God's directives and rules. Satan and his people must tell what they plan to do in advance (EDITOR'S NOTE- ie., PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING)   and must always obey God Almighty's orders. Satan is desperate because he knows his time is short and wants to get as many human souls as he can before judgement comes and he and his evil system is defeated. In the meantime he wants to destroy all God's creation except for himself and his fallen angels.

Keep up the great work. Your work with Mike Adams, esp your emergency show, has been very well done.


 Please note the suggested reference to what I have been calling predictive programming in which Satan's servants must deliver a warning before a major action can be undertaken. And as many readers will attest to, predictive programming has been one of the staples of the CSS. 

In a previous publication, I asserted there is a second and a third wave that will hit America and that does not even include the threat from the Cascadian Subduction Zone. That is true and it has become my belief that these two wave will happen in direct time proximity to each and will crush the life out of this nation and when we are sufficiently weak, we will be attacked. This will be the source of the next article on this topic. 

Broad-Based Organizational Structure of Satan's Army

In yesterday's article, I asserted that this war in the physical realm have moved directly into the spirtual realm. Actually, it has always been there, it is just now much more obvious to many more people. 

There is a lot of overlap in terms of trying to describe what can be learned about the organizational structure of Satan's army here on Earth. Very generally, it looks like this:

  1. Satan
  2. His minions including, but not limited to, the fall angels (see Steve Quayle's work in this area)
  3. Ascended Transhumanists who survive and evolve and leave behind the human race.
  4. Controlled human entities (ie the names you do not know) and their organizations (ie Secret Societies)
  5. Controlled Politicians, selected military figures, judges, media figures, select CEO's, et al all parts in the cog. Mindless and people with a soul who are following these psychopaths are active participants in their own destruction. (In case you have haven't noticed, the only the first three groups that are designed to survive, according to Satan's grand plan are the first two groups. Everybody else dies.
  6. Everyone else is marked for elimination (eg Conservatives, patriots, Christians).

God-willing, more will follow in subsequent parts.