Unelected President Hillary Clinton's 25 Point Platform Designed to Fundamentally Transform America


Donald Trump is out as the American President. Whether it be from a heart attack gun, food poisoning, an assassins bullet, contrived and illegal impeachment proceedings or simply from a simple majority vote of the Cabinet with regard to the President mental health status under the 25th Amendment. The removal of Trump from office almost seems assured barring Divine Intervention.

Pence will be blackmailed for his extracurricular activities and forced to resign. This will lead to the increasingly senile, Nancy Pelosi, taking over the reigns of the Presidency. She will resign and her appointed Vice-President Hillary Clinton will takeover the Presidency. There will be a series of false flag “Reichstag events” which will put the country under martial law. There will be 2020 election. Hillary Clinton will institute her 25 point plan to transform America.  

Hillary’s 25 Point Platform to FundamentallyTransform America

1. Under emergency martial law, mass roundup of political dissidents will take place. These alt media hosts and writers as well as activists will categorized as the new terrorists and will be dealt with under the NDAA. They will be framed for perpetrating false flag events. Media broadcasts will post their pictures and identify them as extremely dangerous and shoot on sight orders will be issued. Rewards to the public will be offered for turning in the alt media-activists. most likely be declared as terrorists and enemies of the state and will be linked to the precipitating false flag event. This will be the unfolding of Red and Blue Lists as spoken of by Steve Quayle for the last couple of decades. The NDAA will provide the pseudo legal authority to snatch key Americans out of their homes and off of the street. 

2. Open season on ALL and ANY alt media personnel. Antifa and MS-13 assets will be employed to carry out these deeds with extreme prejudice.

3. Just like the old Soviet Union, the REAL ID card will limit travel. Under this provision, one will be required to have an approved passport to travel between cities and states. The ability to travel will be tied to one’s social credit score which has already been implemented by Google in Communist China. To illustrate the repressiveness of this technology, people in China lose social credit points for stepping on the white boundary line when crossing the street.  

4-Dusk to dawn curfews which are designed to keep the people from congregating and planning in concert to overthrow the omnipresent tyranny. 

5-The stockpiling of virtually any resource will be prohibited under Executive Order 13603. The rationing of essential resources as specified in Executive Order (EO) 13603 will limit families to a 2 week supply of any resources such as food and water. Random inspections can be expected. The seizing of personal assets such as food and water as specified in EO 13603. 

6. Under the extreme leftist policies related to the voodoo science of climate change, the private ownership of cars will be prohibited.

7. Suburban living will be outlawed except for the elite of the Democratic Party (the new Communist American Party).

8. Caloric restrictions will be implemented per person due to the “eco-cost” of producing food. Because of the eco-cost of producing food, cannibalism and the eating of bugs will become mainstream.

9. Radical Planned Parenthood policies will be implemented. An expensive permit to have children will be required to give birth. Otherwise, a forced abortion will be employed.

10. Control over all food-growing and manufacturing and water treatment and production as specified in EO 13603. For example, trapping rainwater for private use will be forbidden. Reuse of irrigation will not be allowed for private farmers even as private farming, in lieu of corporate farming is implemented.

11. Extreme water rationing will be employed in the Smart cities produced by Bill Gates. Showering will be a luxury under EO 13603.

12. The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives. It will become a capital crime to possess a weapon of any type. AS it is in Canada and the UK, self-defense violates the right of the perpetrator of a crime against a law-abiding citizen.

13. The confiscation of property, homes and businesses as provided for in FM 39.4 and EO 13603 as private ownership of anything is eliminated. Everything is owned by the state including you and your family. 

14. Arrests without due process (NDAA). This includes the possibility of on-the-spot-executions.

15. There will be a TSA presence in every single public building. All businesses will be nationalized. Entry into any building will be monitored as a TSA checkpoint. Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches will become the norm. Body-frisking perverts will line up to get these preferred jobs in what the public will come to label as the “blue-belly-perverts”. Parents will refuse to take their kids out to public places because of this institutionalized groping and “feeling up” of our children.

16. Forced labor will become the norm. Children on summer vacation from school will be required to attend Hillary Youth Indoctrination Camps in which children are propagandized to the virtues of the New World Order. Children will be forced to perform make-work public projects at this camp reminiscent in to the PWA and CCC of the Depression era in American History. At these camps, children will be trained to spy on family and neighbors and taught how to turn them in.

17. Forced relocation of suspected American dissidents as specified by the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and the Civilian Conscription Program, under the Secretary of Labor, in EO 13603. This will mark the introduction of slave labor in American in which the conscripts are called (unpaid) consultants. The program will begin as a federal civic duty program, much like periodic National Guard training, but will quickly morph into full force slave labor.  

18. Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military (EO 13603) for children are 18.

19. Also medical martial law policies could be invoked in the advent of the introduction of a pathogen.  

20. Outlawing of free speech. Former AG Loretta Lynch promised federal crackdowns on those speaking out against Muslim extremism in any form. Alternative life-styles will become a form of protected status under federal laws. Public display of affection between heterosexuals (eg holding hands) will be expressly forbidden.

21. Just like in the old Soviet Union, Christian churches will be zoned out of existence. Anyone holding a private Bible study must get a permit. As a requirement for obtaining the permit, an applicant must subject themselves to a state-sponsored mental status exam. Such an exam could be used to send one to a re-education camp if any compliance issues are detected in said mental status exam. The complete politization of mental health will become the norm.  

22. The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs which would mark the rebirth of former Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano, in which neighbors are encouraged to "say something, if these see something". The NSA police state surveillance programs speak for themselves. It is highly recommended that every American go see the Oliver Stone movie, Snowden 

23. After churches are zoned out of existence, Christ will eventually be outlawed. Baptism will be codified as a lewd act. The total control and eventual elimination of religion will be in full force. The name “Jesus” will become prohibited speech and will carry the same negative connotation as the reprehensible “N” word. The Bible is already being characterized as hate speech. Today, one who is Christian is cast as anti-gay/transgender, anti-government, etc. Ultimately, being convicted of being a Christian will be tantamount to treason and will become a crime that will carry the death penalty. The Christians, once again, will be fed to the lions of the former Democratic Party.

24. Control of the media. Except for the total eradication of the alternative media, this has already happened. ICANN will finish the job.    

25. Total suspension of the Constitution as this is essentially complete in light of actions such as EO 13603 and the NDAA.

What about healthcare? What healthcare? There will be no healthcare except for the elite. 


The extreme reduction of population discussed in the Deagel Report will not be the result of World War III, at least not initially. It will most likely be the purge that engulfs the country after the Clinton takeover.The natural course of a Bolshevik revolution brought about by the extreme left of the Democratic Party (ie Clinton, the Squad, Shifty Schiff, almost all California politicians) will come to the natural conclusion that we witnessed in Stalinist Russia, Mao’s China and Hitler’s Third Reich.

Anyone who thinks that the principles are representative of a tyranny characterized by hyperbola, have failed to learn the lessons of history and are woefully ignorant of the societal control left behind by Obama as he has bestowed them upon Hillary Clinton. Welcome to the new normal!