The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect


I have been the moderate voice on the Coronavirus. I hoped that “burnout” would happen before the conditions in America became like conditions in China were 50 days ago. Fifty days is how far ahead the Chinese problem is ahead of America’s pandemic experience.

Being partially incapacitated from recent eye surgery has provided me with the time to make the rounds with my sources. This article is going to be a compilation of facts regarding what “experts” and sources in the know are saying. The intimidation factor is high, but the fear and anger associated with censorship and control is also high. In this kind of emotionally charged environment, the truth has a way to finding the light of day, it just does not happen in conventional means.


The Media

The mainstream media is in lockdown, all released information is highly scripted. As was widely reported, social media companies had their “talking to” by the CDC and WHO and they were told that they would censor content on the Coronavirus. However, with the incessant news coverage by the MSM, You Tube has been forced to reconsider the issue of reporting on the virus on their channel. Here is a quote from You Tube on this issue:

16:00 UTC 11 March 2020 ] Updates to monetization for coronavirus-related content: Due to the ongoing nature of this situation, we’ll begin enabling ads for content discussing the coronavirus on a limited number of channels. This will include creators who accurately self-certify and a range of news partners, with more channels to follow.

In my humble opinion, the You Tube release represents a more selective form of censorship with only those of the right opinion are permitted to express their opinions. And it is all opinion because we are not seeing anything close to legitimate research. Other words, censorship on the topic of the Coronavirus is still censored, this just opens the door for new organizations like Fox and CNN to become mouthpieces for the forces that seek to control the narrative to their own benefit. As I have consistently said, trust nobody without verification and verification is difficult to find.


This virus is unquestionably a bioweapon. It is not showing any signs of burnout, even in warm weather climates like Australia. The following information will infuriate the CDC. I have learned that members of the CDC, both contracted employees and fulltime employees traveled in anonymity to Australia to investigate claims associated with the virus. The CDC did not want to attract attention to the true intent of this visit, so they attempted to travel incognito and avoid any mention of affiliation with the CDC. However, people talked and this fact leaked.

The team is seeking to answer two questions from their Australian trip: (1) To determine if the virus is airborne; and, (2) Why isn’t warm weather slowing down transmissibility? Both of these questions speaks to the underlying fact that this is a designer virus which might provide the answer to both of these questions.


If the virus is airborne, and many privately believe that at least some of the strains are indeed airborne, the human race could be facing an extinction level event. This also explains the severe nature of highly repressed censorship associated with the coverage of the virus.

Dean Koontz fans across the world are apparently dusting off and cracking open their 39-year-old novels titled: The Eyes of Darkness by American Novelist Dean Koontz. On Wednesday, an There are several excerpts in this book that appeared to predict the arrival of coronavirus in 2020.The Canadian government has already moved to censor the website popularizing this notion. In other words, interference with the internet over the Coronavirus has begun in Canada.

I am not sure how long the internet is going to be available, or at least available without stringent controls. I believe that in the foreseeable future, that “loose talk” about the virus will be considered to be sedition and all that goes with this violation of the law. As I said, trust nobody’s version.


There is not much to be said here that has not already been said. The mutations of the virus are not natural. Generations of mutations are skipped and the virus arrives at a level of lethality that defies the principles of virology. Further, as has been stated, the burn out is not occurring. Spontaneous strains of the original virus are appearing and this has left top researchers confused, but they are not allowed to talk about this. At an Arizona university, an entire academic department was told that there could be no unapproved statements released about the Coronavirus. On virologist privately told me that nothing in nature could produce what we are seeing here.

How Long Until America Is Like China?

This is a difficult question to answer because of the radical mutations and the appearance of spontaneous strains. However, a senior federal law enforcement agent told me that their briefings say that we are generally 50 days behind the Chinese.

Many federal agencies are working off the notion that we can count on at least two die-offs. The first will occur in about 3-5 weeks with a thousand dead. By mid-summer, the expectation is that there will be a second wave of die-offs.

The Director of the Ohio Health Department (Amy, don’t have last name), stated that she expected that 1% of the people in Ohio are already infected and that would equal 117,000 people. She expected shortly the number to grow to 10-20%. I don’t have the officials last name because I took only cursory notes. I came back for the details 30 minutes later and her entire statement had been scrubbed from the article. The information appeared on news feed. This again, speaks to the extreme censorship that we can expect to experience.

Again, a government official told me that they thought the entire country would be under shut down for a week confinement period and that we might only be one to two weeks away from this happening.

Accompanying Domestic Terrorism

For four years, I have stated that I have intel that indicates that when America is weak we will experience a “Tet Offensive” event. Yesterday, New York city female was busted with 600 fake ID’s in her possession which would allow for penetration into several sensitive areas in our country, some were associated with infrastructure. All of the ID’s were made for Chinese nationals. Further, as I have previously reported, Border Patrol and DHS are reporting that there is a big uptick in apprehension of Chinese nations at the beginning.

The Hodges Hypothesis

There is much more that I am going to be covering on this topic. But at this midpoint, I want to stop and say that I have formed an hypothesis.

The Chinese are complicit in the release of the virus. The Chinese are all to happy to thin out their population because it lessens the amount GDP they have to spend on feeding their people. Additionally, anything that would eventually weaken the American economy and aid in the defeat of Donald Trup would be embraced by the CHICOMS because Trump has successfully shifted the balance of economic power between the two nations back to the United States.

The second part of this hypothesis extends to the Deep State/Democrats. The Democrats cannot win an election. Only taking the legs out of the economy can accomplish this. This exactly what the virus is accomplishing.

The third part of this hypothesis centers around how did the Chinese acquire this very sophisticated bioweapon that defies description and categorization? The answer is that America interests gave it them. Ft. Dietrich and DARPA are two prime suspects. Alexandra Daley and myself have investigated and determined that Hunter Biden is guilty of sending weapons technology to China (F-35 technology). We think, from the evidence we have, that it is likely that he also sent chemical and biological weapons technology to China. There is some partial verification for this notion. On the day of the Impeachment acquittal, Senator Grassley and Senator Johnson each sent an inquiry to the Secret Service and the both wanted a detailed account of Hunter Biden’s trips to Ukraine and China. Further they wanted to know if Biden travelled on Air Force #1 or Air Force #2. This would indicate that Joe Biden and Obama were involved. In other works, I believe that Trump already knows the answer to the question and my hypothesis is correct. There will be more to come in Part 4.