A Sick and Dying Nation Partakes of a November Ritual Called "Voting"...


 by Brian Shilhavy

Many Americans will take part in the November ritual of election years to go out and vote for their favorite political candidates today, believing that if enough people vote the way they do, positive change will be the result.

This ritual is very sacred, because it is drilled into Americans from early in life that it is our civic duty to vote, and that if we don't vote and the country then falls apart and goes to hell, it will be our fault for not voting.

Here is a comment I recently received from a reader:

I read a response that you gave to one of the commenters challenging why he even bothers to vote, as you maintain that the outcome is already predetermined. Even though your contention may be true, I would submit that by voting we at least give them an obstacle to overcome. If we all just stopped voting, it would be to acknowledge that we are giving in to the fraud. The answer isn't to stop voting. The answer is to fix the system so that it is impossible to artificially control the outcome. (Emphasis mine.)

I strongly disagree with this view, but I realize I am beating a dead horse in trying to convince Americans otherwise.

In my view, if only a small percentage of Americans turned out to vote in a major national election, say less than 30%, that would send a strong message to the Wall Street Billionaires and Bankers that we are on to them, and that we are not going to participate in "electing" their puppet politicians anymore, which is exactly what they fear: a unified opposition against them. They can only maintain their power over the masses by dividing us, which is exactly what national elections do in the United States.

So here are my predictions for this year’s mid-term elections. I predict that whoever controls Congress, it will not change the most important issues facing this country, and that the following will happen regardless of which political party wins.

1. The financial system is going to collapse, and there is going to be a “Great Reset.”

2. The Defense Budget will continue to increase to fund our support of wars and the support of our troops all over the world.

3. Big Pharma will continue to unleash dangerous drugs and vaccines by manipulating and controlling U.S. Government agencies such as the FDA, CDC, NIH, etc.

4. We will enter into a post-technological era where the technology we have depended upon for the past several decades will fail, and supply chains will fail, resulting in food shortages and social unrest.

5. Energy costs will soar, as the Green Agenda completely falls apart.

6. Death rates will continue to soar from the fallout of the COVID vaccines, and population growth will rapidly decline due to rising infertility rates.

7. It will continue to be legal in all 50 states for parents to try and kill and maim their children with COVID-19 vaccines, as well as all other vaccines on the CDC schedule.

8. Children in this nation will continue to be trafficked, mainly through foster care and adoption and funded by the U.S. Government.

9. China will become the world’s most powerful nation with the strongest economy.

These are the most pressing issues facing our country, and the solutions to these issues are not going to be resolved by either political party being in power.

Only You Can Change

The only way real change can happen in the United States, is for people to start taking responsibility for their own lives, and stop expecting the Government to take care of them.