Arizona Has Joined the Third Reich With the Intended Use of the Jew-Killing Zyklon B In Its Prisons! Are Christians and Dissidents Next?


The state of Arizona is preparing to execute inmates on death row using Zyklon B, the same gas used by the Nazis in death camp gas chambers. In September 1941, Zyklon B, which just happen to be the brand name for hydrogen cyanide (HCN), was the poison used to mass murder over a million people in gas chambers at Nazi concentration and death camps such as Auschwitz and Majdanek, both in Poland. Unlike the Nazis' earlier methods of mass murder, Zyklon B, which was originally used as a common disinfectant and insecticide, proved to be an efficient and deadly murder weapon during the Holocaust.

Governor Doug Ducey and the Murderous Deep State

Since the Arizona Department of Corrections is choosing to use this Nazi-developed mass murdering strategy, we have to give credit, where credit is due.

The ultimate authority presiding over the Arizona Department of Corrections is none other than Doug Ducey. Am I implying that Ducey is preparing to unveil a weapon, in Arizona, that killed over 1 million Jews? Only the evidence will be presented. How the information is interpreted is entirely up to the reader.

Here is what we know about Ducey:

  1. His real name was Doug Roscoe. The Roscoe name was associated with organized criminal activity in Ohio. Although no proof of Ducey’s complicit participation in criminal enterprise exists for his time in Ohio, it is an interesting back-drop to what follows.
  2. Through his ice cream business, Ducey has a long association with the Communist Chinese government.
  3. I recently published a verified account in which Ducey promised to supply the CHICOMS with rare earth minerals that would prove beneficial to their military. These comments were made in a speech at the 2017 National Governor’s Conference.
  4. It is becoming increasingly clear that Ducey participated in the election coup that illegally unseated Donald Trump. Back in December of 2020, Ducey blocked a request from the Arizona State Senate which would allow them the ability to meet in order to challenge the validity of the fraudulent 2020 election. Ducey did not allow the Arizona Legislature to meet until 1/13/2021, one full week after the Congressional certification of this illegal election.
  5. Ducey maintains a Board of Directors position on T-gen, a company tied to vaccines. This is a blatant conflict of interest as Ducey is in position, as governor to benefit T-gen which is tied to all the players of the vaccine industry. Ducey recently misused his position as governor and lied to the people of Arizona when he did a PSA proclaiming that the vaccine was 100% safe and had been fully tested. Both statements are blatantly false!
  6. Ducey, “supposed conservative” just vetoed a block to a bill that would have prevented the use of Critical Race Theory in Arizona’s public schools.
  7. Ducey, a Republican in drag, just like McCain was, just vetoed election integrity laws which enables illegal voting to continue in Arizona. We know that Ducey plans to run for a senate seat as he is termed out in 2022 in his present governor’s position. It is a reasonable suspicion to wonder if future Arizona voting fraud is not designed, at least in part to get his elected for being good little globalist who is loyal to the CHICOMS just like Biden.  

Based on Ducey’s background and leadership, one has to wonder why he would ever allow Jew-killing-holocaust gas to be used in Arizona to kill inmates on death row. Why isn’t Soros or other liberals attacking Ducey for this most inappropriate policy? Or is it just part of the plan?

Is Ducey part of a globalist plot to destroy America? Before you recoil and shout “conspiracy theory” walk through the documentation associated with Zyklon B.

First, let's look at what many have been postulating with regard to America's genocidal future  based on the fact that Obama's Vice President is in the Oval office 

Was Obama Setting Up Hillary with the Tools to Exterminate American Dissidents?

Under the Obama administration, FEMA began importing this concentration camp genocidal chemical to the United States. Back in 2012 and again in 2016, the CSS began to ask why.  All of the information contained below came from the Obama administration.

Three Step Process for Total Tyrannical Control of the Population of the United States

When one examines the sum total of the meaning of various Executive Orders and administrative actions of FEMA and DHS, collectively, there emerges a clear picture of a three-step process to gain control of the population of the United States. The following has already been spelled out through Operation Cable Splicer, REX 84 and FM 39.4

Phase One

Not everyone's fate is determined when a communist/fascist coup takes over the government of the United States and suspends the Constitution. However, for some people, there exists the non-negotiable future of termination without due process. Decades ago, this is what Steve Quayle called the "Red List".

