Why Are So Many Still Asleep?


Rumor Mill

Did people think the Deep State was going to go into hibernation, waiting for everyone to wake up, just because they lost a few rounds? Hardly! They’ve injected millions of Americans, as well as sixty million globally with this bio-weapon. So many have died or become permanently injured. Yet, there are still people who will tell you how glad they are that they got vaxxed. How much worse it might have been if they hadn’t gotten it. They are only, perhaps, paralyzed for life.

What the hell? I’m not exaggerating. I know some of these people. Are they purposely remaining asleep? Just too scared to listen to reason? I have to wonder. One of the guys my husband works with is one of them. He is always masked, wears two pairs of gloves at work, taped in place. After all, his wife works at the hospital, he will tell anyone who asks. I know her. She works in Housekeeping! Guess who has had COVID twice. He is so puzzled. It just isn’t fair. It makes no sense. I asked my husband if he was red-pilling this dufus? He made a remark about urinating into the wind in not exactly those terms.

Are these people unconscious when Fauci or the CDC make statements, then down the road, expresses an opposite view on the same subject? When I hear those things, I challenge their veracity, at the very least. Why would I continue to listen to someone like that? Why would anyone trust them, especially when it comes to their health? It was hard for me to believe that so many Americans were so trusting. I have to say, I am somewhat prejudiced. I don’t trust the vast majority of politicians. As for government agencies, well we won’t even go there. I always ask myself, “What’s in it for them? What do they stand to gain by taking that position on a subject?

But, I do believe that the vast majority of Americans are waking up, even as I see so many who refuse to see what has happened to our country. These people are unbelievable. They think Hillary is wonderful, it’s a shame that Obama couldn’t have had a third term. To do what? Further sell out this country? A country that voted a half black man into the top job in America? But, he can still hate this country? He can still commit treason by trying to sign a treaty with the UN to basically confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens? He can partner with someone like Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, to betray an ambassador and several soldiers in Benghazi, because it wouldn’t be a good look for his upcoming second election.

And, I don’t understand how people can listen to the likes of Zbigniew Brzeinki’s daughter and her husband on MSNBC. By the way he was a representative from Florida, if memory serves. The one where a pretty, young intern was found dead in his office. That got covered up pretty quickly. I only have to listen to these creatures for just a few minutes to tell whether they are lying or telling the truth. And I am no one special. I just find it nearly impossible to lie to myself. Even when it is someone I believed in, campaigned and voted for. When Trump crossed that line by pushing an experimental drug on Americans, even though he was against mandating, I had to question his integrity. When I hear a sincere apology to the American people, not just excuses put out by his supporters, I will support him again...maybe.

I don’t pay that much attention to the pomp and bullshit surrounding a political race, except for the campaign promises. Once in office, do they keep their promises? Or at least try to. Long ago, my grandmother told me, “Don’t pay as much attention to what people tell you. Watch what they do. Does it match up with their words?”

The Internet is invaluable for investigating people and their background. But, even here, it pays to be cautious. Does the author have a hidden agenda, an ax to grind? Some are good at pretending, at least for a while. But as law enforcement could tell you, the longer they talk, the more they reveal. Which brings me to the truth movement. Did anyone really think the Deep State actors wouldn’t muddy those waters? Even here, it pays to tread lightly. I’ve been doing this for so long, it isn’t that hard to see the B.S. To see through the shills.

For instance, I don’t know where Benjamin Fulford gets his information, but if he is being sincere, he’s being played. He’s been promising a Jubilee, NESARA/GESARA for decades now. The White Dragon Society is going to help finish off the bad guys and every person in the world, man, woman and child, will be given $100,000.00. As far as I’m concerned, this is what Catherine Austin Fitts calls ‘Hope Porn’. I understand when people are poor, scared, depressed, they need something to hang onto. But, in my opinion, believing this story is like hanging onto a life preserver filled with cement. It is bound to let you down and disappoint you.

Then, there is Q. This is much more sophisticated. I would guess one or more intelligence agencies and more than one person is involved in these posts. It’s very interesting information, some of which has come true. But that is the first problem. It’s a lot to wade through, then to try to decipher. It is promoted by people like Juan O’Savin, who we only get to view his boots, some leg and his hands. Then someone starts the rumor that he is really John F. Kennedy jr., alive and well along with his wife and sister-in-law. Anything is possible in this crazy world, but something of that magnitude would be next to impossible to pull off. His pretty face was way too public. The three of them would have had to have lived underground, perhaps for decades. No thanks, I’ll go with the ‘died in a fatal plane crash’, which I also find suspicious. What is it with these Deep Staters? The Kennedy name seems to drive them bonkers. I worry about Robert Kennedy jr., now that he has thrown his hat in the ring. I hope he has good security.

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