We Now Live In An Occupied Nation and Here Are Some Things You Can Count On



Many of you in the audience have been following me since I came on the scene in 2003 as John McCain was trying to steal my property and that of 300 of my neighbors. It was then that I took to the media to warn people about what was coming. This event led to my entry into the field of news reporting.

Today, I am going to make some general claims about what is coming.

We will soon be under the rule o a dementia-lade idiot, who is an extreme sexual predator just like Bill Clinton, who likely sexually abused his own daughter according to her diary, committed treason against his own country with China, Ukraine, Russia and Iran. This is just the short version of his resume. Joe Biden’s nature is best exemplified by the pervert, criminal son he fathered. And this demented pervert is a communist who will not hesitate to take your property and kill you and your family, because that is what Bolshevik communists do. He will take your guns, so you cannot defend yourself against his tyranny. He will use FEMA camps, food as a weapon and mass murder to achieve his communist goals However, he is not the main threat and that honor belongs to Kamala Harris.

Harris, to put it bluntly is a slut who has used her womanhood and charms to achieve political gains. She is a self-admitted communist. She is not even a citizen as has been established here on the CSS. In my professional judgment, she will exercise the same control over you as have the likes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. She is of this mindset. She will purge millions if allowed to do so because that is what her type does. The end result is all that matters to her and he is an appointed stooge of the New World Order whose task it is to use her new powers as president (soon to be realized based on the 25th Amendment) and stamp out all middle class wealth, all political liberties and establish an atmosphere of complete compliance to the coming satanically-inspired globalist regime that sets the stage for the end of days.

In this article, I am depending on my academic, work background and professional background in order to tell you, the reader, what is coming and it will not stop until the return of Jesus.


What enables me to make such predictions? Maybe nothing does. However, I have a lot of experience in alt media in working with the variables that are being brought to bear to subjugate you as well as to eliminate millions. I probably have the academic background to make judgment calls as to the scope and nature of what is consuming this nation. For the first time, I am going to list my qualifications that enable me to tell you what is coming and to provide an analysis based on my experience and academic background.

In 17 years, I have never disclosed much about the details of my background. And please believe me when I say, I am not bragging. In fact, I know my experience plus my background will be the reason that, one-day, I will be hunted down and executed. So, believe me when I say that if I intended to live to a ripe old age, the following credentials represent my own personal stage four cancer. However, I want to impress upon the reader, that my predictions are not the result of a knee-jerk analysis.  

Since 2003, I have done and or accomplished the following:

  1. Written 14,000 articles.
  2. Produced and performed 12,000 hours of radio
  3. Produced and performed 1000 podcasts
  4. On my newest TV venture, I have produced and presented 100 TV shows on thecommonsenseshow.tv.
  5. I have been a guest on major shows from the Hagmann Report, Infowars, Agenda 21 Radio the largest digital radio show in America, Michael Savage, Fox News, etc.
  6. I have a personal and professional relationship with almost all of the top alt media personalities. And yes, they are as likeable and are as honest in real life as they are in their public life.

Further, I possess the following academic/educational credentials

  1. I have undergraduate degrees in sociology and history with a minor in political science.
  2. I have certifications in research and statistics.
  3. I have written 2 courses in statistics at the post-secondary level.
  4. I have advanced degrees in the field of psychology.
  5. I have taught all of the able from high school to post-graduate environments.
  6. For nearly 5 years, I taught research methods to graduate students working on their dissertations, so I am qualified to pass judgment on polls, statistical presentation fraud like what we are seeing in the 2020 election.
  7. I have been a head coach for basketball at the high school, college levels and served as an NBA scout (before wokeness).
  8. I have served as a mental health therapist. My primary clients were state-sponsored, half-way house inmates seeking full probation. In this work, I developed many LEA and judicial contacts.  
  9. I have developed some of the best information sources in either the mainstream and alt media. Some of these sources include Generals, past and present intelligence officers, ARFSOF leadership, CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS and the Space Force. My own father did covert R & D work for the beginnings of the “Secret Space Program.

Again, I stress I am not bragging. I honestly wish I was still teaching and coaching college basketball. What I do now is needed, but it is not fun. It is from my background that I feel that I have a firm handle on what is coming! But this is indeed most unpleasant as I have to shower the satanic excrement off of my body everyday because of the I constant evil I encounter. I have met the face of Lucifer and he wants all of us dead and he has now placed his stooges in place to do just that.

Based on my background and experience, this is what I believe is coming based on the stated goals of the Democratic Party the stated personal beliefs of Biden and Harris.

