USMCA Estabalishes a Corporate Dictatorship Which Will End America As We Know It

end of america

This is the third in  3 part series on how the USMCA will end the United States of America. Today's article looks at the total establishment of a corporate dictatorship which will replace the Republic we call the United States of America.

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas said the following about the USMCA;

The USMCA looks to be the trade pact formerly known as NAFTA plus 10-20%. Hope it becomes a precedent for TPP. I suggest the US-Pacific Trade Agreement (USPTA)

(From Twitter) What matters is that the US joins it; doing so would bolster our strategic position visa-vis China and our economy.” 

USMCA is NAFTA plus TPP plus a few tweaks.

President Trump obviously does not know what is in the USMCA and has deferred to advisors who obviously cannot be trusted. Trump ended the TPP. With the USMCA, ,it is clear that Trump is rejoining the TPP which will end American Sovereignty.

Labor and Immigration

Chapter 23 of the USMCA allows Mexico and the current radica, narco-terrorist, socialist government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador or for a Mexican, a Canadian, or even a U.S.-based company to sue the U.S. government for limit the number of employees that such a company would want to bring across the border into the United States. An American employer would have not right of refusal to reject the employment application of an immigrant to an American based company. Migrants would have more property rights on a potential job than would US citizens. 


The Total Loss of American Sovereignty

The American Republic, under the USMCA will erase the power of the three branches of government and replace that power with a corporate dictatorship.

Chapter 26. Article 30.1 of Chapter 30 declares the following:

The Parties hereby establish a Free Trade Commission Commission, composed of government representatives of each Party at the level of Ministers or their designees.” These government representatives will be appointed by the governments of the member countries.

This belief is further bolstered by the following USMCA provision:

According to Article 30.2, the Free Trade Commission is empowered to:

(a) consider matters relating to the implementation or operation of this Agreement;
(b) consider proposals to amend or modify this Agreement;
(c) supervise the work of committees, working groups, and other subsidiary bodies established under this Agreement;
(d) consider ways to further enhance trade and investment between the Parties;
(e) adopt and update the Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct applicable to dispute settlement proceedings; and
(f) review the roster established under Article 31.8 (Roster and Qualifications of Panelists) every three years and, when appropriate, constitute a new roster.

This allows the administration connected tot he USMCA to increase its own power based on its own say-so. They can make changes to the document without the approval of Congress or the Supreme Court. This is the creation of a total corporate dictatorship. In short, they can vote the power of the US government out of existence. Many think the CFR wil be the ultrimate controlling body. Here is a summary of the implications of the USMCA:

The UN will also increase its presence in America and this will be covered in a follow up story. 



You must call and voice your opposition to the establishment of a corporate dictatorship. 

PRESIDENT TRUMP AT 202 456-1111 OR 456-1414

YOUR SENATORS AT 202 224-3121

The impeachment trial will delay Congressional action on the USMCA. We need to take advantage of this brief oppotunity to call and voice our strong opposition! You will not get a second chance!