Staggering proof the globalists are pulling out all stops to weaponize bioweapons post-COVID in our own backyards



by Stefan Stanford


With COVID not scaring enough people into taking their experimental mRNA injections and the word out now that ‘Monkeypox‘ is the ‘next big thing‘ we should take their experimental concoctions for,  psychopaths at a US Government lab in Maryland plan to create a hybrid monkeypox strain that is MORE deadly than one currently spreading in the US. And with NIAID research that will see so-called ‘experts’ swapping genes between two monkeypox strains, they have a goal of, get this, to attempt to make the currently dominant clade more lethal and infect mice with it. 

And while they claim the goal of the project is to spur the development of better drugs for humans, as the top-voted comment on that story pointed out alarmingly, “Everyone should be asking WHY? It can’t be anything good!” Some of the other commenters on that story pointed out things such as:

“Why Republicans AND Democrats aren’t up in arms about this is mine boggling. This needs to stop.” 

“Fauci at work – again.”

“WHO is Paying for the Research?”

Maryland had the first cases of a mysterious Respiratory disease…and this is where it came from Fort Detrick.”

“Democrats the CCP and the CPUSA really wanted to destroy this country.”

“Idiots everywhere these days. What could possibly go wrong…?” 

“Why on earth would they do this? How dumb are scientists?”

The mere fact alone that they’re weaponizing monkeypox, at the same time that they’re trying to scare the hell out of the public with monkeypox and get us to take their monkeypox vaxxes, should really tell us everything that we need to know. And as all of those comments voted as ‘top voted’ show us, for the most part, the people of America and the world see what’s going on.

As another commenter mentioned, Don’t. No. Bad idea. Stop! Have we not learned anything from Covid?” Nope, clearly they didn’t. And just think what that means about our government! These folks are either ABSOLUTELY braindead, like Joe Biden, or they’re pure evil. And all of this happening in our own backyard here in the US, right after COVID, also gives us even more proof that the globalists depopulation agenda is in full swing and they could care less what the American people think.

With this work going on in our own backyards here in Maryland that ‘absolute proof‘ that those who are SUPPOSED TO BE our PUBLIC SERVANTS in government could care less about humanity, especially with them weaponizing the disease they’re attempting to scare us with, RIGHT AFTER COVID, we can easily see where this is heading if our heads aren’t stuck up our rear ends.

As pointed out by one commenter above, Democrats and the neocons in Congress and throughout the US government, in conjunction with China and the globalists, REALLY want to DESTROY America!  Repeating the very same insanity that most experts now believe was responsible for the start of the COVID scamdemic itself, imagine America in 2023 if the globalists get their way! From this Daily Mail story.:

A Government laboratory in Maryland plans to make the circulating monkeypox strain more lethal in highly controversial research in mice. 

The team wants to equip the dominant clade – which mostly causes a rash and flu-like symptoms – with genes from another strain that causes severe disease. 

They hope the experiment will reveal how different genes make monkeypox more deadly, and spur the development of better drugs and vaccines for humans.

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