Situation Update, Jan 1st – Trump vs. the globalist genocide machine


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The following update by Mike Adams needs to be read by everyone! I have seen the documents and thanks to my intelligence community contacts, former NSA officer, Vance Davis, and Air Force Intelligence officer, the late Bill Pawelec, I have known that the final end game of the globalists is transhumanism. This plot requires that mass extermination of most of humanity. Vance Davis first revealed this agenda to me in 1993. Vance and I have done more than 20 broadcasts together since 2008. The three of us have witnessed the suppression of technology through our dealings with ENRON when we had intended to engage in a joint technology project to build a zero point energy community in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Ken Lay and other Enron officials used to joke about the need for dead man switches for what we were doing. Eventually Lay had to invoke one of these switches to ensure he escaped with his life for daring to expose Tesla-type technology. This technology will be used to first enslave and then to exterminate humanity. You may have noticed that Lin Woods said that Epstein was still alive. What Woods did not say was the Epstein had a dead man switch which revealed who was participant in his sexual victimization of children. Since Epstein was supposedly murdered, I said he was still alive.  This entire plot related to the repression of technology, dead man switches, compromising high level governmental figures, all with the intention to commit genocide against the majority of the population of the Earth, is associated with what is going on today. Communist China is the main conduit in this insidious plot, along with Epstein's blackmailing "sexcapades" is one of the avenues to achieve a dramatic depopulation agenda while ushering in the depopulation agenda.  I have seen the documents, talked to the players and I can say without hesitation, that everything that Mike Adams is saying in this article is 100% correct. It is not 80% correct and that would be bad enough. It is 100% correct. There are no misstatements in this piece. Voter fraud is the least of our ultimate worries. 

Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show


Mike Adams

A global extermination agenda is under way, and human beings are scheduled to be eliminated from planet Earth. The genocidal agenda of the globalists requires absolute obedience by the masses who are being marched to their own demise, which is why nationalist / populist leaders are also targeted by the globalists.

Trump’s victory in the 2020 election is not merely a political issue but rather a human survival issue. No human being on our planet is safe as long as the CCP exists, and the CCP is running the global extermination effort targeting all non-Chinese around the world. The CCP has infiltrated and now controls most of America, including lawmakers, courts, media and the tech giants.

All such Americans who have taken money from the CCP to betray their own country should, of course, be arrested, prosecuted for treason, and publicly executed if found guilty. They have betrayed not merely their nation but their entire species. They are enemies of humanity.

In today’s Situation Update for January 1st, 2021, we explore:

  • What we learned from 2020: Amazing transparency about the total corruption and criminality of nearly every institution of “authority,” from the WHO to the CDC, FDA, FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, etc. It was the year of shining a light on the putrid swamp and watching swamp roaches freak out and try to flee.
  • Bitcoin headed for USD$30,000 is a vote against central bank power and a sign that human beings desire to be free.
  • 140+ House Republicans now say they will object to the Biden slate of electoral votes on January 6th.
  • Challenge to VP Pence to prove me wrong: You are not a patriot unless you act to defend the republic on January 6th. Pick one: Traitor or patriot. There is no longer any middle ground.
  • What will happen on Jan. 6th? Three outcomes possible: 1) Biden win, 2) No decision (delay), 3) Trump win. We currently put the Biden win outcome at 80% probability on Jan. 6th.
  • The fact that GOP members are raising objections on Jan. 6th will force the House and Senate to take a floor vote on which slate of electors to choose. This vote reveals the list of traitors who should face arrest and charges of treason for voting in favor of an illegal slate (the Biden slate from fraudulent states). This is 4D chess, where Trump is forcing traitors to publicly admit they are traitors. The votes in the House and the Senate reveal all!
  • Trump’s post-6th options will be cemented after the Jan 6th betrayal by Congress. Trump will then declare the courts have failed, Congress has failed, the media has failed, Big Tech censorship is treason, and Trump will be forced to invoke military authority to defend the republic and possibly re-run the election without the Dominion fraud and ballot stuffing of the Dems.
  • More ballot fraud in Georgia exposed by Pulitzer.
  • Arizona door-knocking campaign reveals huge percentage of “phantom” voters are described by Bobby Piton.
  • Possibility that Jan. 6th outcome will delay the results of the presidential election until March 4th.
  • Re-reading the 12th Amendment. It requires representatives from state delegations, and the states are not in session. This would be a stalemate.
  • A more detailed explanation of how would-be Senators, Governors and other power brokers willingly subject themselves to be video recorded raping children so that they can be “trusted” by the globalist controllers (i.e. the Epstein leverage). This is why nearly all the most powerful people in politics are the most twisted criminals and psychotic abusers of human beings.
  • A brainstorm of what Trump might roll out in front of Congress on January 6th: Could it be Epstein? Could it be proof of Biden’s financial ties to China? A list of all the current House and Senate members who have committed treason?
  • Trump’s extension of his human rights / child trafficking executive order gives him additional leverage against those lawmakers who participated in the Epstein rituals (pedophilia). Could we see 100+ members of Congress suddenly resign?
  • White House releases new planetary protection strategy to prevent Earth from being contaminated by microbes from other worlds.
  • Chinese underwater drones caught by Indonesian fishermen.
  • Low-yield nuclear weapons (tactical nukes) delivered to the US Navy and put into deployment.
  • US Marine Corps now fielding 30,000 weapon suppressors for combat troops.

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