The Science of Hyperdimensional Physics Could Free Humanity from the Clutches of the Globalists


I have detailed how my father confided in me, the many secrets that that the elite do not want you do know about. I spent many hours, in the last 18 months of father's life visiting him as we participated in late night conversations in my childhood home. We talked about baseball, my athletic and coaching career, his hope that I would go to law school, why JFK was killed, the intentions of the real people running this planet and how they scared him so very much, his intense hatred of the CIA accompanied by his fear for their real intentions, his hopes and fears for many individuals in our family, but most of all, we talked about things that the average person never gets to ever hear about.

If I heard the stories that my father conveyed to me, from any other source, I would have thought that they were delusional and in need of psychiatric intervention. Among the many things that we discussed, had to do with science. No, not the science that is taught to your children. No, we discussed the science that could free humanity from the binding tyranny from the group we commonly call the global elite. The science my father talked about was advanced physics and related electro-magnetics. We talked about the science that was revealed to him as result of his work with captured German scientists, well after WW II. He was retired six months early, from the Navy, with full pension and sent to Littleton, CO., in Coal Creek Canyon in the mountains at the Martin-Marietta plant. Today, this company goes by the name of Lockheed Martin. It was there that he was tasked, in part, with reverse engineering the advanced physics of the German scientists.

In the 1990's, my world view changed forever, when I heard Vance Davis on Art Bell's show. Shortly after that, Richard Hoagland began to appear regularly on Coast to Coast. Vance appeared on Coast in 1993. This was 8 years after the passing my father. My father had admonished me to never speak publicly about his revelations because my mother would lose his pensions, bank account, house, etc. for violating his security oath, related NDA's and the revelations would endanger some people still living at the time who confided in him. 

As I was exposed to Vance, up close and personal, and Richard Hoagland from his numerous appearances on Art Bell's show, I knew I was hearing the truth. I privately reached out to Vance, and as a result, became good friends with the late Bill Pawelec. Bill introduced me to a deeper understanding of the work of Hoagland and how accurate he was with regard to our forbidden science. 

Richard Hoagland, as I have briefly alluded to in recent articles, is the unquestioned expert in the science behind UFOs and their occupants. Hoagland has touched the upper echelon of power in NASA, related to the cover up of the science that could free humanity. He has seen how needless are the wars over resources and how this secret science could so improve the standard of living of every person on the planet not named Rockefeller and Rothschild. 

My understanding of Hoagland's work was reinforced as Vance, Bill, myself and others were involved with Enron and Ken Lay. The two groups wanted to build a self-sustaining community in the San Luis Valley, based on this forbidden science, in Colorado when Enron was brought to their knees by a federal hit man known as Weismann, who was Robert Mueller's hit man in the Russian collusion delusion allegations. Ken Lay, as I have alluded to before, had to many dead man switches to kill. This is how I know that Epstein is still alive. It is also why Assange is still alive as they are holding him in isolation as they attempt to roll up his dead man switches before murdering him.  

 As the attention of the Independent Media (IM) turns much of its attention to the GENSIX conference in Branson, MO., for the next three days, it is hard to not recognize the contributions of Richard Hoagland and his multi-decade pursuit for the truth as it relates to advanced physics and geometry in particular.That would be advanced physics (aka hyper-dimensional physics and sacred geometry). Richard in his work related to NASA, expanded the public's knowledge of hyperdimensional physics. However, much of what Richard would talk about was too advanced for the average person to understand. However, I understood the significance, because I had heard it all before in 1984-1985 from my father. In fact, I shocked myself with my knowledge of this science in a chance encounter conversation with a lady who was well-known physics expert. I was attending a corporate event related to my wife's work when I was introduced to a woman and we innocently began to discuss physics. About 10 minutes into our discussion, she stopped and said, "There is a lot more to you than meets the eye. You are not your typical psychology instructor and basketball coach. You have had another life and what you are telling me is not even discussed in most post-secondary institutions." She insisted that I give her a call to discuss these issues further. However, I never called her because I feared I had said too much and I am referencing my fathers admonition to not go public. When Richard Hoagland appeared on Coast, I knew I was hearing the real thing. Although he may not remember, we had two brief conversations, but I held back, from revealing much, for all the apparent reasons. It was the right choice then, but no longer, as my dear mother passed seven years ago and I was freed from all restrictions. I will freely admit that I still hold back some information today, because I do not believe the public would understand. Along these lines, I would refer the reader to the work of Steve Quayle and what Vance Davis publicly revealed in the 1990's. Vance never told me why he stopped speaking at conferences, but I know why, he had children. Vance and I are still friends today and he is a reluctant guest and my show is the only show that he does interviews. This brings us full circle to Richard Hoagland. 

