My heart goes out to any immigrant group. And to the Afghans, I apologize for the behavior on display from  cabal running our government. You were betrayed as were the American military and the American people. Again,I apologize for Biden's betrayal of your people! Welcome to America.

Even the immigrants which are being used for political purposes, frequently do not even realize they are political pawns. They are simply looking for a better way of life for themselves and their family members. Despite the fact that immigrants of all types are generally hard working people in search of opportunities does not mean that we owe them our country, our culture and the sacred traditions we hold dear. If the European Union and the United States does not act now to stem the tide of immigration, there will cease to be a Western Europe, and possibly a United States, as we know it and the transformation will reach the tipping point in a few short years. The major threat facing the West, does not lie in the fact that it is primarily Muslims who are moving into their countries and supplanting the host country's traditions with their own. The major threat facing Western Europe,and now possibly the United States,  lies in the fact that Muslims are coming to their country armed with Sharia Law and their religious leaders plan to take over according to the mandates of this governing doctrine.

All people are free to practice their religion, but religion does not give license to harm others inside the United States.

The Sharia Threat

I have no objection to Muslims, or anyone else, practicing their religion. However, anyone's right to practice their religion ends at the tip of my Constitutionally protected nose. From what I read about the tenets of Sharia Law, the intent is for the religion to elevate itself above all others and force compliance in terms of worshiping the beliefs of Islam or suffer extreme circumstances.  

Sharia Law espouses the ultimate supremacy of Islam above all non-Muslims. Several Koranic verses have been used to promote this principle of supremacy of Muslims and Islam (See: Koran 48:28). Sharia Law mandates that non-Muslims in Muslim society are required to pay a tax of humiliation "Jizia" to the Muslim rulers. Sharia Law principles encourage the use of a holy jihad to spread the religion and subjugate non-Muslims to Islamic law. All schools of Islamic jurisprudence (i.e. Shafeii, Hanbali, Maleki, and Hanafi) teach that Muslims must declare war on and fight non-Muslims until they force nonbelievers into accepting Islam, or be executed through beheading. Sharia Law does not respect the laws of the host country that their people immigrate to. Sharia Law allows the beating of women with impunity, polygamy, pedophilia, the killing of apostates, gays, and adulterers. These beliefs run contrary to the laws of the European Union and the United States where life, liberty and property are held in sacred regard.

Islam Is Not the Threat

The Islamic nations of Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Tunisia, Indonesia and Malaysia enjoy satisfactory relations with the United States and Western Europe. Conversely, nations that have embraced Sharia Law as an integral part of their Muslim faith are major opponents of the West (e.g. Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan) and, as such, pose a major threat to the security of the United States and Western Europe when people are admitted into non-Sharia country. AGAIN, VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, ANY RELIGION!

There will be no Sharia law inside the United States in which people are harmed for violating some tenet of a religion.