Trump Is Being Led Into a Trap In the Middle East


There are two articles which I have authored in the past 24 hours which are preparatory for this article. These articles contain vital information which will provide the proper context from which to view and comprehend the following content.

How the alt media is able to obtain critical information from “deep-cover-insider-sources.

How Trump has TEMPORARILY negated the Red Dawn threat of invasion prior to prosecuting military action against Iran.

The Central and South American Threat

In several past articles, I have detailed how the Russians and the Chinese have been busy undermining America with our Central and South American neighbors. Additionally, our 19th century invasion of Nicaragua and Bush Sr’s invasion of Panama along with exploitive and one-sided trade deals within the region have rendered our nation to be the most hated nation in Latin America. When the Russians and the Chinese show up with their cash and military hardware, they have a willing audience. It is safe to state that the America’s have hundreds of millions of people who would love to kill every America, or come to our country and enjoy the economic benefits.

The Sanchez-Parades Cartel/Peruvian military/banking cartel and the Shining Path have brokered a loose alliance between the Mexican drug cartels and Middle East terrorists. This would include MS-13 whose members are used to carry out assassinations on behalf of the cartel.  MS-13, for example, carried out the hit of the dive boat off the coast of Santa Barbara and were participants in the dress rehearsal event that we now label the Vegas Massacre.

There are paramilitary forces that have been trained a consequence of this unholy anti-American organization. They have embedded many of the members inside the United States as sleepe cells. They are also poised to attack across our southern border when the time is right to do so and American forces have been sufficiently weakened.

El Salvador’s Deception

I have learned that the so-called Red Dawn threat has been minimized. Trump brokered a deal with El Salvador and it would appear that the former base training camps for these Red Dawn invasion forces will soon be a thing of the past. Additionally, I detailed how Trump turned out the lights on most of Central America. My experts believe that the President have been deceived into thinking that the Red Dawn threat has been negated and I agree. The anti-American sentiment and subsequent military planning is part of the Latin American culture. In the past six years, I have documented how nearly every Central and South American country has some form of military alliance with the Russians, the Chinese, or both. These sentiments are embedded into these governments and their people. The extreme poverty of the America’s is blamed on Canada and the United States. A Red Dawn invasion is a fantasy in the making for these people.

It has come to my attention that President Trump would not entertain the idea of military action against Iran unless the Red Dawn threat was neutralized. He thinks it has been neutralized and my sources say the President has been duped by war-mongering neocons in his administration. In fact, Kathy Rubio and myself have reported in the past six months that El Salvador's paramilitary base camps were being relocated inside of Honduras where a civil war is being formed along artificial lines. If the entire region had signed the Ameircan-El Salvador agreement, this article would be taking a decidedly different direction. However, the Red Dawn threat is not negated. In fact, we have Cuban nations crossing our border as reported to me by the Border Patrol and DHS. Therefore, the domestic threat has been increased because many of these Cubans are special operation forces. My sources tell me that they expect that these “Cuban experts” are here to give direction to the paramilitary forces already embedded as sleeper cells which are comprised of 6-10 members each and all are trained on various acts of terror and sabotage. Remember, I have reported 3 times on the “Tet Offensive” potential in which these forces would be unleashed on the same day with devastating results.

The Russian Plan of Conquest

If the United States was to engage the Russians in Europe, German-related NATO forces and the use of her bases would quickly become the United States’ best asset. However, and as I detailed both five and six years, ago, Germany’s allegiance with NATO has grown increasingly lukewarm. The Russians supply nearly 40% of Germany’s natural gas supply. Putin has increased trade with Germany. Many German leaders think that they are aligned with the wrong side. With regard to an attack upon Iran, Germany might only criticize. However, if Germany can increase its energy position a war between the BRICS and the West in Venezuela might just get Germany to flip sides or, at minimum sit out the war and not be involved. Add to that, the Turks are close to joining the Russian alliance. The net effect tells us that not only is the Red Dawn threat alive and well, but that NATO is fragmenting and becoming less of a military obstacle for Russia and China to contend with.

Russia May Stand Down Over the Invasion of Iran

Putin has had trouble dealing with Iranian religious zealots. He has grown weary as to the lack of governmental consistency. Russia’s intense interest in Venezuela signals a future and predictable change within the Putin administration. As has been reported, the Russians have troops on the ground in Venezuela as does China. Why? Well, under the current BRICS agreement, designed to bypass the petrodollar agreement, Venezuelan oil could be just as profitable as Iranian oil. My sources believe that Israel is happy to deal with Iran and Putin may let them since he looks like he is planning to be aligned with Venezuela. There is talk of Russia taking over the Venezuelan oil production and bribing key members of the government. This is exactly the same agreement that Exxon and BP have with the various Middle East governments. The leaders of the Middle East are among the world’s richest, while their poverty for their citizens is abysmal.

Trump Has Been Duped as to Red Dawn Threat Being Neutralized

 I know for a fact that President Trump has been told of this Russian plot and is ignoring the warnings. The truth is that the Russians may be willing to let their present BRICS oil source, eventually be re- located in part, or whole, to a resurgent Venezuela. The governments of Peru and Bolivia are on board with Russia as is Argentina.

It is looking lie that the real battleground will consist of the United States setting up permanent bases in Colombia, in preparation to invade Venezuela in an attempt to save the dominant position of the petrodollar. 

Russia is ready to continue their BRICS strategy with Venezuela as the eventual new oil source. RED DAWN WILL COMMENCE WHEN THE BULK OF OUR FORCES ARE IN THE MIDDLE EAST. In actuality, the negation of the Red Dawn threat is indeed a fake stand down in my source's opinion.


In summary, Russia is willing to sacrifice Iran, because Iran is being difficult to deal with and Putin is walking the US into a trap. While the majority of our forces are committed to the Middle East, we could be vulnerable on our southern border, particularly if certain earth changes take place in conjunction with weather war weapons (see the document entitled Air Force Owning the Weather 2025). While you are at it, you might want to watch the classic movie, Seven Days In May, because we are living it. Trump and the American people are being betrayed by Deep State infiltrators in our government and by members of Congress who are behind the revolution to overthrow the Constitution and our culture. You think this sounds crazy? Then, you have not been paying attention. Watch the Trevor Louden investigative piece entitled, Enemies Within, in which he conclusively documents the betrayal through the overt membership of 80 members of Congress to various front groups for the American Communist Party and world’s largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood (created by Hitler). Former multi-term members of Congress, Cynthia McKinney and Alan West substantiate Louden’s claims of treason by key members of the Democratic Party.

America, this is your Bolshevik moment, we are in the process of being overthrown and our military could face devastation (please see the Deagel Report on the state of the American economy and military by the year 2025).

Trumps is getting very bad advice, from Deep State Traitors that knows what is coming. Marilyn Rupar and myself are working on a story that will show what is coming on the Venezuelan/Colombia border. It will tie together everything that is being stated here.

Before I close my article, for the day, I would like to being you a verbatim quote from an “agency source” about what is already happening in the Middle East which is not being reported in this country.


Got more intel, not much. Iran has started to invade into Iraq, UAE, and parts of Saudi Arabia.  Marines have been getting a lot of briefings on this.