Insider Source "Wrecker" Unmasked- Meet Former DHS Agent Doug Thornton


Many times when Steve Quayle and myself cite "unnamed deep-cover sources" as the focal point of one of investigative journalism disseminations, a few people would doubt the authenticity. However, there sometimes surfaces the ability to demonstrate credibility and this is what Steve Quayle and myself now get to do. The source of critical information coming to us from a previously unnamed deep cover source, has stepped out into the light and now America can see how accurate Steve and myself were when we interviewed and quoted this individual. He's real, no more nicknames, I am revealing to the nation, with this source's permission his true identify and his former federal association.

Over the past several years, and on dozens of occasions, I interviewed someone we called "Wrecker". We identified him as a former Marine, contractor,  and current Federal LEO. His professional insight into the double dealing of the FBI and the DOJ were consistent staples in his reports as he helped America realize how compromised our government has become and how much danger our nation and its citizens are in. 

His actual name is Doug Thornton. Doug's insight on the inner workings of the Department of Homeland Security were extremely valuable in assessing just how divided our federal government had become. His many encounters with Antifa and BLM demonstrated to Doug how treasonous (my word) the Department of Justice has become as well. From my perspective, the DOJ answers to Beijing, not the American people!  A clear picture of the DOJ has emerged and they are nothing but a bunch of Bolshevik Communists seeking to destroy the very rule of law that they swore an oath to defend. And thanks to Doug, we now know that is an accurate perception. 

Our many timely reports demonstrated to our audience how compromised several elements of the FBI have become. It can be said that the DOJ and the FBI represent portions of our Federal Government that are much more loyal to the Communist Chinese, just like the present Pentagon leadership has proven to be. 

Through the years, Doug recounted stories of how Antifa thugs and insurrectionists would be arrested with bombs, weapons and materials proving they were trying to frame Trump supporters, only to be released by the DOJ and the FBI. 

We also learned from Doug how many, if not most of our DHS agents had come to believe that they were abandoned by disloyal federal government leaders who were working against the national security interests of the United States. 

I first met Doug, because he expresed interest in an article I had written on Antifa tactics. Doug experssed that interest to Steve Quayle, who, in turn, provided me with an introduction. 

So many are asking me, what led to Doug's departure from the DHS? The answer, in short deals with the way that the Federal Government dealt with the protestors on January 6th. He clearly saw the event for what it was, a scapregoat excuse to label all conservatives, especially Christians, as domestic terrorists. His interest in the gross misacarriage of justice, led Doug to question his role at DHS. In all the years he had served the American people, he never really questioned his mission to this degree. He could no longer live with himself in this compromised federal capacity. Much like Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who is being held in solitary confinement, for daring to speak out against military leadership's incompetence with regard to Afghanistan that ultimately led to the deaths of 13 servicemen and the murder of 10 people, 7 children, by General McKenzie's drone strike on an ally of America, Doug feels compelled to speak out. His position drew the ire of his Leftist supervisors. He could no longer tolerate what he was seeing and he resigned his position effective last week. 

For me, one of the most memorable revelations brought out by Doug was in 2019-2020 when we learned that national CHICOMS were crossing our Southern border in large numbers as well a number terrorist suspects from countries that support terrorism. My audience also learned that Antifa had set up weapons caches with CHICOM assistance and weapons in places like Portland. That led many of us to question who was in charge of America's security? By the way, I look for many more DHS agents to leave the fold for the very same reasons that caused Doug to resign from DHS.  To those future DHS retirees, you will always be invited on the CSS to tell the story of the ongoing communist takeover of America and how this adminstration is forcing loyal federal agents to assist in America's downfall!

Today, Doug Thornton is in the process of preparing to speak boldly and openly on many issues that he was prevented on speaking out on previously. In other words, the best is yet to come. He is in the process of preparing to launch his independent media career with the assistance of Steve Quayle, myself and others in the field. We feel that Doug Thornton will become a very important source of information, inspiration and insight as he throws off the shackles of being silenced by a disloyal federal apparatus.

Recently, Doug had shared how many federal agents do not plan to submit to the jab mandate by the present Commander-In-Thief.  

I recently interviewed Doug Thornton on his "coming out" on the CSS radio show. The interview can be heard by clicking this link. 

Did you ever wonder what Doug looks like? Is he strong, handsome, etc. That mystery will soon be over as Doug appeared, without disguise, on  and that TV interview will be released later this morning (9/30).  

Doug is one of the first to tell us how far along America is to being totally decimated from within, he certainly will not be the last. By the way, Doug and myself are going to be doing a weekly radio show on the CSS and the topics are exclusively on intelligence-related-topics that impact the safety and security of America.