Don’t look over here, look over there. Don’t worry about stolen elections that will give the Democratic Party Bolsheviks unlimited power over the country, look instead at Roe v Wade, transgender athletes, fake charges of racism, Ukraine, celebrities slapping celebrities…etc. Don’t look at what is truly being used to control you, fake elections, look at all the distractions.

The One True Issue

If the American people do not have secure elections, then we do not have a Republic form of democracy, and we don’t… we are ruled by the men behind the scenes

Well over 150 million Americans are shifting political allegiances and declaring that in 2022, America will rise up and vote out the corrupt left! My data analysis, combined with contemporary polling in the liberal MSM shows that about 70-80% will of the public will cast their vote for Trump or Desantis against whomever the Democrats put up for election in 2024. However, the real damage could be done in 2022 in the midterms. It is possible that 65% of the House could be Republican and that almost 60% of the Senate could be controlled by GOP members. Many experts do not feel that voting machines and ballot stuffing, along with heightened surveillance could overcome such margins. Rest assured that the Democratic Party Bolsheviks will never let this happen!

However, let’s dream just a bit longer because it feels so good to do so.

If the Congress flips in the manner as it seems likely to do, Biden will be impeached. Harris’ role in planning the Jussie Smollette race crime fraud will be exposed and the Biden crime family will be headed to prison and/or an old age home. However, there will be a civil war, but many believe that real generals and admirals will depose the Joint Chiefs and America will be returned to its rightful owners.

Let me pause with this most optimistic scenario to say that the above, could happen, however, it never will happen! Intervening variables, starvation, a new pandemic and lockdowns along with massive George Soros sponsored civil unrest will derail the 2022 Election. Hold this thought and please permit me to use Arizona as the canary in the mine to demonstrate why that we will soon see the worst of the last two years revisited upon America and Bill Gates and friends will impose a medical, political and social tyranny upon this country, the likes that has not been seen since the Nazi Holocaust.

This is a multi-part serious which will destroy the rising tide myth of populism in America. Please allow me to digress to Maricopa County, AZ. to demonstrate why there is no political solution to the forces that have seized control over our nation.

I have previously covered the election fraud in Arizona. I am not going to rehash the data except to say that Trump won by over a million votes in Arizona. In 2020, Trump actually won big in all six swing states. However, Fauci and his Ukrainian friends at the Biolabs combined with the Wuhan Chicoms to release a pathogen into America which permitted the change in election laws which subsequently allowed a sham of election fraud to steal the 2020 election.

Maricopa County Demonstrated How the Election Was Stolen Across all Six Swing States

 The combined efforts of Liz Harris and myself have clearly demonstrated that the election was stolen. In our mutual home county we demonstrated that well over 1.1 million votes were stolen by Joe Biden. Anecdotally, that matches what we saw in 2020. When Trump had a rally 20,000-25,000 people would show up. Biden tried to have a rally in Phoenix one Saturday morning and the local Fox News affiliate, Channel 10, covered the event and expressed confusion because NOBODY, except for DNC staffers, were in attendance. Trump and Harris did not even both to offer their speeches! In short, there was nobody, of sane mind, in Maricopa County, who believes that Trump actually lost the election.

Liz Harris demonstrated that hundreds of thousands of votes were stolen in Maricopa County, alone, and this was accomplished by her relentless canvassing of individual homes in the county attempting to verify the residence of voters who actually cast votes.  Harris’ efforts demonstrated that hundreds of thousands of fake Biden votes were cast!