Under Operation Rex 84 and Operation Cable Splicer, etc., there is a 3 step process to subjugate the American people. Stage One of the plot is particularly heinous. FEMA likes to use the term "disrupters" who will be terminated with extreme prejudice. These people will be gathered up and taken to a remote location and executed. They most often will be taken from their homes between 3AM and 4AM, which is what the Gestapo did, so as to not arouse the attention of the community and to lessen the possibility of increasing resistance. Along these lines, when a communist/fascist coup overtakes the government, Operation Cable Splicer/Garden Plot/Rex 84, will be in effect and FEMA and DHS will be in control (DHS was actually created and molded after the East German Stasi).

The extreme actions of unwarranted arrests and mass executions are designed to remove the majority of the leadership or any resistance to the coup. I have recounted before on the website of The Common Sense Show, the story of my long-term friend, a FEMA counter-bioterrorism expert, who said if the powers that be cannot quell the rising tide of populism (please note this was said  in the Pre-Trump days of 2012), that millions would be gassed. My FEMA friend bugged out to a secure location with like-minded people from FEMA because they saw the writing on the wall. Further, this paralleled the story of Rosebud, brought forth by the Hagmann's, basically recounted the same intentions to "gas" the people in times of resistance to the new authority. How will FEMA deal with these resisters? It just so happens that it is being reported in multiple publications that FEMA just purchased 2,500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide from a Brazilian chemical manufacturer, Askell Quimica (see a hard copy of the proof at the end of the article).

In light of Operation Cablesplicer et al, which is still on the books, the purchase of hydrogen cyanide could only have meant one thing. The following Executive Order demonstrates that the globalists have been planning these actions against the American for a very long time.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations. 

DHS as been preparing for the resistance to the coming new authority for a long time. Under Operation Cable Splicer and Rex 84, all levels of government will be collapsed into one central authority and that centralized authority will be handed off to the global authority, presumably the United Nations or their proxy, Communist China.

Phase Two

After the leadership of any potential resistance to the new authority is complete, Stage Two will be implemented. Stage Two will consist of the arrest of those not deemed to be in compliance with the new authority, as evidenced by belief systems or by overt actions. If you have wondered why the NSA finds is necessary to monitor every communication that you have, I just told you.

There will be a two-tiered approach to the citizen roundups that will occur according to the previously referenced government documents arising out of the Obama administration. First, as an aside, there has been much discussion about the need to promulgate a false flag attack(s). If one can get the population to view the new authority as a rescuer from certain death (ie now we know this to be Covid), then the resistance to the takeover (ie steal the election in 2020) will be considerably lessened. However, there will be those that resist and they will be seized and sent to re-education camps.

The public justification for the arrest will fall into two categories (1) criminal charges related to treason and sedition; and, (2) mental health conditions requiring long-term "inpatient" therapy. Back in 2008-9, I often reported on the importance of the DHS-created MIAC report. The MIAC report gives rise to the groups that are going to be sought out for "re-education". Those groups included, but were not limited to Christians, Ron Paul supporters (today that could be translated to Donald Trump supporters), supporters of the Constitution, Second Amendment supporters will be targeted in particular. This grainy video was leaded from a 2001 FEMA training session. The video clearly condemns the Founding Fathers as domestic terrorists.

This second group will be terminated if it is deemed that they cannot be re-educated. I have previously asked many of my sources how will they execute the millions that cannot be re-educated? I was told that those guillotines are the most efficient, but if they cannot keep up with demand, hydrogen cyanide will do quite nicely. There are a couple of ancillary facts that I have previously reported on that bears discussion at this point. The first account comes from the late FBI special informant, Larry Grathwohl, who penetrated the Weatherman Underground of Bill Ayers. The Weathermen Underground Leader, Bill Ayers, told former FBI Agent and informant, and my late friend, Larry Grathwohl, that he believed that when the Communist takeover happened, he would have to incarcerate 50 million Americans into re-education camps and exterminate 25 million of them. Larry told this story on my radio show prior to his mysterious death.

Larry was an FBI special informant who had penetrated the Underground and became a member in order to take down the organization by getting Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorne arrested. This is the part that I would play the video of Larry recounting what Ayers told him about future FEMA camps, but Youtube recently took down the video because it "violates Youtube's policy on hate speech". Just coincidently, Ayers recruited Obama to make his first run for public office and often visited the White House during Obama’s two terms.

