We Are Facing Chaotic Times Where People Will Go Insane & Violence Will Be Common Place Across The Nation


  by GeorgeEaton


During the Weaver siege in north idaho in 1992, I made a visit to the local police chief to give him an idea what was going on at the protest site at the creek bridge. After I described the passion, fervor and high emotions of the people and how it could spill over into a real problem, he then said "are you talking about anarchy?".
I said "yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about".

What was ironic is the night before the police department received threatening calls on the phone, saying they would kill police officers if they didn't help the family at Ruby Ridge. From that moment on he paid close attention to all the events involving the siege and aftermath. He even attended patriot rallies we held afterwards where it was standing room only.

The people during that crisis were in an emotional frenzy. They were capable of doing anything against the local, state and federal officers.
Randy Weaver was a jack Morman, and when the crisis blew up, the well armed secret Morman army arrived covertly in north Idaho and were camped in the hundreds, and were building to 2,000, in the surrounding areas. They came to a friend I knew that was also a spokesman for the family, and he told me they asked if they were needed for an assault to rescue the family. He told them "no, not yet, I'll let you know". We were a whisker away from a total civil war breakdown of society in the northwest. It could have been a bloodbath disaster.
I was told that the Vietnam vets targeted a radio tower for the county sheriff's office and blew it up with dynamite. This never hit the news. But I heard about it from insiders.

When a family's life is at stake, people will go bonkers to defend them. And with the siege going on day after day, it allowed the spirit of vengeance to build to a fever pitch.

Now take that same attitude and multiply it nationwide to tens of millions of people who find out they have been poisoned with a plague, given a vaccine that kills them, and they are attending funerals on a weekly basis. Parents burying their children, families burying their parents and siblings - and it continues nonstop for months and years. You can't hide something like that.