Why Do South American Drug Runners Keep Getting Caught With Uranium?


 Organic Prepper

J G Martinez


As Russia, China, and other nations hostile to the US boost their presence within South America, should it come as a surprise to find uranium being trafficked by South American drug runners?

There are reasons to believe that this has been happening under the table for some time now, and it is not good at all.

Venezuela has very close ties with Iran.

The current rulers of Venezuela exhibit openly close and strong ties with countries like Iran. It is not just a question of if they will build warheads with nuclear capabilities. Maybe they even already have them.

Anyone believing that they will not dare to use these warheads is wrong. The way a theocracy thinks is much different from our Western approach to life. Eleven thousand virgins are waiting.

Venezuela, showing a growing hostile attitude towards the USA and the West, has collaborated actively with the Iranian theocracy for over ten years.

Back then, the Venezuelan administrators did not support just Iran. They were already starting to improve ties with the different flavors of Colombian guerrilla too. It seems that, no matter what that group is, if they defy the USA and the West, they deserve a place at the table.

The citizens of Venezuela know their country could become a warfare launching pad, but there is not much they can do. They are under an iron grip and are being stomped on with increasing violence as time goes by. Even though the mainstream media doesn't show it, this is the reality here.

South American uranium trafficking is not merely rumor.

This is an illegal activity and a real threat to world stability. Anywhere. The coincidence of rogue Iranians shutting down the cameras inside their enrichment plant according to the compulsory IAEA agreements with the recent trafficking events seems to remain ignored by the media.

Who receives the benefits? If a plant is used to produce radioactive materials for civilian use, why shut down the cameras in the first place?