We Are At the End of Days-Prophecy is Being Fulfilled!! Russ Dizdar at the GEN SIX Conference

russ dizdar

I just completed watching the GEN SIX presentation, Russ Dizdar is the author of the “The Black Awakening”. Dizdar uses his research into Biblical Prophecy to both warn and encourage believers. His message is the ultimate message of hope.

Dizdar’s demonic-deliverance ministry reveals a world of a dark underground, Satanic ritual abuse and it’s one that exploits children in the worst imaginable ways. Russ Dizdar has done ground-breaking research into occult crimes against humanity and ultimately mind-control.

In his presentation, Russ speaks eloquently as to the fall of mankind as humanity lost the battle in the Garden of Eden as told in Genesis 3. This let loose unimaginable horrors across the planet. This infecting of humanity with sin became so horrific that Romans 1 tells us that we repress the truth with extreme acts of wickedness.  This is certainly in evidence today!!

Dizdar’s message is so powerful that Google is trying its best to censor his ideas, lest Satan be exposed. When I tried to enter Russ’ website, this is the message I repeatedly received:


Your connection is not private

This server could not prove that it is russdizdar.com; its security certificate is from bibledatabase.net. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.


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Back to safety

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This was not a misconfiguration, this was a suppression of the truth as spoken of in Romans 1. The is a precursor to the fact that soon the world of the Lord will be forbidden.

Dizdar speaks to the fact that there about 2000 prophecies in the Bible. Over 1500 of them have come true and the remaining 500 are being realized with great rapidity. As Russ points out, the Bible is ahead of every intelligence agency. People make predictions such as the sun is going to burn out or we will experience an asteroid strikem need to stop engaging in silliness and read their Bible. The Bible is quite clear about what is coming. I agree with Russ, we need to spend out time reading the Bible rather than engaging in endless speculating if we truly want to know what is coming. I was spellbound as Russ spoke of Luke 7 as we are witnessing the same exact things that the Bible said was going to be visited upon the Earth!

It is difficult to listen to Dizdar and not conclude that we are not living in the final days. I must confess that as a child I always felt I would be spared physical death because the Lord was going to return. Don’t ask me to justify these thoughts as they came from my childhood. However, as I was listening to Russ’ presentations, these old memories began to surface. While Russ began to explain the meaning and application of Mathew 24, I was overwhelmed with the realization that we are the final generation of mankind before the Second Coming of Jesus. 

It is my strong suggestion, and in deference to a global concern regarding the saving of souls, I strongly recommend that everyone do what I did and sign up for the GEN SIX VOD conference.  It is fantastic as I feel like a kid in a candy store. All speakers can be heard after the presentations or you can hear them live. Click this link to find out more.