Yes, they are TERRORISTS: Black SUV plows into large group of state troopers in Buffalo, NY


 By Mike Adams


A shocking scene tonight as a black SUV plows into a large group of state troopers in Buffalo, NY, apparently running over several law enforcement officers before speeding away. It’s not yet known whether the driver was apprehended.

As shown in the following Twitter video, it appears that multiple law enforcement officers were seriously injured as this SUV accelerated toward the group with obvious intent to kill as many police as possible.

This appears to be premeditated attempted murder using a large vehicle as a weapon — the kind of tactic often used by radical Islamic terrorists but now apparently adopted by left-wing “anti police” terrorists, which likely points the finger at Antifa or Black Lives Matter in this case:

Yousef NH@YousefNH2

Just happened: a protest in a car run over a group of cops in Buffalo NY...Some of them might be dead

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A second angle shows the carnage head-on:

Stephen Marth@StephenMarth

BREAKING: A trooper and an officer were hit by a car that blew through a line of officers at the protest on Bailey Avenue according to PBA President John Evans. They were taken to ECMC. Stay with @SPECNewsBuffalo for updates.

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This incident shows a rapid escalation of the violence being used by left-wing rioters as they declare their intent to kill white people, murder police, destroy as much private property as possible and achieve a communist revolution that destroys the United States of America as we know it today.

The incident, which is rapidly going viral across the ‘net, will likely cause President Trump to seek more aggressive National Guard or U.S. military responses to the escalating left-wing violence that has spread across the nation. The violence has been engineered to cause maximum chaos, as pallets of loose bricks have been found prepositioned at key locations in cities across the country.

President Trump promises to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. Read my full analysis here.


Here’s the real aim of Antifa, a terrorist organization operating across dozens of U.S. cities: