When Men Were Men


Memorial Day is a special day in which, if we follow the true purpose of honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to pay homage to those who have and are serving, has given way to hotdogs, beer and family gatherings. However, for some of us, this is a special day. For myself, two veterans are a major reason why I am involved in the Independent media. Today I pay my respects to Gary Byler as well as to my to my own father.

I have written extensively about my father's work as he was involved in the top secret project to rewire the Combat Information Center on the aircraft carrier, FDR, as it was prepared to receive the first nuclear weapons to be placed on board a naval ship. Then, my father was reassigned to work with captured German scientists in order to reverse engineer their advanced knowledge of physics and how they could be applied to weapons systems and transportation. Since I was a boy, learning to hit baseball pitches from my father, he was my hero and still is.

My father taught me the lesson of resilience. Those close to me tell me I have a stubborn streak. Actually, I prefer to call it resilience. My father ingrained this trait in me to the point that I would rather die than quit. I have never accepted defeat even though at times, I had to find a different way to win. My eight year battle for the right to maintain my private property is a testament to the resilient spirit that my father imparted to me. When my father was temporarily aboard a destroyer and was retrofitting it with radar, he was wounded by a Japanese plane. My father was the toughest man I ever met, until I met the late Captain Gary Byler. Both me were from the Depression/World War II generation. They saved America. They both lived in a time when men were men. They would have both crucified the feminine males of today whose idea of combat consists of living in their mother's basement. I miss my father often, as I do Gary Byler and I draw upon what he taught me, as well as the strength that I derive from Jesus to carry on the fight against Satan's servants. 

Captain Gary Byler, A Man's Man

To put it simply, if it were not for Gary Byler, I would be bankrupt. If it was not for Gary Byler, I would have lost my home and savings with all the potential spinoff catastrophe’s that can accompany such an event. If not for Gary Byler, I would have never uttered a word through a radio microphone or written a word that many people have read. I owe a lot of what I am today to my late friend and mentor, Gary Byler. In many ways, Gary pushed me to a higher level in terms of learning the meaning of what it means to be a man who will stand his ground and fight for what is important, no matter what the odds may be.

Humble Beginnings

Gary Byler was a simple, but highly intelligent and courageous man. His handshake was his word and his devotion to friends, family and country was exemplary. Gary died in March of 2014, and I wanted to take a moment and tell the world about my late friend on this Memorial Day. Captain Gary Byler and how he helped me to become more than I was or thought I could be.

Gary grew up in Missouri and his family was so poor that he literally had to hunt his family’s meals on the way to and from school. His family lived hand-to-mouth with Gary doing whatever it took to survive. Yes, this is actually a true story as verified by his family members that was shared with me by his siblings at his funeral. Gary joined the Army two years out of high school and achieved the rank of Captain as he served two tours of duty in Vietnam. Gary won the Army Commendation Medal, the Purple Heart and The Silver Star for conspicuous bravery in battle. He was with 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry. In his second tour of duty, Gary stepped on a landmine and lost a leg and an arm. He was triaged to die and by the time the medics got around to him, he was almost gone. By a miracle from God, Gary survived. Upon returning stateside, Gary was told that he would have a relatively short life and he would never lead a “normal” life. He outlived their predictions by over three decades. As he was to prove the experts wrong, again, he met his wife-to-be, Barbara, and even became a father multiple times against all odds. He put himself through college and became an ordained minister. Gary was a man who overcame the odds through his entire life. 

Sixteen years ago, the globalists, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to steal my home and the homes of 300 of my rural neighbors without providing just compensation. Our property rights were totally obliterated and if we had experienced storm damage or a fire, the government would have not let us rebuild and we would have lost everything. Sixteen years ago, my community faced economic Armageddon.

The McCain led shadowy forces said we were too close to Luke AFB and were impinging on base operations. In fact, we were 30 miles away from the base and the F-16’s had to fly over a quarter of a million people to reach us, so we knew their excuse being used to steal our land, was a McCain backed lie. Eventually, we surmised that McCain and his globalist friends wanted our land because we sat on Arizona’s largest underground water aquifer and the globalists had tabbed our rural area to be the site of the CAFTA inspired CANAMEX Highway multimodal hub and they had no intention of paying for the land, the homes or compensating the people for their financial ruination. We embarked on an eight year fight. Mike Robbins, Gary Byler and me represented our community in various public venues.

Gary continually pushed me to take the lead although I fought him every step of the way. Eventually, I reluctantly served as the spokesperson for our group, at Gary Byler’s insistence. I was merely a college basketball coach and psychology instructor and I had no real media experience. But at Gary’s urging, I began to bring to light the injustice being done to us in the media. Eventually, the late Pete Peterson the owner of KSBC radio 1250AM, from Wickenburg, Arizona, offered me a weekly show to tell my story. I wasn’t sure I should do this, but Gary would not let me back out. From there, I went on the Republic Broadcasting Network and today, I broadcast, independently on Global Star Radio Network. Gary encouraged me to write and write some more. He never stopped pushing me as he said that someday I would be at the forefront of fighting against criminals like John McCain who have led us astray.

After eight long years, we had convinced enough Maricopa County Commissioners and Arizona State Legislators to help us. The public interest law firm, The Goldwater Institute, eventually agreed to take our case after nobody else would touch us because they were all afraid of McCain. Many people credited me with defeating McCain. This is not true. It was not me who defeated McCain and his globalists, it was Gary Byler, who got me to simply move my lips and my pen.

No Gloating Allowed

My community sued and the other side backed down on the courthouse steps and my community got their lives back after eight long years. Gary would not let me revel in victory.

Gary used to tell me that

“You have seen too much, you know too much from our fight. You need to tell the story. You have learned about the North American Union, CAFTA, etc. People trust you and you need to help wake up the country. This is not what I fought for in Vietnam, just to have these worthless pieces of ___ steal our country from us. You have a family, you must fight whether you want to or not!”

I heard this speech over a dozen times. After I started broadcasting on RBN, Gary appeared twice appeared on my show. He refused to let me mention his Silver Star or any of his combat experiences. Gary never called attention to himself. He just did what was right and he always did it in a fearless manner.


Today, the world is a lesser place without Gary Byler and heaven is a better place with him in it. I know his wife, Barb, knows that, but it doesn’t take away the pain that all who knew this hero are feeling now that we do not have him in our lives. It is also safe to say that if our country had more Gary’s as well as my own father, who was a veteran, we would not be in the mess in we are today. I think of my father every day. Today, however, on Memorial Day, I think of Gary Byler and all the veterans who selflessly keep us safe. I remain a proud nationalist, as I proclaim undying support for our brave veterans.