Why Are White Christians the Primary Target of the GENOCIDAL Globalists?


Most of this audience is well aware of the desire of the globalists to reduce the population by 90% in a short amount of time. These people serve Satan and they are trying to fulfill their Tribulation, End-Times Satanically-motivated destruction of God’s prized possession, the human race. This is the ultimate purpose behind the creation of the New World Order.

There is a major obstacle to the creation of the New World Order and it is the United States, the Constitution and millions of people who demand their freedom. Therefore, the destruction of all human beings must begin with the destruction of the United States.

Certainly, the United States enjoys the leadership from citizens originating from different backgrounds including the demographic variables of race, religion, national origin, and all other demographics. However, it is clear that much of the historic leadership of this country comes from people who are White and many times, White and Christian. However, freedom has been the historic goal, particularly in the 20th century and a rising tide lifts all boats. Although it is true that wealth and leadership now encompasses people from all backgrounds, it has been primarily the Whites that have dominated. This statement is not meant to justify the major demographic of wealth and leadership in America. This statement is to make it clear that those people who want to destroy America, need to start with erasing White leadership.

Further, the blatant attack upon White people has been coupled with and attack upon patriotism. This is why an America-first attitude is linked to allegations of racism. It is now an act of White Supremacy to be loyal to one’s country and want to defend it. The allegation states that America is controlled by Whites and Whites hate every other race, therefore, to support America and her Constitutional ideals of freedom is to be a blatant racist and success comes at the expense of all non-whites. The prejudice against White people, today, is so pronounced, that even Webster’s Dictionary capitalizes Black as in Black people. However, when it comes to referring to white people, the w remains lower case. I refuse to capitulate to such madness. I capitalize references to all racial and religious groups as a sign respect for my fellow Americans.

Woke is today’s battle cry and battle strategy. Immigration is a long-term war strategy. Critical race theory aimed at Whites is a war strategy.

If one cannot win a war against America, but seeks to destroy it, somebody on the globalist side of the streets decided that attacking the perceived power structure of Whites is the best non-war-motivated strategy to bring about the fall of America. It is not that the end of White people, in America, is the “final solution”. Remember, the globalist leadership wants 90% of all human beings dead. However, for the reasons stated, they are starting their depopulation efforts with White Americans. And those White Americans will eventually be targeted, eliminated and then serve as a springboard for the attack upon all other Americans from all different backgrounds. The simultaneous war on culture (ie cancel culture) serves the purpose of erasing America’s distinctive culture. When a nation is conquered, the enemy always seeks to destroy and then rewrite the history of that nation in order to gain control over the belief system of the conquered. I want to make it clear that when Whites are eliminated, the globalists will be coming after everyone else is not White. It is only that Whites are first for the aforementioned reasons.

This anti-White philosophy is so entrenched we see the airlines and their covid training for employees embracing critical race theory where it is strongly implied that Whites are racists and the evils of American society can be blamed on Whites. We also see this nonsensical, reverse-racism attitude at Coke where they are forcing all employees to embrace the philosophy of the “woke” as this monolithic corporation is also blaming Whites for the evils within society. The Pentagon is no longer concerned with fielding the toughest military. Their objective is to field the most woke military. This is significantly eroding the fighting effectiveness of the military as they concerned about their trans-sexual soldiers instead of fielding a fighting force that is the toughest on the planet. We cannot watch the NBA, the NFL and even the March Madness college basketball tourney without being inundated with anti-White woke messaging. Did you know that the stimulus bill contains federal loans for farmers, but only non-White farmers. Even the famed attorney, Leo Terrell, who is Black, called the stimulus "racist". This bias is the new normal!

Illegal immigration has but one purpose. To reverse the racial distribution in the United States as well as to bring in people who will be loyal to the communist leadership of the Democratic Party. Conservative White Christians can never be allowed to have a voice again in American politics Michelle Obama and AOC. Pretty soon, the persecution will move from White Christians to all Christians. Why? Because Christians will not tolerate the perversion that has become the Democratic Party where every virtue is maligned and every positive attribute is under attack.

Let me say this clearly, the woke message of the liberals who have conquered America, is not about civil rights. Most people, of all races including Whites embrace racial and gender equality for both MALE and FEMALE.

To all my non-White brothers and sisters, please let me make it clear. After my corpse is buried for the crime of being White and Christian, you are all next and so are your children. This is the incremental, frog-in-the-boiling pot approach of the globalist and their Democratic, RINO-based servants. The enforcement agent will the new world policeman, China. Immigration is being weaponized for this purpose and this will be the topic of Part 3 of this series.

To the people of the world, of all colors and religions, we are all eventual targets. Our only hope for survival is refuse to participate in the divide and conquer strategies that serve to divide people along various demographic lines, primarily race, gender and religion. We all have a common enemy, and we know them as Bill Gates, Obama, etc. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can unify against this genocidal tyranny. I am probably hoping for something that will never happen.