California's Corporate Pot Farmers Are Fronting for the Sinoloa Cartel-Every American Community Is At Risk! CSS-Marilyn Rupar (Pt 1)

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Recently, I interviewed Marilyn Rupar, former Humboldt, CA., county resident regarding the trend across America for organized crime to penetrate the fabric of an entire community (eg Humboldt County). However, America has never seen an organized crime network such as this. It makes the old Mafia look impotent by comparison. The Sinoloas are omnipresent. Corporate pot farmers, in the face of the legalization of recreational marijuana, have displaced the black marketeers. And they are fronting for the Sinoloa cartel.  In a later interview, we will reveal who the Sinoloas really work for. However, until then, we need to establish a baseline of cartel activity within the United States. The Sinoloas are a clear and present danger to every single American community. This interview exposes, to many Americans, for the first time, the real danger that has come to our country because ter is absolutely no border control, and if you don't think that Pelosi and Feinstein et al aren't participants, this series will enlighten you. By the way, this interview was interfered with electronically. You will be able to hear it. This is an interview that the extreme Social Justice Democrats want distributed.  Please help make this go viral!