Trump Fiddles While the COVID-19 Team Destroys America and Threatens the Lives of Every Citizen


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The purpose of this article is to establish the parameters for world's greatest and approaching genocide. The Bible tells us tha 75% of the planet will perish and all of would disappear if it were not for the return o of Jesus.

About three weeks ago, I began to construct a crime board, like the ones we see in the movies. This is where the detectives place all the known facts on board and start to connect the dots regarding a crime, usually a homicide.

It is important to consider two angles from which to analyze homicides. When a detective arrives on the scene, if the crime scene is messy, the detective generally assumes that the murder was a crime of passion (ie spontaneous violence). So, then the attention of the detective goes to love triangles, marital infidelity, child custody, etc. If the crime scene is neat and tidy, the assumption is the opposite in that the crime is assumed to have been well-planned and executed like a military operation and financial interests such as life insurance policies and financial trusts are examined as a possible motive.

I have a question for you America, what does the current crime scene look like to you? If you are not sure, let’s look at the most telling statistic. The economy of the United States lies in ruins. It could not be any worse for our economy than if our enemies had bombed every major city in America. The precision of the theatrics of the COVID-19 team could not have been anymore well orchestrated. And add to that, a popular President has been completely compromised. Oh, you say you don’t agree that Trump is compromised. I say to those that hold the belief that Trump is still in charge and is defiant to the Deep State, the following:

  1. How does the President put his name on a document that is counting “flu-like” symptoms and pneumonia as numbers to be ADDED ON TO THE CV-19 NUMBERS? This is patently dishonest and is clearly designed to keep America in lockdown (at least until the election) in order foment a regime change (more on that point later). Meanwhile, everything you have worked for is, or will soon be, gone! Again, the President WAS not on your side and is supporting this principle.
  2. In the CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 diagnoses, that has been published on the CSS website, it is important to note the use of the term “presumptive” diagnosis. To those that think Trump is still in charge, please tell me what the word “presumptive” means. Please allow me to help. In the world of research, a world I have professionally walked in, the word presumptive means an assumption. It is not fact, it is not definitive. In other words, the CDC, AND TRUMP, are supporting the confabulation of COVID-19 diagnoses through assumed diagnoses on death certificates. The inflated numbers are used to propagandize the people to conform to the economic shutdown based upon false statistics. Again, Trump is supporting this action! As one doctor told me, if the cause of death is not due to gun shot, car accidents or falls from tall buildings, the presumed diagnosis is COVID-19. Why are the medical powers that be promoting such diagnostic dishonesty? The answer is simple, the goal of the COVID-19 team is not public safety, it is about the following:
  1. Through economic ruination and continued lockdowns, the goal is to make Americans hate the surface ruling establishment (ie Republicans). The goal is to replace the Republicans in the Senate and in the White House who have MARGINALLY supported the Constitution and free enterprise. When one examines the platforms of various Democrats, extreme socialism and loss of civil liberties underlies their political platforms. This is a coup, make no mistake about it. And again, Trump is doing nothing to combat this takeover by the Big Pharma establishment. Please don’t tell me to trust the plan. Trump has not prosecuted one Deep State operative. Trump has not taken on the illegal censorship of the big tech companies. Trust what plan, I ask you!
  2. "Better humans die than have the environment suffer one more day." For those that have been paying attention, the deindustrialization of the United States and the accompanying lowered standard of living, along with depopulation policies (eg post birth abortions) have been goals of the Democratic Party since Obama was elected in 2008. Remember, when Obama and Valerie Jarrett came to the White House? They tried to pass an extreme Climate Change bill that would have removed 80% of the energy usage from America. Many economic analyses of that day stated that if we embraced Obama’s plan, we’d be living in 1870 and the mortality rate would escalate, and the birth rate would plummet. Depopulation and subsequent domination have always been the goals for the leftists representing the globalists.
  3. Let’s not forget that there is indeed a chain of command, a method to the madness of this takeover of our government and the willful destruction of our economy. The Democratic leadership is beholding to the Deep State. The Deep State is controlled by globalist forces such as the Rothschild banking cartel. Many of the Democratic leaders (eg Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Feinstein) are in bed with the CHICOMS, or their puppet organizations such as the cartels and their terrorist allies (eg Hamas, ISIS). It is not a secret that the CHICOMS are the new world policeman of the United Nations, in other words, the administrative arm of the encroaching New World Order. And what have we seen from these despots through the years? What has the CSS repeatedly published on the website about these monsters? The answer is their blatant quotes of depopulation. If you are new to this planet changing venture, many of the globalist leaders have espoused the desire to reduce the population of the planet by 90% and we are in the early stages of carrying out this plot.   

People ask me when we will be able to come out of our homes across the country? The answer is tied to when the non-doctor, Bill Gates, is done developing his dangerous vaccines. Various Deep State entities have been successful in getting their minions in major positions in the federal government to establish policies that will be used to subjugate all of America as well as "eliminate the resistance" with extreme prejudice. I have written extensively on this topic for the past 8 years. As early as 2014, I saw the pattern emerging. I have close to a 100 documents that support the view that America has undergone a coup, subsequent regime change and tens of millions of Americans are in extreme danger. 

In the next part in this series, I will present the most damning governmental documents which accurately present the crime board of 2020. These documents leave nothing to the imagination and for those who are unafraid of knowing the truth, the urgency of the hour will become apparent. 

I will never be good at "laying down" and "taking my beating". The odds of us restoring our Republic to the same functional level that Trump had us performing at, is unlikely. However, if we do nothing, we are sealing our feet (ie laying down and taking our beating). 

In the next part in this series, I will be presenting the most damning of the federal documents that demonstrate clear genocidal intent. Some fo the parts of this series have been very difficult to construct. However, this next part, demonstrating the clear intent to wipe out 90% of America may be the easiest article I have every written. After all, I have had over 8 years of experience.