The Left” is Biblical and it refers to Satan-controlled. The Democrats have sold their collective souls to Satan. First, they took God out of their party platform. Second, they support the murder of babies by the millions. Third, they want to take away all of your civil liberties. Fourth, many of the leadership espouse the depopulation goals of the globalists. Today’s Democratic Party constitute Satan’s threat to humanity. Saving America is no longer about electing the right people. It is about taking the right action. THE CSS SUPPORTS A PRESIDENTIAL DECLARATION OF THE INSURRECTION ACT AND TO PLACE AMERICA IN A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW WHILE THE ARREST OF TRAITORS TO THE REPUBLIC TAKES PLACE?

America is currently undergoing a Bolshevik Revolution. In the history of the world, with this type of revolution, there has NEVER been a time when this kind of revolution was accompanied by a purge. This means, death, destruction, persecution of Christians, FEMA concentration camps, mass executions of anyone perceived to be a dissident and the installation of a 24/7 state of fear amongst the population in order to keep control over the survivors. Make no mistake about it, the takeover of America and the rest of the world is Satanically inspired. After years of battling these forces, I have concluded that there is no negotiating with these satanic animals. To borrow a term from Sun Tzu, from the Art of War, the Democratic Party has placed America on “death’s ground.” This means that whether Americans, possessing cognitive dissonance or not, are being forced to choose. There are two broad choices:

  1. Sit on the fence be depopulated in a FEMA camp or through systematic starvation.
  2. Americans discover their collective background and stand their ground while praying for Divine Intervention.

Realizing that there is not an alternative choice, America needs to support President Trump. In the upcoming days, Trump will soon realize that the 80 million ballots mailed by the Democratic Party to voters, most of which are fraught with fraud, will be too much to overcome. Trump will soon realize that George Soros paid dissidents will burn the country down no matter what. Following this destabilization period, the CHICOM Red Dawn invasion will commence. Does Trump have options? Yes, he has two distinct options that could be blended into a single act.

  1. Invoke the Insurrection Act. This would effectively cut off all mail-in ballots. In order to invoke the Insurrection Act, the president “must first issue an order which tells the insurgents to disperse within a limited time, 10 U.S.C. § 334.4. If the situation does not immediately abate, the President should issue an executive order to send in troops, as stated in the 2006 Congressional Research Service report.
  2. Additionally, to protect life and property, the President needs to declare martial law against dissident and violent organizations in America. This would include outlawing George Soros leftist groups. This would also entail the arrest of all Democratic governors and mayors who have aided and abetted all riots and blocked the subsequent prosecution of arrested riot participants. This would include the mayors of such cities as Portland, Seattle, Louisville, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, etc. The governors of these Democratically run states need to also be arrested. This would include, but not limited to, Newsom, Ducey, Cuomo, Abbott, Iness, Brown, etc. An arrest warrant must be issued George Soros.

There will also be a need for an immediate purge of the CDC, NIH and the FDA. All leaders of these organizations as previously identified, have been guilty of undermining the Commander-In-Chief. These “never Trumpers” have held pity parties when he was elected. They have publicly been insubordinate to his mandates (eg Fauci). The Democrats run the nation’s health departments and this has to change or we will soon face a second shutdown, with fear generated by fake news. We do not have long for Trump to act.

Some will say there will be unlimited MSM coverage. There already is and the fine people of this country need to realize that one cannot make deals with the Devil.

When should this happen? Yesterday was too late. It needs to happen now. So future generations can enjoy the fruits of our labor, if there is to be conflict, let it happen in our time so that our children will know liberty.