In recent weeks and months since the Biden administration carried out the greatest election theft in world history, this group of criminals have done their best to fulfill their goals. It is common knowledge that Biden and Harris have frequently stated that they are going to take our cars and our meat, and this is only stage one of the takeover. The Biden administration has engaged in the following acts in recent weeks and months.


  1. The unconstitutional cancellation of the Keystone pipeline which has transformed the country from energy independence to energy dependence.
  2. The attack upon the energy corporations of Texas with the ice storms and the refusal of the federal government to allocate the use of more energy, which violated Biden energy use policies that resulted in multiple needless deaths.
  3. The ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline resulting in an energy crisis declared in 17 states.
  4. The cancellation of all Alaskan oil leases which will greatly exacerbate the critical state of American energy.
  5. One of the countries that is blackmailing Biden, have refused to expedite the shipment of computer chips for tens of thousands of trucks. Automobile dealerships are becoming insolvent. The entire industry is in trouble because of the lack of action by the CCP, who, again, are blackmailing Biden.

In less than 6 months, the Biden handlers have managed to destroy the energy industry which was number one in the world when Trump left office. Didn’t Biden promote the abandonment of all cars by 2030? Coincidence or conspiracy?

The Meat Supply

  1. Biden’s bosses have coerced many farmers into not producing undesirable crops, especially meat.
  2. Even though covid is lessening across the country, Biden’s bosses still refuse to open the 19 meat packing plants.
  3. JBS has been hacked in a similar manner to the Colonial Pipeline and not meat shortages are guaranteed!

Didn’t Biden promise the elimination of red meat by 2030?

To those who venture over to this site with no real intent on engaging in America’s fight for survival, that is your right. It is also your right to hide behind your cognitive dissonance and abject denial. If you have chosen to remain a “coincidence theorist”, that is your right. However, to those who are beginning to understand that you are an occupied nation awaiting final disposition from our invaders, perhaps it is time to get engaged in the fight. Before I begin, I would like make one statement. To the military: Why has thou forsaken me? General Flynn was correct in calling you out. To you command officers that refuse to use the legal means that exist in order to save America, do you think the CHICOMS are actually going to let you live when their occupation forces arrive? The military is being run (eg Milley) by short-sighted fools because the rank and file would follow a national rescue mission.

Do you think that Biden’s handlers are going to stop with food and energy control designed to bend America to their control? Make no mistake about, they will come after children just like their agents do in Central America and then ship them north for child sex trafficking. Did you notice, yesterday, that a plane from the “know-nothing” airlines, a jumbo jet capable of holding 400 people, landed almost unannounced in Knoxville, TN? The local media covered the story and all they got was an admission that these children were migrants without parents, and they were subsequently shipped off to unknown locations in the United States for trafficking purposes. This was a discovered sex-trafficking exercise involving these children under the auspices of the Biden administration. Yes, I am saying it, just like Obama/Holder’s Fast and Furious of 2010, this is a new form of the same strategy, however, we are not talking guns, we are talking children.  This administration is so corrupt, that they don’t even try to hide what they are doing. Tomorrow, it will be your children. You may wish to use the search engine of the CSS and investigate the recent attention being paid to white vans.

America needs a rallying cry that will put tens of millions of Americans into the street. In my next article, we will discuss this watershed event.