When one considers this Executive Order, one will understand why I have written about shopping malls, that can be easily converted to FEMA detention facilities, the Walmart conversions to FEMA Camps and the 2012 agreement between every professional sports league which allows DHS to use their facilities to be used as FEMA camps in times of "emergency". The shopping malls conversions were part of an agreement entered into by Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls in North America.

In 2011, under Obama, the purchase(hydrogen cyanide) marked the third time in the previous twelve months FEMA will have used foreign distributors to procure lethal items that could be used to maim or kill law-abiding Americans under Obama. In January of 2011, FEMA received a shipment of five hundred Chinese-made “smart guillotines,” and in March, they secretly ordered thousands of guillotine blades from a Mexican metal factory in Juarez.  

 Phase Three

Stage Three is ironic. It consists of the arrest of all collaborators and infiltrators who along with “economic disrupters” who will have their money confiscated, for it is estimated that half of the wealth in the USA is in their hands. In effect, this is where the transfer of wealth will take place. I first wrote this in 2012 and again in 2016. Along these lines, Operation Cable Splicer, the Civilian Inmate Labor Program arising out of Executive Order 13603 and Garden Plot, which are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose, will kick in and the monied class will arrested and many will be terminated. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. Executive Order 13603 will be implemented under Medical Martial Law underESF$8. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Fderal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation. This should give serious pause for Wall Street to keep supporting the Deep State as they are targeted for brown shirt treatment.   


We used to talk about FEMA camps as something that could be coming our way. FEMA camps are no on our doorstep and the only thing standing between FEMA camps and us, was Donald Trump and now he’s gone because of the complicit actions by officials like Ducey. Please mark this down, many of the people, on the inside, that I speak with who are convinced that REX 84 will be immediately implemented if Trump was ever taken from office. Now the Governor of Arizona has allowed the introduction of Holocaust gas into his state One has to wonder that when Arizona is done killing death row inmates with this Holocaust gas, are Christians, Jews and political dissidents next?

The Deep State is deeper than we believed and will do anything and everything to stop the spirit of populism. If  you think that America will repeat the heinous crimes of Nazi Germany, they will, if the Deep State is allowed to prevail. FEMA is a rogue organization and the fact that they have ordered hydrogen cyanide should be a major concern to all. Oh, you don't think that they would do this?  then ask yourself why would anyone call the Founding Fathers terrorists? Why would DHS have already 600 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition to go with their 2500 assault vehicles? Are they being sent to Afghanistan or are they going to be turned loose on the American people? Meanwhile we have governors like Ducey, Newsom, Whitmer and Cuomo to ultimately do their bidding.



Hard Copy Documentation Proving FEMA Was Importing Hydrogen Cyanide During the Obama Administration in 2011


NON-FLAMMABLE GAS MIXTURE MSDS - 50024 EFFECTIVE DATE: FEBRUARY 16, 2011 PAGE 1 OF 5 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Prepared to U.S. OSHA, CMA, ANSI and Canadian WHMIS Standards 1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION CHEMICAL NAME; CLASS: NON-FLAMMABLE GAS MIXTURE Containing the Following Component in a Nitrogen Balance Gas: Hydrogen Cyanide: 0.0001- 0.02% SYNONYMS: Not Applicable CHEMICAL FAMILY NAME: Not Applicable FORMULA: Not Applicable Document Number: 50024 Note: The Material Safety Data Sheet is for this gas mixture supplied in cylinders with 33 cubic feet (935 liters) or less gas capacity (DOT - 39 cylinders). This MSDS has been developed for various gas mixtures with the composition of components within the ranges listed in Section 2 (Composition and Information on Ingredients). Refer to the product label for information on the actual composition of the product. PRODUCT USE: Calibration of Monitoring and Research Equipment U.S. SUPPLIER/MANUFACTURER'S NAME: CALGAZ ADDRESS: 821 Chesapeake Drive Cambridge, MD 21613 BUSINESS PHONE: 1-410-228-6400 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. U.S. EST) General MSDS Information: 1-713-868-0440 Fax on Demand: 1-800-231-1366 EMERGENCY PHONE: Chemtrec: United States/Canada/Puerto Rico: 1-800-424-9300 [24-hours] Chemtrec International: 1-703-527-3887 [24-hours]
CHEMICAL NAME CAS # mole % EXPOSURE LIMITS IN AIR ACGIH-TLV OSHA NIOSH OTHER TWA STEL PEL STEL IDLH ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm  (the following link has been scrubbed and rassigned to Honeywell).

