Satan's Servants, the WEF and the WHO, Have Marked Every Human For Transformation to Slavery Followed by a Very Painful Spiritual and Physical Death

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I have been relatively quiet on the topic of the Great Reset, digital ID and the full implementation of the new age world of transhumanism. My research may never be 100% complete, however, I am ready to speak with authority. I would like to start with one truism. You, your family, everything and everyone you have ever known is now targeted for slavery and eventual elimination. Please note that the ones that will be designated to be “useless eaters” will be eliminated immediately.

People often ask me about the topic of FEMA camps and why it has been very quiet in recent years. However, there is voluminous documentation that they exist. These camps will soon come into play in the installment in this series. The concept and usage of FEMA camps will first be used to isolate the uncooperative with regard to being fully vaccinated on an ongoing basis.

My broadcast partner, on the Doug and Dave Intel Report, and myself have had this discussion. Questions that we have asked on this topic always end up on vaccination status, the centerpiece strategy of the globalists. Along these lines, FEMA camps are on the near horizon. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated will be kept apart. Even though the Biden administration has lost on many of their planned forced vaccinations and mask mandates in the courts, it has not deterred them from continuing to enter into agreements with monolithic Big Pharma corporations such as Moderna and Pfizer, as well as health authorities from other countries as well as the impending treaty between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States government. There is no relenting on the fact that the powers that be are still pushing for 100% compliance for vaccine status as well as submitting to vaccine updates on a periodic basis. The goal, as Celeste Solom, has covered in an ongoing multi-part series on The Common Sense The goal of the vaccine is to  morph the human being into an unrecognizable monster with completely altered DNA.

On the spiritual side, Celeste has indicated that the intent, quite clearly, is the changing of the human DNA. We the people are God’s prized possession and the transhumanism effort consists morphing humans into an unrecognizable species, thus carrying out the revenge of Satan and the Fallen Angels against the one true God of the universe. Because Satan could not steal the human soul upon his demise, he has settled on transhumanism in his revenge against God.

The underlings to Satan, the servants of the most inner sanctum of the New World Order, are promised eternal life through transhumanism. The next tier of power on this planet are the governmental leaders trained by the World Economic Forum (WEF). They are promised unrelenting power, and unimaginable wealth and total control of their subjects (please note the purposeful omission of the use of the term “citizen”). The rank and file of humanity are reduced to the status of “useless eaters” and will serve the elite, without the benefit of transhumanistic longevity benefits. You, me, and the rest of humanity will serve until we are either defiant, or no longer of use to the powers that be and then we will be eliminated. This is “Fabian Socialism” at its worst. Please note the earlier use of the term “useless eaters”.  This term has its origins with Henry Kissinger. And as I have discovered, Henry Kissinger is the true founder of the dreaded and Satanically-inspired WEF. Klaus Schwab is his front man as are Gates and Soros.

If you believe that I am stating that Kissinger is Satan’s representative among humanity, you would be correct. Why do you think that Kissinger meets with each newly elected President before he takes office? He explains the reality of the limits of his power in accordance with the New World Order and always utters the initials “JFK”.

Kissinger is one of the original authors of the age of transhumanism and depopulation for the great unwashed. When the United States enters into an agreement with the WHO and we become the subjects of a global medical tyranny that has its roots in the WEF, the standard-bearer for evil on the planet, please realize that every human is marked for death or transformation and slavery and then ultimately, death! As a result, we are about to see the world turn men into monsters and the depopulation curve will spike to unprecedented levels. We are indeed entering into the end times prophecy (ie the Book of Revelation).

In upcoming topics to be published on the CSS, I will cover the following:

  1. The use of FEMA camps to mandate compulsory and ongoing vaccinations. The FEMA camps will be state-run, with the blessing of the Federal government. They will soon become depopulation camps for those that cannot be reprogrammed.
  2. I will plan an interview I recently had with Sarah Westall. In the second half of the interview, she identifies the dangers and total loss of national sovereignty the United States will suffer when our governmental leaders turn over control of the planet to the Big Pharma of the WHO. Think of this as the second run at the TPP that Trump derailed. Unfortunately, there is not Trump to protect us. There is only Kissinger and his evil New World Order friends.
  3. A presentation of the three foundational guiding principles of the WEF will be presented. This will be the blueprint that will lead to FEMA Camps and a Satanic digital ID. Please note that I have made it no secret that I am going to invest some of nest egg into countries that are moving toward gold-backed currency. It is certainly not a permanent solution as I am trying to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge. Someday, to escape the fate of a Nazi Germany Jew, I am may have to leave because my American-based social credit score would target me for elimination.
  4. An analysis of Kissinger’s belief system in order to establish a baseline to help humanity formulate a response. Most people will never understand what is about to hit them.

Someone wrote to me recently and said stop writing about doom and gloom and give us solutions. First, I must say that I am not Jesus and I do not possess his power (yet) nor do I possess his wisdom. However, I am wise enough to offer the best protection against what is coming: Confess your sins in front of the most almighty. Serve Jesus with all of your heart and he will not depart from you.