WHO declares war on unvaccinated people, likens them to murderers by calling them “a major killing force globally”


 By Ethan Huff

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a video to its Twitter page recently that basically calls unvaccinated people murderers.

The clip features the infamous Dr. Peter Hotez declaring that “anti-vaccine activism” is “anti-science aggression.” Hotez also stated that those who refuse covid “vaccines” specifically are almost certain to be “far right” politically.

As cringeworthy as these statements are, Hotez really went off the rails when he categorized the unvaccinated as “a major killing force globally.” What Hotez is saying, in other words, is that living as an unvaccinated person is responsible for the deaths of others, who are mostly vaccinated people.

If vaccines really work as Hotez and others claim they do, then the unvaccinated would be a threat to none other than themselves. The fact that jabbed people are dying when unvaccinated people are not dying just goes to show that the prevailing vaccine dogma is superstitious pseudoscience.

That WHO would endorse this kind of thinking is disturbing but not at all surprising. After all, the United Nations (UN) arm was suspiciously involved with bioweapons research just prior to the unleashing of covid. Was this just a coincidence? Probably not.

Hotez says not getting vaccinated is deadlier than gun violence, terrorism, cyber-attacks, and nuclear proliferation

Keep in mind that it is now widely understood, even by some who took the shots and now regret it, that jab-induced injuries and deaths are both prominent and painfully obvious to anyone with eyes and a working brain.



WHO ignored this in its tone-deaf posting of Hotez’s statements, which represent a slap in the face to every person and family that has faced covid jab-related injuries and deaths.

Hotez and his colleagues refuse to acknowledge that covid injections are deadly. In other words, he refuses to accept the fact that the true major killing force in the world today is these injections.

A recently published Swiss study highlighted some of the science behind this in finding that people who take covid jabs experience elevated troponin levels, this being a clear indication of heart injury.

This would explain why millions of fully jabbed people now have myocarditis or some other heart problem that was not there prior to the launch of Operation Warp Speed in late 2020.

Getting a covid “booster” shot, another group of scientists found, further increases the risk of complications – one of them being the risk of testing “positive” for covid and getting sick.

What is the point of getting shot for covid if the shots themselves cause covid?