Richard was educating the public that there was a better way to live and educate than what was already out there. There was a way that could improve humanity if only the secrets of science and math could be revealed and applied. I noticed that when Premiere (ie Clear Channel Communications) forced Art from the air after they tried to control his content, following the purchase of his rights to show. Then they controlled his content. I noticed that Richard began to fade further and further into the background. Eventually, after a series of failed hosts, Coast to Coast settled on George Noory. Noory saved Coast from extinction. He is a good talk show host. However, we cannot forget that he works for the MSM.  For the record, I want it understood, that I do not dislike George Noory. However, it would be a mistake to not recognize that the rights to the show he inherited from Art Bell, is controlled by a corporation that is dedicated to the repression of the truth. I have seen it many times, up close and personal. I have witnessed this repression, three times. Once was with popular Phoenix talk show host, Charles Guoyette who refused to let Bush off the hook for not revealing the so-called weapons of mass destruction. I was friends with and I had a front row seat as John B. Wells was dethroned as the most popular talk show host on the Coast network. My public opposition to the firing of Wells, earned me a phone call from Noory. We had a very pleasant conversation and he asked me to stop writing articles on the firing of Wells. He also said "we can have you on our show" when things calm down. I could never go on Coast, not then and not now. I took a side on behalf of Wells, and it would be a position that I would take again. Coast to Coast, after Art lost control, became mainstream media. The show is entertaining, but it is certainly not cutting edge with the brief exceptions of guests who I know. The Clear Channel Communication repression of the truth again reared its ugly head again when Richard Hoagland was fired on the air by Noory. This was a classless act. Clear Channel had the right to fire Richard, but they humiliated him, much in the same way they did Wells. Hoagland's dismissal simply spoke to the fact that Coast to Coast was not firing Richard Hoagland, they were firing his ideas that had become a threat to the establishment. I am here to become an advocate for the truth. Richard Hoagland has been blackballed by the establishment. And in my own small way, I am here to promote his work which could, in the long run, free humanity from the Satan-serving entities that run this planet. 

Many of Art's guests were the best in this field and in the area of ufology and government cover ups. However, Richard's work remained my favorite. When he was on Coast, I was not sleeping that night. 

Richard Hoagland has long been a force for unlocking the "forbidden science" of mankind. Richard was an advocate for releasing this technology, for if it were indeed released, many people would be saved, who will unfortunately succumb to illnesses and environmental conditions resulting from the withholding of this knowledge. 

Subsequently, I am pleased to announce that the CSS will give a forum to Richard and his work. This is not a message that needs to be heard by those who are "awake". This may be the most important repressed knowledge in the world today and the implications of this topic carries over to many of the great presenters at the GENSIX conference. 

I certainly do not have the biggest platform in the IM. However, I do have some reach and there are times when we, in the media who are in positions of public trust, must do the right thing. The CSS will be replaying Richard's weekend radio shows on the CSS website and Richard has an open invitation to appear on the CSS whenever he desires. Why? Because I believe it is what my father would have me do. And what do I get for my part? Nothing, and that is the way I like it.  

If you would like to follow Richard's good work, I have an ad at the bottom of the CSS which gives you dates and times that Richard's show airs. 

Here are further revelations about the work of Richard Hoagland. In some ways, as I have said about Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Ted Broer, Paul Martin, Mike Adams, Paul Preston et al., the world does not need these wonderful people nearly as much as they need further exposure to the truth that they represent.