The Sexual Perversion and Grooming of Our Children Is Being Led by the Highest Levels of the American Government

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I was once interviewing Steve Quayle, several years ago, and he made an emphasized point regarding to how many publications I have produced as means to state that Steve felt that I have seen a lot of events transpire. When Steve said this, I did not quite realize the importance at that time. However, I have since done an analysis of personal volume and although I won’t brag about my quality of research and discovery, I will say that the total volume of publications is staggering. It also does not mean that I am more talented than the next person, however, it does mean I have significant longevity which explains the prodigious volume.  I have authored/produced in my various forums of TV, radio, print media, video productions and podcasts. For the last several years, I have produced an average of over 9,000 publications per year. As I have responded to Steve’s comment, in retrospect, I realized that I have a significant amount of material that I should submit to a review of various topics using some “borrowed” techniques from a research practice called a metanalysis which combines several studies., some professional, some anecdotal which creates a preponderance of the evidence type of conclusions.

I have a great amount of volume at my personal disposal and I have decided that, from time to time, I am going to research the work that I have done on various topics and come to final conclusions by connecting the dots in laymen’s terms.

There is so much to choose from that both myself and public would be interested in. For example, I know and can prove who fired the fatal head shot. That killed JFK, from the grassy knoll in 1963. I know who hired him, I know who saw him commit the act, I know how he was paid and who paid him. That is just one example of the material I have at my fingertips. In more recent history, I know how the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and the disenfranchisement of the American voter. I know why it was done, I know how it was done and the pattern is nearly identical from Arizona to Georgia to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to Michigan, etc. The pattern was also the same and involved five universal strategies.

Subsequent to this revelation, I have decided to embark on publishing several metanalysis of various events of popular importance in today’s America. I have done something that the Warren Commission failed to do when the investigated (ie covered up JFK’s murder) and that is to index my work.

Grooming Our Children

The first topic I have investigated for the purpose of publication was to connect the dots on why the education system and popular entertainment (eg Disney, government run schools) are trying to turn as many of our pre-pubescent children into gay, trans and bisexual entities. Some entities are doing this for profit because there seems to be a shortage on the these three type of children that could be sold and abused by customers willing to pay large amounts money. There are never enough heterosexual children to be exploited, but the other categories are even more underrepresented in the overall scheme of global and domestic sex trafficking.

Om The Common Sense Show website alone, I have written or reviewed over 530 articles on the topic sex trafficking and this does not include the video, radio show and TV shows I have done on the same topic. Most of the articles dealt governmental entities who participate in this crime. If it were not for entities like the 50 Child Protection Service entities in the United States, there would be far less child prostitution. I have discovered that the State Department turns a totally blind eye to the problem. In fact, with regard to Christopher Stevens (murdered ambassador) his gun and drug running along with his his child sex trafficking were legendary. In the fall of 2012, the year of his allowed assassination to occur, Stevens realized that he had become a liability to Obama’s re-election efforts. Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton on three occasions that I could find, refused to increase the protection force assigned to Stevens. In short, he knew that he had become a personal liability and was set up to be murdered along with his small security staff. Steven’s death ensured that this exploits as both an ambassador and CIA operative would not become a campaign issue in 2012.

Contemporary Status of Child Sex Trafficking

First of all, as my previous research has revealed, being a pedophile investigator is not a profession that is not without risk. Several pedophile investigators have been murdered. Some of the murdered investigators have been state legislators from Georgia, Oklahoma and Kansas. In my state of Arizona we had on State Senator accuse another female State Senator (Sue Brophy) of death threats in her role legislative role of supervising CPS. Death among pedophile investigators is common, but given the enormous profits, it is understandable. For the record, I am not suicidal and my car is properly maintained.

From the Colorado, Oklahoma, Virginia and Arizona state version of Child Protection Services (CPS), I have learned that the primary way that a child is trafficked with taxpayer assistance is through foster parenting. A set of foster parents typically gain custody of several children and them move from their home state. Amazingly, nobody bothers to pursue these missing kids. Ten years ago, I covered the case of 70+ such missing children in Oklahoma in a span of a few days, that had just “disappeared”. This is how many kids through the CPS disappear into a nightmare of hell. To correct the situation involving governmental involvement in child sex trafficking, I would recommend the complete obliteration of every version of CPS in all 50 states.

