A Second Democratic Plot Has Emerged Designed to Derail the SCOTUS Confirmation Process


We are witnessing the biggest "cloak and dagger" in the history of the planet. There are multiple plots at work right now as these words are being written. The ultimate prize is the control of this country. If the election were to be held today and there was no massive cheating by the Democratic Party, Trump would win in a land slide. There is no mainstream media poll that would accurately reflect the one-sided contest between Trump, a proven winner, and a 77 year old dementia patient with extreme criminal ties to the Ukraine, it is likely that Trump would garner 70% of the vote. 

With Harris-Biden, What You See Is What You Get!

Through either, Harris or Biden, it is clear what these modern-day communists actually stand for as they have promised massive tax increases, the forfeiture of America's gasoline-burning cars and of course, gun confiscation arrived at by executive order. The latter statement was made by the true Democratic Presidential (Manchurian) candidate, Kamala Harris.

I have asked everyone that I have recently interviewed if they believe that the Democrats will initiate a purge after their victory and subsequent inauguration and universally, the answer is an unqualified yes!

Is There Anything That the Democrats Will Not Do to Takeover the White House?

When Trump was first elected, I used to ask the question: What won’t the Democrats do to regain control of the White House? Unanimously, everyone I asked, stated “there is nothing they will not do”. Many expressed the belief that the Democrats would indiscriminately kill Trump, no matter how many others would die in the process. Several months ago, a senior federal LEO told me that the prevailing belief among their organization was that Trump would be assassinated in the middle of a mass casualty event. It would be a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. If anyone saw the pilot to the former TV show, Designated Survivor, this would represent the kind of event that many federal LEO’s believe that the Deep State and their Democratic Party minions have in store for Trump.

The Assassination Plot

In a recent article on the CSS, it was revealed that Steve Quayle and myself had independently confirmed knowledge of an multiple-level assassination plot against the President consisting of four hit teams. One of the hit teams originated out of Iran and this follows the Iranian government’s overt threat to assassinate Trump.

Are Body Doubles and Fake News Releases Facilitiating Trump's Evasion Strategy?

It is coincidental that this Covid infection immediately follows the intel reports about the President being moved around to avoid an assassination attempt. The President, may or may not have Covid, but the threat on his life is real. Based on what is known in multiple circles, the President could be using body doubles (yes, they exist). One must remain cognizant of the fact that one month ago, it was established that the nation was under some kind of Continuity of Government process given what was going on in places like Richfield,UT., and Kingman, AZ. 

However, a new and simultaneous plot has emerged and it involves the SCOTUS nomination process.

Not Only Is the Truth Absent from the COVID Process, the Laws of Probability Do Not Apply!

In a physical reality governed by statistics and the establishment of probabilities, the normal laws of statistics do not apply.  The Senate has been meeting since the inception of the Covid virus. Despite the threat of infection, the work of the Senate has proceeded unimpeded.

Covid is the "smartest" virus in the history of the world. This is the first time in human history, that the healthy were quarantined. This should have been a sure sign that the "fix" was in. Now, we are faced with the extreme statistical probability that only Republicans can catch Covid at the top levels of their party.

CSS researcher, in the early part of this new scenario ran the numbers. In the midst of the recent so-called "outbreak", 24 Republicans have contracted Covid-19 and zero top-level Democrats have contracted the same pathogen. Sarcastically, it has been suggested that poor moral character may prevent the spread of Covid. Sarcasm aside, I ran the odds of this one-sided outbreak was due to chance. Being a former statistics instructor, I dusted off my old SPSS program and ran some odds. Now depending on how one organizes the data, I found odds varying between 7 million to one and 168 million to one that the exclusive spread of Covid is due to chance. Regardless of how one defines the variables, this is still an extreme statistical improbability.  After reviewing the time lines and then super-imposing another variable, the SCOTUS nomination process, the odds would certainly grow to an extreme level of statistical rarity justlike the odds that Justic Scalia died from a heart attach when he was discovered with a pillow case over his face, his body was creamated and he was Catholic, and no autopsy was ever conducted. A person would have to be one amazing coincidence theorist to claim that there was not a plot to murder Scalia. 

Along the same lines as Scalia, we are in the midst of a SCOTUS selection process and we have faced the impossibility that three Republican Senators have simultaneously contracted Covid and no Democratic Senators are infected and neither are members of Congress. The coincidences are adding up faster than the dead bodies of veterans at the VA under Obama. 

I am ceratin that some statistican, with a "D" next to their name will no doubt advise the Democrats that someone who is a Democrat should be exposed to Covid, or someone like myself will figure out what is going on. In short, America, you are being scammed and we are witnessed not only a plot to assassinate the President, but a simultaneous, improbable plot to derail the SCOTUS process that would solidify the conservative hold on the Supreme Court.

At the end of the day, the Democrats cannot take back that the first 24 high level officials, including three Republican Senators, that have been infected by Covid, were all Republicans, no Democrats.

How many coincidences does it take, America, until you arrive at the conclusion that conspiracies do exist?