What If There's a New "Red List" Only Consisting of Unhealthy People?

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What If There's a New Red List Only Consisting of Unhealthy People?


Most people associated with the Independent Media have heard of the red list, green list, etc. as these terms were first used by Steve Quayle over two decades ago. 

These terms have new meaning when it comes to the egregious breaches of trust when it comes to your HIPPA privacy rights related to your health records. Now, we have discovered that Google has acquired the health records of over 100 million people. Why?  This is not about acquiring records for the purpose of planning future pharmaceutical manufacturing needs based upon health conditions. If this was a medical needs study, by law, privacy safeguards would be built in and they are not. Google as the names and social security numbers of the violated patients. This leads one to look in another direction in determining the reasons behind this breach of the public's trust. And this investigation ends up in a very dark place. Think...Fabian Socialism!

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