When Genocide Visits Hong Kong, At Least They Will Die On Their Feet Unlike Most Americans

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The people of Hong Kong are my new heroes. They don't hit home runs or dunk a basketball or even catch a touchdown pass. They are not movie stars, although the world is watching them with morbid fascination. The people of Hong Kong are fanatically obsessed with obtaining personal freedom in the face of the most tyrannical and evil government on the face of the Earth. In a few months, many of these people will be dead and there seems to be a passive acceptance of their fate, but the obvious holocaust that is right around the corner is not discouraging these people from engaging in the very dangerous course of action that they have embarked on. The phrase "Give me liberty, or give me dearth" could never be more appropriately applied to the wonderfully brave people of Hong Kong. 

The CCP Is Trying to Erase Their Past Neglect In Dealing with Hong Kong

China made a horrible mistake. They allowed the people of Hong Kong to communicate with each other via the internet and their various intranets.This allowed the people to share ideas related to freedom. They are championing our Bill of Rights. This is why they are waving American flags in the streets. They have the illusion that America is still a free country and they want to be just like us. Americans are their role models. If only they really knew the truth. Most Americans are soft. Most Americans are lazy and are given to fanciful flights of entitlement. Rather than working our way to the top, we demand increases in minimum wage. The people of Hong Kong have better health care. They have better education. They are more physically fit than Americans. If only they knew the truth. The fact is, that the people of Hong Kong worship the ideals of what we used to be, but no longer are. 

The Chinese citizens are protesting the extradition for wrong thinking for expressing ideas of freedom and criticisms of tyranny on the Internet. The US through Google, is implementing the same social credit system, along with a security score, just like what we find in Communist China. Someone should tell the people of Hong Kong that they are striving to become what we were, not what we've become. 

It is obvious that like our Founding Fathers and the World War II generation, they are willing to die for their cherished freedoms. Americans are sleeping through the implementation of tyranny. When William Barr refused to prosecute Comey, there should have been 10 million Americans iin the streets on the next day. The fact that wicked witch of Arkansas is still walking free today, should put 100 million people in the streets. What time is Dancing with the Stars on this fall? Meanwhile, the Mark of the Beast is being installed in our country by big tech and the government is behind it, rather the CIA is behind it.

Trump has said he intends to use social credit scores to determine who can own a gun. When I was training to become a therapist. I was required to have 7 years of education. I had to maintain a 3.5 GPA, mine was 3.97. I had to serve and pass a practicum. Then I had to do the same with a supervised internship at a clinical facility.Then I had to pass my boards and get someone that would hire me and supervise me for 2 years. I had to do all of these things in order to be qualified, by law, to diagnose and treat mental illness. And then, I could only do so under a very strict set of protocols, ethics and state law. 

Now, in America, Trump and Congress is going to let big tech determine from your social media posts (ie social credit) who is mentally ill. I cannot begin to express what an outrageous violation of the public trust that this practice will be. Big tech uses Wikipedia to overlay Facebook and Youtube posts with their Leftist brand of censorship as if Wikipedia is some kind of valued resource. Wikipedia is so unprofessional that no self-respecting college will let their students cite and document from Wikipedia. It is a literary joke! So, when Youtube announces that they have an army of censors, how professional will they be? Carry this out to the extreme. Big tech with these questionable, untrained, uneducated and unqualified personnel are going to perform 3rd party diagnosis of mental health. This worse than what the Soviet Union did in the 1970's when they declared that if you disagreed with the government, you had political schizophrenia and were led off to the gulag. America is going down the same path and our new mental health professionals are a bunch of self-indulgent millennials who live in their mother's basement while calling those that they disagree with, MENTALLY ILL!!!  And what is America doing about this extreme bastardization of the mental health system? NOTHING!  This is why the people of Hong Kong are my heroes. They have the intestinal fortitude to fight for their internet freedom. They have lived under tyranny enough to know that when free speech is gone, concentration camps are not far behind. We Americans know nothing of history. We are traveling down the same path. How can Trump not see this?

Where the Hong Kong Rebellion Is Going

 In response, the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) decided that they would begin to extradite the citizens of Hong kong for repeated violations of the social credit system. Unfortunately, the Chinese were too late. By the time the CCP acted, the organizational structure of the Hong Kong rebellion had been established. Remember, it is always better and more efficient to prevent a problem before it starts. Now the CCP is facing an enemy that is determined and organized. When a city the size of Hong Kong can put 2 million protestors in the streets, it speaks to their collective will, none of which would have been possible without the internet. 

Unfortunately, for the people of Hong Kong, they are soon going to realize why Thomas Jefferson wrote the Second Amendment. The streets of Hong Kong are soon going to become a bloodbath. At the end of the day, we will see people with knives and home-made bombs battling well-armed combat troops with tanks and armored personnel carriers leading the invasion of Hong Kong. And true to the nature of the CCP, they will not be taking people to jail. There will be no prisoners, so to speak, just bodies, lots of dead bodies. The old saying, "Freedom is never free" was never more true than it is in Hong Kong. .

However, I see the beginnings of a Viet Cong style rebellion forming in Hong Kong. I was sent a tweet by a journalist who witnessed a firebombing of a CCP officials home two days ago. The conflict will not end just because the conflict will be won in the streets by CCP military. The people will not succumb to tyranny. Unfortunately for America, we have already raised the white flag. 

Because I desire to have you, America, know what is hitting you, I will break down the elements of your subjugation in the next article. Remember, they first come for your speech (1st Amendment) and they come for your means of self-protection (2nd Amendment), then they come for you. 

The genocide that is on the verge of visiting Hong Kong will becoming to a neighborhood near you. At least the people of Hong Kong will die on their feet!