Who Is Terraforming Our Planet and Why?


The Earth is being terraformed and it is not in the best interest of the inhabitants on this planet. The terraforming events represent a series of extinction level events.

I have previously revealed how Bill Pawelec , Vance Davis, myself and others were involved with Enron during the Federal Government take down of Ken Lay.  It was also revealed that we we were all dealing with Tesla forms of energy. Tesla had stated that free energy was the result of information given to him by "inter-dimensional beings".  This energy source was not be in the hands of "unsupervised" humans because of the profound weapons applications and the fact this energy would make all humans completely independent of all control over their existence because resource hording could not control access to humans needs for food and water. These entities will not allow mankind to be free and independent. This is a multi-part series on ultimately what we would call suppressed technology. The major reason that this technology was not allowed to come to light under Tesla and then again, under Ken Lay of Enron, is because it would interfere with the terraforming of the planet. Terraforming is a phrase that is often used by NASA to describe the effects of producing massive amounts of CO2 designed to make an atmosphere, like Mars, more like the atmosphere on earth. Therefore, terraforming simply refers to transforming the environment for a specific political or military purpose. And that is precisely what is going on with our planet today.

Charlie Sheen and the Movie, The Arrival

In the 1997 movie, The Arrival, NASA scientist, Zane Zaminsky. played by actor, Charlie Sheen,  routinely swept the night skies  skies for signs of extraterrestrial electromagnetic transmissions. Frustrated by the lack of results, Zaminsky  decides to try a novel approach as he sets the large radio antenna to 107 on the FM dial and promptly picks up a big spike from the star labeled, Wolf 336. Zaminky takes the transmission to Phil Gordian, his superior at NASA. Gordian is not impressed, but Gordian is really an alien and disturbed by Zaminsky’s discovery. In fact, he immediately informs Zaminsky that due to budget cut-backs he has been terminated. After Zaminsky leaves NASA, Gordian destroys the tape. Shortly after, some men show up at the radio telescope and confiscate all the files and a typical sci-fi thriller is set into motion. The fix is in as Zaminsky’s co-worker dies in a house fire. Zaminsky decides to investigate as  he equips his house with a phased array using several home satellite dishes. His efforts prove fruitful as he  receives yet another transmission. Zaminsky is able to determine that the the interlaced signal emanates with a regular FM signal from Mexico. Zaminsky becomes a one man investigative team and travels to the radio station only to find it burned to the ground as well. As Zaminsky searches for the radio dish that sent the second signal, he comes upon another scientist who is investigating a rapid global warming effect localized in central Mexico. At the time, she is being accosted by some security guards from a nearby power plant. Eventually, a power plant official lets them both go. Later that evening the scientist is murdered to cover up what is going on. Zaminsky sneaks into the power plant. Inside, he finds an immense underground “green-house gas” generator that is terraforming the planet. Zaminsky discovers that the alien presence as gained more than a foothold and the aliens,already on the planet, have created twenty such plants in third-world countries to change the atmosphere of the Earth and make it suitable for colonization in only ten years. Zaminsky confronts Gordian with this information. He assumes that Gordian is an alien and manages to get Gordian on video tape admitting to the plan. After a final climactic scene at the radio telescope, Zaminsky does manage to transmit the tape to a weather satellite that is constantly recorded by fifty television stations, thereby spreading the word about the aliens. The aliens goal is destroy the planet for human habitation and make it suitable for their “arrival.

Six Major Terraforming Events

I have known about the attempted terraforming of the planet by entities who are not human and I have known it for over 20 years. Vance Davis and myself have decided to tell all. The four terraforming events are:

  1. Fukushima, which is far worse than most people realize
  2. The far-reaching effects of the Gulf Oil Spill.
  3. GMO's and the destruction of our collective DNA. Yes, I am saying that humans are being terraformed.
  4. Transhumanism
  5. Chemtrails
  6. The implementation of 5G, that humanity will not survive.

CERN is also a part of this. Some of these terraforming events are opening portals for entry by very evil entities. In the next part in this series, I will detail how each of these six attacks upon humanity is part of a terraforming plot very similar to the movie, The Arrival.


For what purpose is this all being done? Nobody could be certain, but I would bet my bottom dollar that the planet is being wiped and is going to be reseeded by the others, hence, the The Arrival comparison in the beginning. 

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