One year ago, I published a list of 5 methods which were used to steal the election. I am not going to review this here, one can use the search engine, on our website, to review the over two dozen articles I wrote, with extensive documentation, to this end. In short, Liz and myself had all the evidence needed to force a decertification of the 2020 vote. However, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were at the center of perpetuating most of the fraud. The election evidence they withheld from the people, could have been easily proven, in a court of law, the massive fraud and the election would have been decertified. If the people of Arizona had access to the routers of the Dominion machines and host of “official records” connected to the election, the election, again, would have been decertified. Two courts agreed and issued a court order, twice, to surrender the evidence, to which the Maricopa County officials have still has not complied. A “show cause” action was filed with the Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, and twice he granted extensions to the County Supervisors to comply, until the election fraud efforts ran out of items to investigate and Audit head, State Senator Karen Fann, declared the election investigation over. AS previously covered, Fann was a plant. However, her role came with a political price. She was forced to recuse conflict of income statements filed with the Arizona Secretary of State, as a result of our revelations. Further, other items were coming to light when she pulled the plug on her re-election. Don’t worry about Karen, within a week of her announcement that she was not going to seek re-election, Fann Construction, was awarded a $362+ state-sponsored highway construction contract. Fann Construction is owned by family member of Fann’s. Subsequently, the election data was never surrendered and made public. Brnovich was the last cog in the wheel of the coverup. He simply had to buy some time and the Election Audit, I call The Fraudit, would prevail and the fraud  exposre efforts would disappear. Game over, right?  Not exactly! Evidence shows, that Liz Harris and my efforts have penetrated enough of the people to have made a real difference. Consider the current Arizona Senate race.

Attorney General Brnovich is running for the Senate against CHICOM dominated and supported Mark Kelly (D) who is very vulnerable and is polling badly. This should be an easy victory for Brnovich, however,   he must first secure his primary nomination. The soon-to-be former Attorney General was polling at 47% approval and was far ahead of the GOP competition. However, his role in the election fraud coverup has become obvious and as a result, he is now polling at 17%. His campaign is tanking. He even failed to show up to a recent debate against Republican Primary opponent, Blake Masters, for a well-publicized debate.This is news for the good guys. The voters of Arizona have awakened to the fact that our election was stolen and seen Brnovich’s inactions as the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Mark Kelly, a sickening liberal traitor, is vulnerable in the general election, but it will not be the present Attorney General that unseats him. It will be GOP Senate rival, newcomer Blake Masters.

I have repeatedly called for the defeat of most Republican incumbents, or the old guard GOP seeking higher positions. The strategy is appearing to work in Alaska and Wyoming (Murkowski and Cheney, respectively)where these two RINO’s are polling badly in their primary election. Happy Days are here again! Right! And then we woke up to the fact that it was just a dream.

The ruling Democratic (ie Bolshevik) Party is not going to allow an election to take place, especially one in which they cannot control the outcome. Forget the election in November, there is almost no chance that an election will take place! Many are reading these words with complete disbelief.

A National Trend

Auditors in Georgia, Pennsylvania, especially in Wisconsin, have uncovered massive voter fraud. It is only through the efforts of the corrupt establishment politicians in these states, do these fraudulent elections still stand. However, the people in these swing states appear ready to cast out the Bolsheviks. This is why an election cannot happen.


Over the next several days, I will cover many of the ways in which the Democrats will prevent a 2022 midterm election from taking place.

The preliminary list of reasons that would/will be used to derail any 2022 election consist of the following:

  1. Nuclear war
  2. Civil war, spawning out of the Roe v Wade civil unrest. This insurrection will be led by 5th column dissidents (ie George Soros and Antifa).
  3. Massive national starvation from which the elements of famine are already in place and the people do not have 6 months of food supply left.
  4. Transportation costs, due to Biden’s deliberate nation-killing energy policies will cripple the supply chain and literally nothing will be moving.
  5. As if Soros activities will not be enough to spur a civil war, the starving have nots will be rioting, on their own, in every community across America. It is easy to predict that a weakened America will become an invaded America.
  6. And if the first 5 reasons did not get your attention, Fauci and Gates are telling you that another more deadly pandemic is coming and so are the accompanying lockdowns in which your civil liberties will be gone and the government will have unlimited power. You will swear that you are living in 1938 Germany.

All of these possibilities will be further examined in the upcoming days. In the meantime, are you prepped (eg food, water, guns, ammo, gold, natural medicine, and tools…spiritual protection)?