Washington Summit Under Lunar Eclipse November 18


Sam Honnold

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Special Presentation for The Common Sense Show


The Presidents of Canada and Mexico will meet with Biden in the District of Colombia on Thursday and significant friction is expected, even though these leaders are referred to amicably as the "three amigos".  After darkness falls on their meeting, the Sun, Earth, and Moon will align in a notable syzygy, the moon turning blood red underneath the seven stars of the Pleides.

President Lopez Obrador of Mexico (referred to by his initials, AMLO) intends to confront both of his counterparts aggressively. Trudeau is working hard to undo the USMCA trade agreement which has benefitted Mexico greatly, and Biden has destabilized the US/Mexico border, not communicating with AMLO's government regarding possible solutions.  The US and Canada have decreed more lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations, even as Mexico is relaxing restrictions. This comes only days after AMLO flew to New York and took his seat as temporary chairman of the UN Security Council (where Brazil also holds a rotating seat).  From this powerful pulpit, he upbraided the United Nations as a mafia, looking Portuguese Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez in the eye as he stated that the UN does the opposite of what it claims and hardly alleviates poverty at all!  He criticized "neoliberalism", the corrupt alliance between big business and the US government under both Republican and Democratic administrations.  There are whispers in Mexico City that AMLO also met with wealthy businessmen (whom he sees as the true potentates driving US politics) and straightly threatened to nationalize their assets in Mexico if they protect Francisco J. G. Cabeza de Vaca, the governor of Tamaulipas State and a traitor against the national government of Mexico.  Bush-backed Cabeza de Vaca is the person most responsible for migrant hordes on the Texas border and is accused of being the head of the Gulf Cartel among other crimes.  His rebellion against AMLO's government had, at its height, touched 15 of Mexico's 32 governors, and even though a criminal wanted under a Mexican federal arrest warrant, he was in Washington, DC on November 3rd in an open meeting at the Wilson Institute.  At this time, Cabeza de Vaca also allegedly met with the "Legion of Doom".  This consortium of Obama administration officials like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch (of Fast & Furious fame), along with tribal leaders newly empowered by the lunatic McGert Supreme Court decision, and corrupt officials of US states bordering Mexico. 

More warlord than governor, Cabeza de Vaca is the most dangerous criminal that most Americans have never heard of.  His Tamaulipas State bordering Texas has been a focal point for Fast & Furious arms shipments and the staging point for immigrant invaders, many of whom arrive there by sea (second link), less than 100 miles from the Texas border.  Since his March indictment, the Tamaulipas state congress has prevented the governor's arrest (as long as he did not leave the Tamaulipas), but a new congress has been seated where AMLO's MORENA party holds the majority.  They voted on November 8th to remove the governor's protection.  Cabeza de Vaca anticipated this, and had flown to Washington the week before to beg protection from the Legion of Doom.  AMLO is closing in, even forcing the resignation of Santiago Nieto, the head of Mexico's UIF Financial Intelligence Agency.  AMLO had criticized the UIF and other intelligence agencies for hiding information from him, and Nieto had allegedly been intimidated into silence by threats from the gangster governor.  The Mexican army may well go into Tamaulipas with overwhelming force to arrest Cabeza de Vaca, but corrupt US officials keep allowing him enter the USA as an honored guest of leftist politicians.

As Cabeza de Vaca is being cornered by AMLO, so is Justin Trudeau being pressured by Queen Elizabeth II, at whose pleasure he serves.  His navy is sailing with the US and UK on Pacific operations confronting China despite him, and the Canadian populace is pushing back against his blatant tyranny.  He would like to revoke the USMCA in favor of a China-centric trade model like the TPP, but Canada is (like the USA) more dependent than ever on Mexican labor.  Many US- and Canadian-owned factories in Mexico are under the umbrage of of AMLO's (unofficial) nationalization threat, just as the moon will appear sanguine under the earth's shadow the night after the "three amigos" convene.