Hydrogen Cyanide 74-90-8 0.0001- 0.020%

NE 4.7 (ceiling) [skin] 10 (skin) 4.7 (skin) 50 NIOSH REL: STEL = 4.7 (skin) DFG MAKs: TWA = 11.9 (skin) PEAK = 5•MAK 30 min., average value Nitrogen 7727-37-9 Balance There are no specific exposure limits for Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a simple asphyxiant (SA). Oxygen levels should be maintained above 19.5%. NE = Not Established. See Section 16 for Definitions of Terms Used. NOTE (1): ALL WHMIS required information is included in appropriate sections based on the ANSI Z400.1-1998 format. This gas mixture has been classified in accordance with the hazard criteria of the CPR and the MSDS contains all the information required by the CPR.
EMERGENCY OVERVIEW: This gas mixture is a colorless gas which is odorless. Hydrogen Cyanide (a component of this gas mixture) is an extremely toxic gas; even brief over-exposures to relatively low doses may have significant health consequences. Acute low-level exposure can cause symptoms such as cyanosis, headache, dizziness, unsteadiness of gait, a feeling of suffocation and nausea. Additionally, releases of this gas mixture may produce oxygen-deficient atmospheres (especially in confined spaces or other poorly-ventilated environments); individuals in such atmospheres may be asphyxiated. SYMPTOMS OF OVER-EXPOSURE BY ROUTE OF EXPOSURE: The most significant route of over-exposure for this gas mixture is by inhalation, as well as eye and skin absorption. INHALATION: Due to the small size of an individual cylinder of this gas mixture, no unusual health effects from over-exposure to the product are anticipated under routine circumstances of use. The health hazards associated with this gas mixture are the potential for over-exposure to Hydrogen Cyanide (a component of this gas mixture) and oxygen displacement if this gas mixture is released in small, poorly-ventilated areas (i.e. enclosed or confined spaces). Hydrogen Cyanide is an extremely toxic gas. It is anticipated that, due to the low concentration (1-200 ppm) of Hydrogen Cyanide and the fact this gas mixture is quickly dissipated, employees will not be exposed to levels above those listed in Section 2 (Composition and Information on Ingredients). However, because Hydrogen Cyanide can produce significant health effects at relatively low levels, individuals using this gas mixture must be aware of the symptoms of over- exposure. Hydrogen Cyanide is a protoplasmic poison, combining in tissues with the enzymes associated with oxidation, thereby rendering oxygen unavailable to these tissues, and causing death by chemical asphyxiation. Exposure to low concentrations of this gas can cause headache, vertigo, irritation of the throat, difficulty breathing, reddening of eyes, salivation, nausea and vomiting. Chronic, low level exposure to Hydrogen Cyanide over long periods of time may lead to fatigue and weakness. Exposures to high concentrations of Hydrogen Cyanide gas produces symptoms including tachypnea (causing increased intake of cyanide), then dyspnea, weakness of arms and legs, paralysis, unconsciousness, convulsions and respiratory arrest. Exposure to 150 ppm for one-half to one hour may endanger life. In cases where the victim recovers, there is rarely any residual injury or disability. The action of Hydrogen Cyanide in cases of high concentration exposure is extremely rapid. Specific effects, based on the concentration of Hydrogen Cyanide, are presented below: CONCENTRATION OF HYDROGEN CYANIDE OBSERVED EFFECT 2-5 ppm Detectable odor threshold. 18-36 ppm Slight symptoms after several hours. 45-54 ppm Tolerated for 0.5-1 hour without immediate or delayed effects. 110-135 ppm Dangerous to life or fatal after 0.5-1 hour. 133 ppm Fatal after 30 minutes. 180 ppm Fatal after 10 minutes. 270 ppm Immediately fatal. NOTE: This gas mixture contains 1-200 ppm Hydrogen Cyanide. Data pertinent to higher concentrations of Hydrogen Cyanide are provided to give complete information on effects observed in humans after over-exposures have occurred. Additionally, under some circumstances, an oxygen-deficient environment may occur. Individuals breathing such an atmosphere may experience symptoms which include headaches, ringing in ears, dizziness, drowsiness, unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting, and depression of all the senses. The effects associated with various levels of oxygen are listed on the following page.