stafford act

Biden would be a fool if he believes that he is going to run the military. Right now, they are operating with complete authority, regardless of who the President will be on January 20th. It is their senior officers who are most at risk for a purge. This development leads an important question. 

Is the Stafford Act going to be invoked? Please refer to the National Guard document that is serving as the image for this installment.

Presently, there are 20k National Guard troops in DC. That number is expected to grow by 30K. It is interesting that nobody is asking who put these troops in place and who is ultimately in charge. The CSS has learned that these troops are not answering to Biden or Trump. This is a DOD operation. The DOD is now running the military.

In waning days of the Trump administration, it appears, on the surface, that Trump has given. In fact, when it comes to invoking the Insurrection Act of Executive Orders 13848 and 13959, Trump failed to pull the trigger. In fact, I am hearing two conflicting reports on the mental status of the President. Ne report says he is working with the DOJ to put the country in martial law. The other report states that he is a shell of himself and has given full authority to the DOD.

I described the accompanying National Guard memo to a Federal LEO and he said, based on briefings he’s attended that this could be real. This is a poorly kept secret. I have heard from several sources on this development since this first appeared 36 hours ago.

CHICOMS On the Move

There are multiple reports which state that mechanized CHICOM military units are on the move. They are, or have, moved to an area adjacent to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Paul Martin has chimed in on this development with a source that says that the CHICOMS are ready to cross border as all training has ceased.

Paul Preston, the President of the New California 51st State Movement, which has also echoed, from his administration sources, which has confirmed the movement of the CHICOM forces. As an aside I want to note that the CHICOMS have been given carte blanche to move anywhere within Canada. I am taking this opportunity to issue the following warning. Attention people of Canada, you are in grave danger. Trudeau has abandoned you and has totally sold out to the globalists and is permitting the CHICOMs, the new world policeman to use your country as a staging area from which to invade the United States. When the CHICOMS are done with the United States, they will turn their attention to your country. Canada, because of melting icecaps will soon be the fresh water capital of the world. The CHICOMS are not going to ignore this financial opportunity and will also employ a policy of extermination toward Canadians as they have already expressed, through their last 3 defense ministers toward the United States. 

Ine can bet on the fact, that the Chinese will seize the opportunity to act when the US becomes mired in Civil War. 

The Chronological Path to World War

Right now, there is strong sentiment among the DOD to postpone or cancel the Inauguration. No, Trump will not become President. As of Thursday, the DOD is considering this action because they are not confident that either President can protect them or their top Generals who would be executed in a CHICOM occupation. Please consider this fact: China desperately needs to expand and seize required assets to help with the restoration of its economy. Based this principle, the following scenario is being presented as a likely course of action.