Trump's Impeachment Trial Will Be a Victory for Every Loyal American


The last impeachment of a President occurred in 1998 over Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Karma has a sense of humor. Please note the impeachment tickets for Bill Clinton in the cover photo. It is ironic that a modern day impeachment trial against Donald Trump could result in Bill Clinton's wife going down for the count.

Before settling into teaching post-secondary sociology, psychology, research and statistics, early on in my academic career, I used to teach American government and American history at the AP level. The topic of impeachment was a staple to the class. Therefore, I am looking at the unfolding events related to a possible impeachment with great interest.

I feel compelled to tell the Democrats that when you have lived in glass houses for decades, dripping with criminality, the Democrats should not start throwing stones.

 I have come to the conclusion that it's important for the American people to understand what is going on here with regard to the impeachment process. First of all, I would be highly surprised if any articles of impeachment are drawn up and then subsequently acted upon. The reason I say that is because if the Democrats follow this course of action they will ultimately destroy their party.

Why Impeachment Will Not Result In Conviction

If impeachment is delivered against the President, the trial would referred to the Senate which is controlled by the Republicans. The President will never be convicted of these charges. Even the Republicans who don’t like Trump will stand by him because of what it would mean to their political power if a Democrat was in the White House. Further, they will not want to provide a precedent that elections mean nothing and anyone can be removed for any reason. There will even be Senate Democrats that will not vote to convict because they will worry about being on the wrong side of history and they don’t want an angry public to turn on them. And there are also a FEW Democrats who still believe in the rule of law.  

Why the Democrats Should Fear the Discovery Process of a Trial

It is true that the Democrats can, without question, impeach the President and bring charges in the House of Representatives, but they open themselves up to a lot of other criminal issues that they don't want public. Anything related to the impeachment, will be fair game for the discovery process when the trial is being conducted in the Senate, as the discovery process will not be controlled by the House Democrats.

As the Senate trial subsequently considers evidence, they have the discretion to subpoena every piece of information relevant to the case that they can. Here is what we already know about the impeachment process:

  1. The President will be accused of abusing his executive power for political advantageduring the 2016 campaign and after his election to office. Specifically, he bribed the new President of Ukraine with aid money if he would investigate the criminal actions of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. This would be very hard to prove. Also, the so-called whistleblower is not a whistleblower. They have already stated that they had no direct knowledge. This is called hearsay and it is not admissible in a trial under rules of evidence. There is no case against Trump as it stands now. So, for the Democrats, this is a high-risk and low-reward proposition. A weary public will have heard RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA AND NOW IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT AND THEY WILL RESPOND WITH DEFEAT, DEFEAT, DEFEAT. REMEMBER, AMERICA LOVES THE UNDERDOG AND WE CLEARLY SAW THIS IN THE 2016 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. 
  2. Because the President’s alleged defense took place during the 2016 campaign, and because this alleged offenses directly and indirectly involve Joe Biden (Obama administration VP), all campaign material era material may be deemed relevant. As a motivation for impeachment, the President can show a witch hunt mentality and bootstrap this to Fusion and the Steele Dossier. In a trial like this, privliage communication provbably would not apply and all references to Hillary and Obama could come into play. The FISA court judges are undoubtedly squirming today as are the former heads of 16 intelligence agencies that were probably looking for dirt on Trump by illegally spying on this “private citizen” during the campaign. Up until now, forgive my bluntness, but Trump has not had the intestinal fortitude to go after Hillary, Comey and Obama. An angry Trump and his attorneys would not likely be so  cautious in this instance since the President would be on trial.  
  3. You can bet that the Democrats would be making daily trips to the Supreme Court to try and keep relevant, but incriminating criminal material out of the trial, embarrassing material,the type of material that could send high-ranking officials to prison.
  4. The impeachment event and trial will be drawn out because of the evidentiary disputes that will unquestionably occur. And the longer the trial goes on, the more the ignorant, TV watching public will start to pay real attention. OMG, this would be awesome!!!! The dumber than a box of rocks citizens, like John Q. Public and Ma and Pa Kettle, would come to realize how bad the Democrats are trying to screw them as they would find out about how every Democratic Presidential candidate is trying to take away their cars, take away their meat, promote cannibalism, teach 6 year old kids how to self-touch in the California school classrooms, take away private home ownership, take away air conditioning and heating….and so on. The public will be incensed when they discover what is coming. This is a social media nightmare because the majority of the country would eligible for censorship under the loose interpretation of social media community guidelines as growing and angry public takes to social media to express their anger at the discovery of their true enemy, the Democratic Party. The social media companies would have to decide if they want to fall on their sword by their continued and blind support of the communists running the Democratic Party. This would be the end of the Democratic Party, but this adventure does not stop here.


For these reasons, Trump will not likely be impeached  as they ride the crest of free publicity against the President.Trump will never be convicted. The Democratic Party as we know it will be destroyed if Trump is impeached because they will be exposded. And now, if they don't pursue impeachment, they will lose credibility. Nobody ever said the Democrats were intelligent.

After the failed impeachment of Donald Trump fizzles, then “the real fun” will begin in earnest. For reasons that will be discussed in Part II, civil war is in our future. I will leave you with two words to describe what lies ahead in Part II of this series: THE PURGE. One more clue using, again, two words: JUSTICE DEMOCRATS.