#Stanford drops COVID jab mandates next week...


 Tom Woods

All they are saying is that they hope students still get their boosters

One thing the past few years has shown is that Stanford University is one of the most bizarre places in the United States.

But now it's just announced that as of Monday of next week, its Covid vaccine mandate will expire.

Just like that.

No explanation, and certainly no apology.

They ruined careers and lives and forced people to receive injections they neither needed nor wanted. This was all supposed to be because of the grave danger everyone faced, and which a "safe and effective" vaccine could eliminate.

So which part of this story is no longer true, or was never true in the first place? They're not even going to bother to tell us.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization itself just declared that healthy teens and children probably don't need the Covid shots (Denmark and Sweden actively recommend against the shots for that demographic), while here in the United States our CDC is still calling for the initial shots for everyone 6 months and older as well as boosters for everyone 5 years and older.

What a horror show.