With regard to the political motives of The Common Sense Show, the only motive which underlies the mission of the organization is the restoration of civil liberties for all people. The articles, radio broadcasts, the podcasts and our TV show relenetlessly seek out examples of government abuse of our rights which often contains duplicitous corruption from our so-called leaders. The majority of our audiences across our various domains, understand the issues connected to our coverage. However, many people fail to connect the dots and lack a wholistic understanding of what is truly happening to America and Americans

My fellow Americans, whether you be Christian, Jewish, Islamic, White, Black, Brown, male, female, gay, straight, Republican, Democratic or politicially ignorant, skill worker, unskilled worker, unemployed, law-abiding, criminal or any other demographic, most of our fellow countrymen, fail to recognize that the ruling party is controlled by forces that are seeking to destroy you and these dark forces want you dead after they are done profiting from our collective demise. Specifically, I am speaking about our state, local and national office holders who are under the control, in one way or another by George Soros and/or Communist China. Most of our political leaders are nothing by street walking prostititues who have sold out America for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. 

For a moment, do not believe that many of our brave and patriotic law enforcement do not realize what is happening. Through the years I have had confidential informants from the FBI, DEA, the Border Patrol, the military and DHS. Many of you remember my confidential informant, Wrecker, I maintained for years and the many shows we did together exposing the encroaching communist takeover of America. Now we all know Wrecker as Doug Thornton, recently retired (in disgust), DHS agent. 

Doug Thornton and myself do a weekly show together called the Doug and Dave Intel Report. This episode is about our elected leaders who have betrayed America by keeping an open border. We know Russians and Chinese, dedicated to our destruction our crossing the border in force as our child traffickers, murderers, and other terrorists. In this episode, we cover the travesty and betrayal of the American people by our elected leaders and the great danger they are exposing us to by maintaining an open border and it is both the Democrats and the Republicans. 

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Doug, also has his own show on Global Star Radio Network and it airs at 11pm (Eastern) Monday through Friday.