  1. Christians will go through a “feed them to the lions” under Harris. To survive and keep the faith alive, we will have to head for the hills, so to speak.
  2. The Constitution is dead and it will be buried under the next and last American administration.
  3. Opposition to official dictates will be a life-threatening endeavor.
  4. Homeschooling will be outlawed so that obedience to what will be the cult-like figure, Kamala Harris (ie Hitler)  and her soon-to-be youth groups can be realized.
  5. Everything will be in service to the state.
  6. Suicide rates can be expected to double, triple and quadruple because of the lost of hope among the adult population. The Biblical admonition that men’s hearts will fail them because of the fear will be realized in the upcoming administration.
  7. Cancel culture is in full effect. Teachers and professors not on board with the new regime are in extreme danger.
  8. Harris let it slip that she will control your diet. This will be the beginning of the people placed on Universal Basic Income, because there will only be a few jobs that have not been destroyed as AI fully takes over. Your days of eating out and enjoying a steak are almost over.
  9. Healthcare will enter the dark ages. Harriscare will model itself over the UK system. Pre-existing conditions will not be honored or treated. Just like the Brits, age-exclusion will kick in. For example, I would expect people with over 45 with kidney ailments will not be given dialysis. They will be given comfort medication and allowed to die. Policies will exist that will lead to the extermination of people over the age of 60 because they are of little use to the establishment that will be living under the philosophy of Fabian Socialism.
  10. Food will be used as a permanent condition of societal control. You will have food ration cards. Your diet will represent the worst as suggested by the World Economic Forum and the UN where the non-producers are systematically starved to death as were so many Jews in the work production factories.
  11. You will be pledging allegiance to whatever plays the God of the day and their name will not be Jesus.
  12. “Karens” and the Stasi, as well as your electronic devices will be monitoring for any sign of defiance which will be met with quickly and with extreme prejudice.
  13. Your children are subject to the taking of the perverts who will administering this mad house of totalitarianism.
  14.  The personality of Harris, which is dominated by her extreme insecurity will become the benchmark behavior of the new administration. She is clinically paranoid, much like Hitler and Stalin. She will initiate mass purges against any group perceived as a threat. And of course, these purges will be preceded by false flags to justify the action and lessen the public resistance.
  15. Elections of the future of future will have no cheating. That is because voting will be mandated with only one choice being offered.
  16. No cars or any gas guzzling vehicles.
  17. Lockdowns will be permanent because in what we used to label as flu season, will be accompanied by the new pandemic of the year.
  18. Vast segments of communities will disappear. There will be an excuse developed, but this kind of covert depopulation will become mainstream. Why do I believe this? Because Harris is operating out of the UN playbook when is appearing to be legal and this is what the UN mandates.
  19. One child policies will become mandatory.
  20. As was present in Obama’s EO 13603, conscripted work will eventually be mandated.
  21.  Families will be de-emphasized. We saw this in the BLM literature, prior to being taken down before the election. This will make it easier to split up families prior to being sent to forced labor camps.
  22. Certain media viewing will be mandatory.
  23. Internet participation will be reduced to entertainment, work functions and state-sponsored education. The CSS will no longer exist and neither will I.
  24. All drugs will be legal in order to perpetuate the Bread and Circus distraction from the totality of the takeover.
  25. All public gatherings will be outlawed.
  26. Self-defense will be outlawed, including against home-invaders.
  27. Free trade agreements will be less about agreements between nations, but about subverting national authority to international bodies.
  28. There will be no due-process rights.
  29. Political crimes and the wrong kind of free-thinking will be subject to immediate termination.
  30. You will not own your home. The UN provision of the Strong Cities Initiative will come into play and the reworking of your home, for environmental reasons. The cost alone will cause your property to be forfeited to the state. Don’t raise your eyebrows as this is already underway as the Federal Reserve owns over 33% of all mortgages in America, TODAY!!!
  31. As indicated, some form of lockdown will be permanently enforced. If you want a predictive programming example, watch the old series, Colony, which is available on the streaming services. Martial law will be enforced by AI.
  32. Travel will be almost nonexistent.
  33. Subsistence living will be the norm as we will all be broke thanks to the New (gang) Green Deal.
  34. In typical dictatorial form, if an associate, friend of family member is found guilty of plotting against the interest of the state, all who are close to them will be assumed to be complicit and executed as well. This will lead to hypervigilance and the extreme reporting from the “Karens” in our society.
  35. Since China is now the new “world policeman”, we will be subject to Chinese authority and justice.
  36. The new government will morph into a state of neo-feudalism.
  37. There will be sexual predators in the future because all their perversions will be made legal.
  38. All hail GAIA!


Over the past year, I have accumulated a list of approximately 800 areas of our lives that will change when and if these Bolsheviks came to power.

I don’t know if its God’s programming, of the respondent conditioning from background. I find myself morphing into a new creature with new attitudes. I suspect that I am being prepared and the armor of God is being placed upon me as I prepare for my next mission. I feel strongly that my mission here at the CSS is nearly complete and that something far different awaits me.

In a recent conversation with Bob Griswold, he said that anyone who voted for Biden and Harris is not an American. I had already come to the same conclusion. I have always tried to honor all people regardless of belief and background. However, I now look at a Biden-Harris supporter with contempt. They are my enemy and we are at war. I am not violent by nature and have asked God’s for guidance. However, I already know that these Bolsheviks are not Americans and they are part of the group that will enslave all freedom-loving Americans. If very many of you have similar and new feelings, I suggest we are being prepared for the new conflict that is right around the corner.

Solutions, I don’t have any logical solutions at this time! I am certain that God will show me.

Make no mistake about America, you are living in an occupied nation!

More to come…..