false flag

Well over 150 million Americans are declaring that in 2022, America will rise up and vote out the corrupt left! And then we woke up. The ruling Bolshevik Party is not going to allow an election to take place, especially one in which they cannot control the outcome. Forget the election in November, there is almost no chance that an election will take place! Many are reading these words with complete disbelief.

To the large army of Doubting Thomas’, please allow me to review just a few examples of the greatest election theft in American history and we the people did nothing and as a result our economy has been destroyed and our rights are gone…and still we do nothing!

Yavapai County, AZ., is home to a wonderful conservative culture and it is known as the most conservative county in America. The people fly the US flag in high volume, they have well-attended patriotic days and the parents are highly involved in their children’s lives. Christian conservativism is in great evidence in America’s most conservative county. All the way back to the 1990’s, the county was home to the militia movement. When Trump campaigned in this county of just over 110,000 people, he drew the largest Trump rally crowd in the 2020 election in this county. The county is home to two very large conservative, activist groups! Yet, this very conservative county allowed itself to let the Democrats siphon off thousands of votes to spread around the state which, in large part, allowed Biden to carry the state in the 2020 election. Anyone living in Arizona in 2020, knows damn good and well that Biden didn’t carry 25% of the vote, much less win the election!

Despite its conservatism, despite the strong will of the people, Yavapai County is still allowing its very corrupt, George Soros controlled officials, to use voting machines, and outrageously corrupt absentee ballot practices to reappear in the county, once again. In other words, if Arizona liked election theft in 2020, they “ain’t” seen anything until the next election. George Soros rules Yavapai County with his bag of cash and corrupt policies. This is the county that allowed Hunter Biden to escape the consequences of having his crack and his paraphernalia be discovered in the back of a rental car in the  Prescott Airport… and the Yavapai County officials offered no charges. This is the county government that allowed attempted first degree murderers to take place, with an individual that was actually shot, as he took down the perpetrator, only to have the county not prefer attempted murder charges, despite what the Chino Valley (Yavapai County) police initially recommended. And why did this attempted murder take place? A couple was investigating potential improprieties potentially connected to the election fraud of 2020 and they got too close to the truth. The penetration of CCP and George Soros politics dominates my state and the network of corruption is well established.

Until recently, the Yavapai County offices were allowed, by the people, to remain closed to the public for walk-up business, despite the fact that there was no longer any covid threat… and the good conservatives of Yavapai County did nothing.

Even if there was going to be an election in 2020, the result would be the same. It is this way, all across the country. Yavapai County is a shining example of the degree of penetration of leftist forces into local politics which are serving to subvert the will of the people. The ame is true everywhere! For example, in Wisconsin, an election fraud investigation led by a retired State Supreme Court Justice discovered voter fraud in 5 Wisconsin counties on a massive scale. The Justice actually appeared on Tucker Carlson and summarized the undisputed findings. Yet, when the investigative committee attempted to get the legislature to decertify the election, the corrupt Speaker of the Wisconsin House, friend of the corrupt globalist, Paul Ryan (friend of Obama), refused to allow the legislative body to consider any such action.

The same basic story is true in Fulton County, Georgia and in all of Pennsylvania. In Michigan, the false flag kidnapping trial of Governor Whitmer, resulted in zero convictions. And this alleged event took place only a few weeks ahead of the election in a swing state. We now know that this was an FBI hatched false flag to create a crime out of nothing and falsely blame the lockdown procedures and Trump supporters. It certainly influenced the voters.  I could go on and on, but the same theft tactics are in place in all swing states. In Arizona, where I live, the mass of major elected officials are under the control of George Soros groups campaign funding or under the direct control of the Communist Chinese Party.

In Arizona, where when I moved here, the many of the citizens used to display their “Easy-Rider” rifle racks on the back of their trucks and everybody hunted and everyone had guns. And now Arizona has two Senators from the ex-Democratic  Party, now properly labeled, the Bolshevik Party. The Arizona Governor is a CCP cut out and key election fraud evidence, ordered to be surrendered by two separate courts, was never offered as evidence prior to the “Arizona Election Fraudit” ruling that Biden actually got hundreds of more votes than were counted, like anyone in Arizona believes this!!!

If one wanted proof of the fraud of the 2020 election, one only had to follow the work of Liz Harris or myself. Independently, the Liz Harris investigation and my investigation clearly showed multiple reasons to decertify the election! However, all Liz got for her efforts, and me for my efforts, was an endless trail of public insults and private life-threatening messages. This is true wherever people stood up to a corrupt election in America. It is racist to show an ID says the defacto ruling Communist Party before voting as if it is then OK to show ID when carded for alcohol sales, or being pulled over in a traffic stop or when signing a notarized form.

Supreme Court Justice, John “Epstein Island” Roberts, never allowed their judicial body to hear over 3 dozen voter fraud cases before the court. The media will tell you that the election fraud challenges have all been debunked, but the truth of the matter is that the court NEVER HEARD ONE MINUTE OF TESTIMONY, as Roberts led the move to declare that Trump had no standing to bring a case in his own election as the President. The Supreme Court has two non-compromised justices. Soon, they will be further negated by the guardian of the gate for all pedophiles in America.

On January 6th, 2021, Congress knowingly certified what they clearly knew was a greatly compromised election!  

America, the factors that stole the 2020 election have been memorialized for the 2022 election. But wait! We are not going to have an election. Forget the polls! Biden, in an honest election, nor his fellow comrades in his Bolshevik Party, would get 20% of the votes across the country. Even the Bolsheviks, the MSM and George Soros/China will have a hard time covering up the election fraud it would take to keep the Republicans from taking the House and Senate in overwhelming numbers.

Recently, the Attorney General of Arizona declared that the Soros-funded Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, engaged in voter interference which benefitted the Democrats! However, the Attorney General did not have the guts to file charges. Instead, he referred the case to the very corrupt and compromised Maricopa County Justice Department.  Nothing will happen. Despite all these efforts to repeat the voter fraud in the 2022 election, I do not think that even the Democrats can steal this set of elections in a great enough effort to steal this election.

Having been embroiled in the topic of voter fraud for the last 17 months, it is my decided opinion that there will not be an election in 2022. The WEF, Soros, Gates, the Biden administration, the Deep State, the Clinton Foundation, etc., will never allow this uncontrollable election to take place because they cannot be assured of the outcome.

Instead of a 2022 election, we are going to get a false flag(S) of massive proportions. The Left cannot take two steps backwards.  

So what will stop the election? Look at the previous paragraph, I just told you. At minimum, we are facing the mother of all biological attacks. The case for this is solid. In addition, by November of 2022, there will be a massive famine well underway. Food riots will be commonplace. I am certain that the election will be suspended for “humanitarian reasons”!

The previous paragraph is not based on idle speculation. It is based on known facts and motives. In part two of this series, I will lay out the details on why there will not be an election and details on the chaos that is about to consume the United States and the evidence is overwhelming!