In 2012, I was investigating a child removal case from a parent in Northern Colorado in which the parent had done nothing wrong except to oppose the Agenda 21 takeover of her city. As I discovered one of the antagonists in the case was associated with both Obama and George Soros. In one of the more shocking discoveries I made in this case was that George Soros donated $5 million to a pervert group called NAMBLA which stands for the North American Man Boy Love Association. The identifying moniker on their then public website was the saying “Sex before eight (yrs) or its too late!” George Soros, who worked with the Chinese and the America Deep State along with their Democratic Party operatives to bring COVID from the Ukraine (Hunter Biden transport agent from Ukraine to Wuhan on AF 2 and this was connected to Fauci’s Eco-Alliance gain of function research). The election laws were changed in America to allow largely unsupervised absentee ballots in which the pattern of election theft was always the same: Stop the voting at the midnight hour in precincts that needed a Biden boost and then infuse fake ballots in these locations to steal the elections in all six swing states. Sex pervert supporter, George Soros, was behind all of it. He funds District Attorney races along with County Clerk and Recorded offices in the swing states to make certain that Dominion voting machines are in use as well (eg Prescott, Arizona).

School Boards Dedicated to Perverting and Controlling Children’s Eventual Sexual Identities

Does anyone think that a five year old should be taught how to masturbate or perform oral and anal sex? However, there are school boards that have sanctioned the grooming of young children for thesd purposes. Not all school boards are compromised in a direct effort to pervert children and change them into future trans, bisexual and homosexual practicing entities. Several teachers have made TikTok videos bragging about how may K-3rd graders have “come out” to express an “alternative” sexual identity. I sincerely hope that these perverted teachers, their perverted administrators and perverted school board members have indeed made it their mission (eg Loudon County School and the Austin, TX. Independent School District.) to pervert the children. I do not believe that most gay, lesbian, trans etc. are behind this movement. Like most people, the majority of these people just want to be left alone. However, we are also living through a time where it is the Democratic Party’s mission, on behalf of The World Economic Forum (Soros, Gates, Schwab)  are attempting a Maoist Cultural Revolution of America in order to strip away all vestiges of our heritage, laws and family structure. Why? Because they want to replace the rule of law (Constitution) with a communist dictatorship that is decidedly Satanic in origin and practice.

Recently, in Austin, Texas, the elementary schools had gay parades. The children were forced to carry rainbow flags, provided by school authorities, and signs expressing their interest in the topic. When I was in first grade, I did not think about sex. Make no mistake about it, this is a recruitment process for the lifestyle. Certainly, perverted sexual gratification is a key pillar of this program, however, the real motive is profit which is part of the government school’s efforts in the recruitment process.

Official Governmental Criminal Actions In Support of the Pervert Movement

One can have an alternative life-style as we used to call it and they are no threat to our children. However, the practice of recruitment is definitively a government-sanctioned program that goes way beyond the bounds of CPS.

Case in point for these heinous practices is Attorney General Garland. As the CSS covered, Garland’s daughter and son-in-law own Panorama Education. They focus on Critical Race Theory (racist against white people) and Social Emotional Learning. These programs are about turning children into believing that all whites are inherently racist. From a New World Order perspective, this is a divide and conquer strategy designed to keep American from uniting against the globalist representatives in the Democratic Party who are seeking to change the country and benefit from these programs of disunity.

Accompanying CRT and Social Emotional Learning is the sexualization of young children. Garland is breaking the law because of his support for his family’s interest in Panorama Education. He should be removed and indicted. Instead, and in order to protect his turf, Garland declared all school board protesting parents to be domestic terrorists. He has made good on this designation as his FBI storm troopers broke down the door of the Colorado residents, the Bishop family. The FBI entered the property with guns drawn and no warrant. Bishop’s crime consisted role of working to change school board members in relation to these allegations of racist curriculum and sexualizing children.

Supreme Court Nominee, Attorney General and the President

The moral degenerate who is presently nominated for the Supreme Court is a total advocate of this perversion. All ten of her pedophile cases were textbook examples of support for pedophiles. She administered a far lower sentence than the recommended federal guidelines. She professes, in her confirmation hearing, that she does not know what a “woman” is. This is a Supreme Court Judge who will one day legalize the practice of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Along these lines, Biden is advocating for the use of taxpayer funds to support puberty blocking drugs for elementary school children so that they can change their gender.

Newsflash, God made XY and XX. He created Adam and Eve. There two genders, but that doesn’t stop the woke crowd from inventing nonsensical pronoun changes to our language.

By the way, your answer to this perversion of children is homeschool your children.

It is indeed interesting to note that the sexual grooming our children is happening at the highest levels of the current administration. More metanalysis to come.