Is Soros Planning to Use Embedded Terror Groups to Block the 2020 Election From Taking Place?


The world is waking up to the danger that George Soros poses to the freedom of citizens from any country at anytime. Soros is a man who once betrayed his own people as this person of Jewish origin turn in his fellow Jews to the Nazis. This man is dangerous and has been responsible for toppling governments from all around the world. He promotes the overrunning of a nation by illegal immigration including right here in the United States as it has been determined that his nefarious organizations, such as Open Society is funding the present American invasion by third world immigrants who are frequently accompanied by terrorists, MS-13, drug cartel members and even the infamous ISIS. His actions are not limited to just illegal immigration, however, this is his claim to fame. 

This article will deal with the fact that Soros is planning a knockout blow to America in both the areas of illegal immigration and the prevention of any more populist election results in America after Hillary Clinton's stunning 2016 defeat. 

Soros is responsible for starting the Arab Spring by fixing elections and promoting massive illegal immigration. He has done the same throughout Europe and he has now turned his attention on toppling the US Government. Can he be stopped? The country of Hungary provides some help for this despot that poured $150 million dollars in terrorist groups like Antifa and Planned Parenthood in 2018. 

Hungary has modeled an appropriate response to the evil Soros. 

From the ultra left publication Vox:

...If you want to know where anti-immigrant right-wing populism can go if left unchecked, you should take a look at Hungary — which, under the pretext of cracking down on illegal immigration, passed a bill that gives the Hungarian government extraordinary powers to jail its political opponents. This week, Hungary passed what the government dubbed the “Stop Soros” law, named after Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. The new law, drafted by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, creates a new category of crime, called “promoting and supporting illegal migration”...

Soros Has a History of Election Meddling In the US

If Robert Mueller was the least bit interested in finding election collusion and meddling in US elections, he would have started with George Soros and the 2016 election. 

Multiple sources have flagged Soros organizations for funding the migration invasion of the United States. Soros has also interfered in our elections. In the Democratic Primary of 2016, I detailed how a Stanford University study flagged Soros voting machines used in 16 Democratic Primary elections manipulated the results so much in the favor of Hillary Clinton, that challenger Bernie Sanders did not even win one of the primary elections in which a Soros voting machine was used. Soros' illegal actions secured the Democratic Party nomination for Hillary. This, in large part was what the murder of Seth Rich was about. Rich was an ardent supporter of Sanders and was leaking data on how the election and his information ended up, in part, on the some of the 33,000 infamous Hillary Clinton emails. The discovery of this fact so frightened the Democratic leadership (eg DNC Head at the time,Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, etc.). At the center of this was George Soros and his voting machines. The leaks were so potentially damaging, that it caught the attention of lower-level FBI agents. This forced Comey to deal with the issues and he white-washed this as best he could. In fact, Wasserman-Schultz brother was brought in as a "cleaner" in the Seth Rich murder. Who was Wasserman-Schultz brother? Steven Schultz, Federal District Attorney for Washington DC where Rich was murdered. The fix was in, but behind all of this was George Soros.  Remember, Seth Rich sent emails to Julian Assange which exposed this whole fiasco. 

At the end of all of Soros meddling in the Democratic Primary, Rich was dead with no real investigation, Hillary stole the Democratic primary and today, Julian Assange rots in prison for committing the crime of exposing a massive set of criminal conspiracies against the people of the United States. And again, at the center of it all was George Soros in this American version of the Arab Spring. 

Soros Rears His Ugly Head Again In American Politics

If we were in court and were prosecuting George Soros for election meddling, accomplice to murder, sedition and treason, the previous information would be considered to be foundation material in a court of law. This is background material which demonstrates the criminal propensity for Soros to criminally interfere in US elections and governmental policy (eg the enforcement of America's border laws). For the remainder of the article, I will focus exclusively on Soros' criminal election meddling.  However, one must consider the well-documented criminal, RICO interference that Soros has engaged in with regard to the present immigration. Soros is responsible for creating the conditions in Central America in which he has funded local unrest which has forced millions of immigrants north to our border. As I have already stated, many of these immigrants are international terrorists, cartel members and trained paramilitary insurgents. This will all come into play with regard to the revelation as to what is coming to the United States. 

I have been sent a document, by email, which demonstrates the clear intention of George Soros and his allies to interfere with the holding of a 2020 election if it is likely that Donald Trump will win re-election. For the past two years, I have been told by several federal agents that they were worried that there would be no election in the United States because the social chaos in the United States would reach such a fevered pitch, that the country would be under lockdown. This document confirms the fears of several federal agents with whom I have spoken with. More proof comes from a relatively recent Soros quote:

"Clearly, I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world," Soros said at a World Economic Forum event. "But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner. I give President Trump credit for motivating his core supporters brilliantly, but for every core supporter, he has created a greater number of core opponents who are equally strongly motivated. 

Yesterday, I was looking at the so-called secret memo from Open Society. It clearly expresses the intention to stop any America election in 2020 in which Trump could win. Soros, in the document, first made the statement on election night 2016. Will he make good on his threat. On a parallel path, Lisa Haven has indicated, as have I in a recent podcast, that the liberals have nothing left in front of them except extreme actions. 


I thought long and hard about not releasing this material. However, I am convinced that Soros is going to pull out the stops in order to prevent a Trump, re-election.  What options does he have available to him? The answer to this question can be summed up with the following points:

1. With all the terrorists, cartel members, foreign troops, and paramilitary troops along with the health risks being brought across our border, any one of these groups could be the cause of such chaos in this country that we go into martial law and the election suspended. This could also be part of a coup operation. 

2. Trump could be assassinated and this would throw the country into chaos and there would be 2020 election. 

3. Remember the Kigali Principles of the United Nations that Obama signed us onto before leaving office. This allows the UN to move into a country militarily to "restore order", or would that be "restore the New World Order?"

Around every election, there are the predictions that this President will refuse to leave office at the end of their term, or there is going to be violence to stop an election, so I have avoided reporting on this until now. I think that both the conditions and the threat is credible enough that to not mention the possibility would prove to be a disservice to the people of the United States.  

One thing I can offer the American people is the importance of getting prepped. America is coming to its date with destiny.