What I Told a Doctor On Why I Refuse to Take the Vaccine


In my time teaching research protocols at the university level. I primarily trained pre-med and future psychologists on research protocols and ethics associated with the process. I can state without hesitation, the process is engrained into my fiber and what we are doing with the vaccines, is a unethical and unscientific as well as the threat to health and safety to general public. This is medical malpractice at its worst.

Along these lines, I recently had a discussion with a doctor that went like this:

Doctor: “I am sure a bright person like you like you will be taking the vaccine.”

Me: “Because I am bright, I will not be taking the vaccine. There were no animal trials. In effect, we are the animals. I need to wait to see how many of my fellow animals are dying from the vaccine. We know there have been deaths, but nobody is keeping statistics. Finally, there are no contraindications. How many medical treatments are without contraindications on who should not take a particular treatment of medicine? There are absolutely no contraindications with the vaccines. There are no statistics being published on how many people are having adverse reactions/deaths. When it comes to the coming covid passports, one size fits all. Everyone must take the vaccine, or one’s life is over. This is not medicine, this is political grandstanding.”

Doctor: “I never would have ever figured you to be a conspiracy theorist. Where did you develop these unique ideas?”

Me: “I developed these conspiracy theories from the same research protocols that trained you as a doctor. I taught research and statistics for several years in a university setting. For the research courses, we often used medical modeling as the basis for teaching the concepts because the concepts were uniform and reliable. And when it comes to the vaccine and lack of scientific honesty and research rigor,  we have departed from accepted scientific processes. Again, I ask you, doctor, where are the contraindications for those who should not take the vaccine? Any TV ad for big pharma contains 30 seconds on how great the medicine is and 30 seconds on the contraindication. Where are the contraindications”

Doctor: “There must not be any contraindications.”

Me: “Thank you, you just made my point.”


I am retired and there is not much that can be done to me for speaking out. However, many of my colleagues, both personally known and unknown to me have suffered greatly because they dared to speak out. The so-called Frontline Doctors, were simply destroyed on a professional level. Yet, when I looked at the concerns they were raising, I could find no fault in what they were saying. Yet, their careers were destroyed. The approach to covid and the vaccines is not scientific, it is scientific inquisition.

We have not only abandoned all scientific reason and retreated to the Dark Ages, we are witnessing the abandonment of basic common sense. The facemask issue is an excellent case in point. On the box of the facemasks, there is a stark warning: “Will not prevent the spread of viruses.” That warning was clearly mandated by the facemask company lawyers because of the potential liability. This is prima facia evidence that facemasks do not work. Even Fauci knew that when he made his first facemask ruling when he said that facemasks were unnecessary for the general public. In March of 2020, Fauci hadn’t yet received the memo, that this isn’t about science, it is about political manipulation. From that point on, Fauci went from no facemasks to wearing 2 facemasks at a time. This facet alone why the public should never trust Fauci or anyone with the governmental medical complex again. Their professionalism is clearly for sale.  Yet, despite all the evidence that wearing facemasks for prolonged periods is unhealthy.

Ivermectin and HQC are promising treatments for covid that have all but disappeared. It is apparent that the vaccine industry and their medical minions at the CDC and FDA will tolerate no competition to the vaccine industry. How many medical conditions do you know that only have one treatment? Again, we are witnessing more politics. If the goal is good health, then shouldn’t all available treatments be employed? Why is the vaccine the only accepted treatment? And while we are at it, if one has had covid, then why would they have to take the vaccine? Further, why would such a previously infected person need to have a covid passport which is clearly a “cannot buy or sell” device.

My people perish because of a lack of knowledge. It is also clear that we are witnessing the biggest scientific fraud in medical history. Yet the average person does not possess the basic knowledge to make these kinds to judgments. And those who do possess this knowledge, they are intimidated into silence and the Frontline Doctors demonstrated to us how no dissent with prevailing opinion will be tolerated. This should have been the first clue that something is terribly wrong. The bystander apathy approach comes into play here. By now, the alt media has reached a significant number of people that clearly sees the fraud. However, they lack the resolve to do anything because somebody else will take care of it. This is why we are doomed to a future of slavery as we have clearly entered a period of medical martial law.