Trump Has TEMPORARILY Saved America From Total Destruction

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President Trump has lived to his reputation as the master of the art of the deal. He has lessened the threat posed on our southern borders by a so-called Red Dawn force. Domestically, the President continues to negate the communist agenda set forth by Obama and the Democratic Party. He has upset many bankers and multinational corporations because of his toward free trade policies, which favors American workers, and he is the major impediment to continuance of a Bolshevik Revolution against the government of the United States as led by the Democratic Party and the Deep State which controls the Democrats.

Recently, the President has taken definitive steps to make each American safer from a potential Red Dawn invasion which emanates from Latin American forces supported and trained by the Russians and the Communist Chinese as well as key members of the Democratic Party (eg Schiff, Pelosi, Biden, Harris and O’Rourke). This article tells the story about how the President has lessened the threat of an invasion from our southern border.

El Salvador

Once upon a time, El Salvador was the mighty enemy of the United States. They existed to train terrorists and cartel members to become a paramilitary force whose numbers would serve to overwhelm the southern underbelly of the United States. How did they do that? They set up base training camps. How did I know this? Two members, around the same time, who worked for the DEA told and they knew this because drugs was a major component of these organizations.

In the same time frame, Judicial Watch discovered a base camp that represented the blending of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and various cartel groups. The location was frightening close to the US-Mexican border and it was located 8 miles from El Paso, Texas. Judicial Watch published a list of targets that this force was going to attack based on intel they had acquired. Not one attack was carried out because the Obama administration was forced to act because the exposure this received. Most of the targets were educational institutions and federal installation of one kind or another. The problem was solved, correct? Not exactly! I recently had a DHS agent say to me “we know where ISIS base camps are, we know where the child-sex-trafficking factories are located and we know most of the drug trafficking routes. However, we are not permitted to do our job”.  This is just like the recent revelation that ABC management, and presumably the US government, had evidence of participating in Epstein’s exploits by such notables as members of the Royal family and Bill Clinton. ABC buried the story and now this story has inadvertently been revealed and spread by Project Veritas. The Obama administration supported these terrorist base training camps in El Salvador. The Democratic Obama administration allowed  organized child-sex-trafficking and a brewing military threat to grow during their tenure. Hear no evil, see no evil. 

Enter Donald Trump, he has all but eliminated the threat out of El Salvador. He has used the universal language of money to turn their government. Gone are the training camps. They have all but eliminated the migrant routes coming through their country. They are cracking down on drugs. And three days ago, they closed the Venezuelan Embassy be expelling their diplomats. Venezuela, backed by Russia and China, as well as their desperate economic situation, would provide a lot of manpower for a Red Dawn invasion force. El Salvador has said “not here”. President Trump can be thanked for this. Look at this map. It shows the significant location, which physically presents a growing Latin American based and communist supported paramilitary force, that El Salvador plays in blocking and thwarting and blocking a Red Dawn invasion.

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Columbia was once the source of all drugs for the Sinaloa cartel which has been proven to be supported by American traitors, Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke. Here is picture that I recently published. Pelosi is pictured next to former Mexican President Nieto and that is Beto in the background. EVERYONE knows that Nieto took $100 million from El Chappo Guzman to leave the the Sinaloa cartel alone. EVERYONE knows the Nieto was the most corrupt executive head of state in the Americas in its history. Nieto also allowed and even encouraged Columbian cartels, such as the left-overs of Pablo Escobar’s cartel, to trade with the Sinoloas. Those drugs ended up at our children’s parties. Columbia and their Venezuelan partners exported terror and assisted the Sanchez-Paredes drug cartel (ie the Peruvian army and national bank) to combine Middle East terrorists and drug cartels to train in El Salvador. Mexico was a part of this operation too. And here we have the Democratic Speaker of the House and a former Presidential candidate hanging out with one of the major players (ie former Mexican President Nieto).


These relationships were tolerated and encouraged by the Obama administration. In fact, much of the muscle for these groups was provided by Obama’s “Fast and Furious” arms shipments to the cartels. If and when there is an invasion of the United Stated by these Red Dawn forces, then Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder, who led Fast of Furious, will have provided arms that will be used to kill Americans. The murder of the American family by a cartel which probably used guns from this operation. Holder was eventually forced to resign over this affair. In fact, he was even found to be in contempt of Congress over his refusal to cooperate with a subsequent investigation into these matters. Today, Holder, along with Valerie Jarret is heading up the CALEXIT movement which is the treasonous attempt to get California to exit the Union, South Carolina 1861 style, and become a protectorate of the United Nations. All of these players I have just mentioned are participants in the Red Dawn invasion force which is backed and supported by Russia and Communist China. Add in the exposed exploits of Senators Feinstein (also her husband Richard Blum) and Kamala Harris, and their exposed cooperation with the Communist Chinese who have very bad intentions for the people in this country, America finds itself threatened from within by the Democratic Party traitors and from without by these Red Dawn forces. And the nation of Columbia has always been a part of this threat.


With regard to the defense of the United States from a large contingent of Red Dawn soldiers coming north, Columbia occupies a major strategic location. President Trump has won over the Columbian government and we now house 5,000 highly trained troops and they are actively training the Columbian military.

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If Columbia is an ally of the United States, thanks to President Trump, the South American contingent of the Red Dawn forces (eg Venezuela and Argentina) cannot join up with their Central American Red Dawn forces (eg Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico). If Columbia is an American ally, and thanks to Trump they are, the potential Red Dawn threat is cut in half.

The Death of the American Empire

Right now, the only person standing in the gap between absolute tyranny, the overthrow of our government and a nation-ending invasion through our southern border, is President Trump. This is why the Deep-State serving Democrats are stopping at nothing to remove him from office in a nation where it is a crime to now report a crime. I do not hold Trump up as a hero. I hold him up as America's last gasp for life. Tragically, the Democrats who aiding and abetting this treason don't realize it, but they are the modern day Brown Shirts for the globalists. They will be cast aside into the mass graves of humanity when the New World Order is complete. As these traitors take their last breath, they will then realize how cheaply they sold out their honor and their country. And for the ignorant masses, these events should serve notice as to what kind of government is coming our way.